Celebrate International Clitoris Awareness Week

Let’s not beat around the bush: It’s time to talk about your clitoris.

International clitorally-focused charity Clitoraid formed in 2004 is a group attempting to spread information about the barbaric tradition of female circumcision. Aiming to build a hospital in Burkina Faso, Africa in order to provide free reconstructive genital surgery and rehabilitation to all FGM victims, they are spreading the good word about the little man in the boat this week in honor of the launch of their first annual International Clitoris Awareness Week, and who are we to miss a chance to point a finger (or tongue, or well-crafted toy) at this oft-misunderstood cleft dweller.

Let’s start off with some clit facts to help avoid a clit-astrophe:

1) The clitoris is more than just a little button. It’s actually a complicated series of nerve endings that extend deep inside the body – up to 8 inches!

2) The clitoris contains more nerve endings than any other part of the human body, estimated at more than 8,000!

3) The laughing hyena has a complex relationship with her clitoris: Urinating, mating, and giving birth through a well-developed version of the organ!

In honor of International Clitoris Week and as part of our larger Masturbation Month festivities, we’re inviting you to experience the joy of this complex pleasure point. Take a gander at a few of our favorite clit-centric sex toys, vibrators, and devices on sale now.



The Micro Finger Tingler: This dainty little diddler fits directly on your prefered digit to direct soothing vibrations to the cherry atop your cupcake. Regularly priced at $20.00 on sale now for $16.00.






The Sqweel 2: Our perennial favorite paddlewheel is a whirling dervish of delight sure to send you spinning into orbit. Regularly priced at $59.99 on sale now for $47.99.






Black Pearl Vibrating Bullet: The rarest of beauties, this soft coated multi-speed bullet is sure to have you pearl diving again and again. Regularly priced at $13.99 on sale now for $6.99.






Venus Butterfly Massager: This elastic banded labial lepidopteran is also adept at coaxing nectar from your flower. Regularly priced at $19.50 on sale now for $13.65.






These toys not enough to float your boat, let alone elevate the little man? Never fear, we have a whole host of stimulating toys available during our Masturbation Month Sale, going strong, all month long!

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Fetish Friday: Nipple Play Tips, Tricks & Toys!

We frequently find ourselves trapped by routine in all areas of our lives, and that can extend even to the most pleasurable activities. Whether you find yourself uninspired during your “me time” or you’re just looking for a new kind of kick, Fetish Friday is the day of the week during Masturbation Month when we examine kinky twists you can add to spice up your solo sessions.

This week we’ll be moving on up, talking about some great techniques and toys to titillate the nipples, from gentle brushing to extreme stimulation.

Sensation Play: Let’s start soft: If you have extremely sensitive nipples, you may not need much to heighten your enjoyment. Try gently brushing them with your fingers or a feather tickler. If you love the feel of leather, try drawing the tongue of a riding crop or suede flogger over your chest with one hand. Try a little temperature play with an ice cube, or an vibrating ice massager for extra thrills and chills!

Suck It Up: If you want or need a more intense feeling, try a suction device. Sucking sensations cause a joyous confusion of senses, but tend not to be painful. They run the gamut from simple nipple suckers, more complex suction cylinders or cupping sets to the ever popular and strong snake bite kit!

You May Feel A Slight Pinch: For solo play, you’ll want to keep one hand free to continue stoking the fire down below, so consider a toy or device that will allow for simultaneous tweaking and teasing with only one hand. Mandible Body Clamps are a great place to start for their adjustability and kung-fu grip. Japanese Clover Clamps are not adjustable, but give an intense sensation even when you aren’t tugging the chain. Finally, for the truly daring and devious amongst you, there is the incredibly intense Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps.

Nipple toys are a great way to easily expand the horizons of your pleasure. Start off with some simple pinching and prodding, or finding little things around the house to help amp up your alone time. We’ll be exploring other complimentary methods of modern self-love every Friday in May, as we celebrate Masturbation Month with our month long sale, special offers, contests and more!

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Electro Sex: Tingling to Intense Sensation, for New to Advanced Players

I’m kinky, for sure. But when I was asked to explore the KinkLab Neon Wand® Electrosex Kit I was intimidated.

This is a toy that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin and it is visually stunning. It plays with your senses. When you turn it on, the glass attachments (also called electrodes) glow violet or red. Watching the electricity dance inside the glass tubes and on the skin is totally mesmerizing.  Turn the lights down low and the glow is more intense. It is a beautiful way to amplify your lover’s anticipation, be it fear or excitement.

The wand itself is plastic and comes neatly packed in a case. Each glass attachment sits safely in its own foam compartment. I love the little user manual that comes with it. The manual clearly outlines safety, care and play. All you have to do is pick the attachment of your choice, pop it in the end of the wand, plug the wand in, turn it on and you are ready to play. So simple.

The static electric sensations it delivers can go from subtle, warm and tingly, to focus, intense and even painful. You control how much sensation you want to deliver. There are a couple of reasons why the sensations can vary so greatly. First you have a setting dial on the wand itself. Second, the attachment you choose will also have an impact on the intensity.

The larger the attachment, the less sensation it gives because the electricity is spread out over the surface of the skin. So the comb shaped electrode delivers the least amount of sensation, while the 90° Probe is the most intense because the pointed tip delivers all the focus to one pin-pointed spot. The kit comes with four electrodes to choose from. There are three more electrodes sold separately.

You can play with the dial, attachments, how close you are to your partner’s skin and see for yourself. You can also amp the sensation up even more by applying massage oil or lotion to the skin.

Take it all a few steps further by adding the Power Tripper to your kit. Pop the end of the Power Tripper into your wand, tuck the metal disk into your bra, panties, boot or wherever it can sit flush to your skin, and then you become the conductor of sensation. Use your fingertips, your tongue or nipples to create sparks between you and your lover. Hold a metal toy (like a Wartenberg Pinwheel) in your hands and it becomes your conductor. The possibilities are endless.

I love the variable settings, it’s light weight in my hands and when compared to comparable items, it feel less fragile. In terms of hygiene, you never have to touch the other person’s skin, or if you do touch skin you can swab it down with 75% alcohol. After a little research, an easy user manual, and a very willing guinea pig to explore with- I am a total convert!

Pair it with some restraints or a blindfold and watch your lover squirm with the sensations.


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Sex Before Dinner: The Best Valentine’s Date Ever

My ultimate Valentines date plan? Start right now. Tell your partner that you have something planned. Have them set February 14th aside. Tell them they’ll need to dress sexy, but don’t tell them what you have planned. You want to stir up anticipation because anticipation hot!

Your goal is to spoil yourself and spoil your lover. On Valentine’s day I want you to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Take some time to make yourself feel sexy.

All sex play starts with your skin. When shaving, avoid harsh scents that can irritate your skin. Instead use a quality shave cream like JO Shaving Cream Women Pure or JO Shaving Cream Men Adrenaline. You’ll have no bumps, rash or irritation, even in your most sensitive areas.

One of my absolute favorite after bath rituals? Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder. It inhibits sweat, tastes sweet and is never sticky. After you towel off, powder any spots you want to feel your lover’s lips. Or get a Kama Sutra Weekender Kit and get a taste of this and more of the inspiring treats Kama Sutra makes.  Then go on to primp and dress nice. If you feel sexy, you are sexy.

Prepare light, sexy nibbles; think chocolate, cheese, fruit and drinks of your choice. You can then feed each other and then move right into the sex! Yes, before dinner.

One of the biggest mistakes we make on a date is to save sex for the end of the evening. By that point you’ve had a big meal, you are half drunk, you are tired. I want you to get it on when you are little hungry, while your energy level is high. I want you to get your heart beating and muscles working and your skin all flush. All before dinner!

But again, be ready for awesome sex. Have condoms within reach. (Kitchen drawer, hand bag, glove box or anywhere you may want to get it on! Kimono is one of my favorite brands. If you have a massive cock (some people do!) they have larger sizes too.

Think about the things that light the two of you up. If you like erotica, get a copy of Sweet Life Erotic Fantasies for Couples and read to each other. Or read it before Valentines, highlight your favorite parts and give it your lover as a gift.

Do you like to give and receive massages? Get a fresh bottle of massage oil. I love Kama Sutra Massage Oil Sweet Almond. It’s a light scent that is perfect for all genders. You’ll spoil each other, feel good and smell luscious.

Like it a little more rough? I hope so. And if so, you might want to take a look at this blindfold, wrist restraints, ankle restraints and collar with hearts inlayed. You might also want this red heart paddle or the braided red crop. Go ahead- torture them with love, lust, pain or pleasure. You want to make sure they’ll never forget where they got those gifts!

Once you have turned each other upside down, it’s time for dinner. You can cook something you both love, order in or go to your favorite restaurant. Best of all, you can feast upon each other; skin all flush, panties wet, body relaxed and with lust in your hearts.


Make sure to visit our Valentine’s Day Sale for great savings on all the gear you need to make your night one to remember!

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Sex Swings & Slings: Not Just For Kinky People

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week through Wednesday, October 31, we’re featuring some of our favorite sex toys for couples. Here we’ll showcase tricks, tips and lessons for using sex swings and slings, most featured in our sale!

Sex Furniture: Sex Toys You Can Sit On

Sex swings and slings are designed to help the user attain and hold different sex positions. They are the best-known, most popular type of sex furniture – a whole category of sexual aids large enough to support the weight of the person using them, ranging from specially-angled cushions like Liberator Shapes, to BDSM furniture that facilitates bondage and other kinds of fetish play, to fucking machines.

Several contemporary styles of sex furniture have actually existed for centuries, but sex swings may be the first that was actually intended for pleasure. Many furnishings used today for erotic play, especially those used for BDSM, are descended from medieval European devices created for torture or corporal punishment. Sex swings, though, were developed in classical India, as a means of helping less athletic people attain difficult but rewarding sexual positions. It is believed that the earliest models were simple and rather uncomfortable rope and pulley constructions, and required assistants to keep the user from having an accident in the unstable device.

Modern sex slings and swings are no longer the haphazard balancing act they were in ancient days. Instead, they’re now carefully designed to increase the comfort of the user, cradling tired limbs and distributing weight correctly to increase endurance and gratification in even the most unusual sex positions. Because of this, all types of couples, from those with differing body sizes, to some who may be physically limited, can enjoy the benefits of using a sling to have a more gratifying sexual experience. However, no matter how physically fit you are, the support and leverage of a sling allows you to achieve positions and moves that are impossible unaided. Check out the overview of different types of slings and swings below, then read on to discover how to use them!

Two Types of Sex Swings

Hammock sex swings are suspended from the ceiling on support straps and are large enough to sit or lie back on. They’re ergonomic and as comfortable to lounge in as the traditional hammocks they’re named after… but you’re likely to get a lot more recreation than rest in them!

Hammock slings usually come with attachable stirrups, and may have either 3 or 4 attachment points. Sexy black leather sex swings are a BDSM classic. A quality leather sling will last for years, breaking in and becoming even more comfortable with continued use. For your safety and to get the most out of your investment make sure to only buy a sex swing made of thick, heavy-duty leather – thin, cheaper hides can be dangerous as they can stretch out and even come apart at the stress points. Leather sex slings can either be made of a solid, single hide, or they can be made of an open web of strips that allow access to the user’s backside, like this web style leather sex swing featured on the first season of “American Horror Story”. Both styles are roughly rectangular, with four attachment points to help prevent torqueing and provide maximum stability, and a leather pillow plus a set of leather stirrups to hoist your legs high are both included.

If you’d prefer a sex sling that really swings, one with 3 attachment points like the Stockroom’s exclusive Pig Sling will allow you to really put the sway in your sex! The Pig Sling got its name because you can be totally messy in it and simply wipe it down afterwards! It’s made of heavyweight black vinyl-coated polyester, so unlike leather slings, which are porous, this swing is moisture-resistant and can be cleaned with any antimicrobial spray cleanser that’s safe for use on surfaces having direct contact with skin. Because it’s so much easier to sanitize them, sex swings of synthetic material like the Pig Sling can be a more hygienic choice if you like to play filthy, or simply want to play with multiple partners.

Travel sex swings & sex harnesses still offer a lot of support but are small enough to fit in a suitcase, so they’re even more portable than a traditional hammock sling on a stand. Travel slings don’t need to be installed – instead, they’re shaped more like harnesses, and they support and lift the user’s legs by suspending them in heavy straps that pass around the back of the neck.

This type of sling is fastened around the body; you don’t need to climb in or be lifted in, the way you would with a hammock swing. Because of this, they are often easier to use for those using a sex swing due to limited mobility issues. They’re also ideal for those who need to be discreet, since they can be tucked away in a drawer. Choose from simpler models that just support weight from the thighs, like the Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh Sling, or try the more versatile Travel Sling with Stirrups, which actually uses adjustable buckling cuffs in place of regular stirrups to support and lift legs from the ankles.

How to Hang a Sex Swing

Hammock swings can be hung on chains from eyebolts in the ceiling, but you must use hardware that’s sturdy enough, and should choose your securement points carefully. You can avoid a trip to the hardware store and buy heavy steel chain, thick carabiners, and other installation accessories at competitive prices from The Stockroom when you purchase your sling. Whether planning to sit or lie in it, most people prefer to hang their sling so that the head rests higher than the feet, but you should experiment to find the height and stance that work best for you. To make your sling as versatile as possible, use longer chains and suspend the sling with carabiners or snap hooks so you can easily and quickly unfasten and adjust it.

If you don’t have a good place to hang a hammock style sling – or if you simply would rather not have it out in front of the family and general public at all times of day – try this steel-framed 4 Point Sling Stand, which sets up in seconds and breaks down for storage in the enclosed duffel bag. The footprint is only 4′ X 6″ when fully assembled, and since it only weighs 45 pounds, you can even travel with it or use it to bring your sling to a party!

Helpful Hint: Never fold a sex swing; it will permanently crease. Instead, roll it up for storage.

Putting Your Ass in a Sling: 6 Sex Swing Positions + Tricks

Wondering how to use your sex swing? From the basic to the more adventurous and exotic, here are 6 sex swing positions and fun suggestions to try with a hammock-style sling:

  1. Standing Missionary: place the receiving partner on their back in the sling with their feet up in the stirrups and the other person standing in front of them. (This works best if you first position the sling so it hangs at the level of the standing partner’s pelvis.) For maximum access and comfort, the person in the swing should have their butt cheeks scooted down close to the bottom edge before you plunge in.
  2. Standing Doggy Style: a variation on the above with the recipient face down in the sling with their ass in the air.
  3. Standing (or Sitting) Oral: a sex swing can suspend your partner at the perfect height for you to perform long, luxurious oral on them without getting a crick in your neck! Simply adjust the sling so it hangs at face level for the giving partner, and have the recipient lie back.
  4. Floating Oral: this fun technique for gravity-defying oral sex works best on a person with a penis, since it makes it much easier for the person in the sling to maintain the connection. To try it, lower your sling so it’s right above the bed or floor with just enough room to lie underneath when the sling has weight in it. The lucky person getting the blowjob lies on their back under the swing, while their partner lies above them in the swing on their stomach, head hanging down and lips locked onto the goods of the person on the floor.
  5. Use Bondage Restraints: keep your partner where you want them by attaching bondage restraints to the large D rings in the corners of your sex swing that attach it to the chains. Buckling wrist and ankle cuffs work best; fasten them to the sling with snap hooks.
  6. Stimulate With Sensation Play Toys: sensation toys tickle, tease, and tingle, so they’re great to use on someone in a sling. Try a simple ostrich feather tickler, or a pair of Vampire Gloves. These special leather gloves have small prickly points on the fingertips that feel super-sensual when stroked lightly on bare skin; press harder for a distinct sting.
The Pig Sling allows a comfortable position and easy access to give and receive oral sex.
The Pig Sling allows a comfortable position and easy access to give and receive oral sex.

Bound with restraints in this Web Style Sex Swing gives perfect access to tease, torture & pleasure your partner.
Tease, torture & pleasure your partner with restraints in a Web Style Sex Swing.

Urban Legends & Sex Swings: The Chinese Basket Trick

The Chinese Basket Trick is a fascinating urban legend that some folks claim is possible to achieve with a sex swing. This technique supposedly had its start in the red light districts of the Far East. A seated woman was completely enclosed in a basket with a hole cut in the bottom, and the basket was lowered on a tightly wound rope until the bottom was right over the cock of a man lying on the floor below, allowing her to spin above him as the rope unwound.

We can’t quite imagine how to make the Basket Trick work with a sex swing, though perhaps you could position your partner strategically in a web style sling made of openwork straps. If you’re really committed to trying the Basket Trick, a suspension bar might be more workable. Either way, it certainly sounds like a lot of fun to try… and if you’re successful, please do let us know!

Save on sex swings, slings and more sex toys for couples on sale through Wednesday, October 31, 2012 as part of Stockroom’s National Kink Month Sale!

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Nipples Rule: 8 Ways to Play

Nipples respond so nicely to stimuli. Changing shape and size as they become erect. Nipple play works to release oxytocin, a feel good hormone that can inspire a heavy breathing, dizziness, a sensation of being high and an innate desire to repeat whatever behavior triggered the hormonal release.

Studies show approximately 3% of the population can orgasm from nipple play alone. While others are very “hands off, don’t touch my nips.” Those are both perfectly natural responses to nipple play. With this in mind I just want to tempt you with some nipple ideas for your play.

  1. Lick them. Your tongue is a perfect sexual tool.
  2. Suck them. Use your mouth, or personally, I have an absolute affection for Nip Suck. This simple, yet highly effective set of nipple toys is the best low cost option I have ever found. Sensations range from a pleasant to a heavy pain inducing type of suction.
  3. Pinch them. Use your fingers, silver clothes pins or any other variety ofnipple clamps.
  4. Bite them. Start slow and light and look for subtle responses. Amp it up if your lover’s response warrants it.
  5. Adorn them. There are all sorts of ways to highlight your assets. Use nipple jewelry that features tiny little nooses that hold tight to your erect nips. Or tweezer style clips with little beads that dangle.
  6. Tingle them. Use yummy sensation balm. Try anchoring them down with Under the Bed Restraints, use a little dab of sensation balm on their nips and then stand back and gauge their response.
  7. Spank them. Deliver a direct little slap to the nipples. This Lolly Crop is cute as pie. You can use it softly by tapping on the nip or deliver a serious, direct slap for heightened sensations.
  8. Pierce them. Not for everyone, but some find great pleasure in being pierced. And once pierced you can add sensation play the Titty Twister or adorn them with things like this nipple shield.

Miniature handcuffs hanging from each nipple noose makes a kinky fashion statement!

Justine Jolie models the “Kinky Titilizer”, adorned with mini handcuffs that dangle from each nipple noose.

There are nipple toys on sale until Monday, and also be sure to check out a full range of nipple clamps, suction pumps and jewelry. And I know you have more ideas, please leave a comment and inspire me!

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week we’re featuring some of our favorite medical sex toys and nipple clamps and pumps. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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Bedside Manners for Play Doctors & Naughty Nurses: Speculums for Medical Fetish Roleplay

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week we’re featuring some of our favorite medical sex toys and nipple clamps and pumps. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

Whether you have a medical fetish year round or you’re just looking to give your tricks a special treat this Halloween in your naughty nurse or sexy surgeon costume, playing doctor is, for many people, one of their earliest and strongest sexual fantasies.

Maybe it’s the uniforms, or the exciting humiliation of stripping nude for a stranger who probes you with intimate instruments, but medical inspired sex toys give us an extra special thrill because they’re so evocative. Medical roleplay is playing doctor for grownups, and it’s a great way to start experimenting if you’re new to erotic roleplaying — dreaming up activities and dialogue is easy, since everybody’s familiar with the script. And more importantly, there are countless reasons to get naked – and even more to start probing your patient’s most private parts!

Speculums are one of the first things you should add to your sensual doctor’s bag, because they’re a total turn on for both partners in a medical role playing scene. The patient enjoys being on display and fully exposed, while the doctor or nurse gets off on seeing the patient’s ass or pussy gaping open and so completely available. Though they may seem exotic, they’re simple to use with a little practice – just follow the steps outlined below.

How to Choose a Speculum

Most speculums are designed specifically for either anal or vaginal insertion, though some fetishists love to use the broader vaginal tools anally. Vaginal speculums have two blades, or bills, that are fairly broad and flat; anal speculums have either two or three blades, and tend to have more rounded blades and a much smaller diameter when shut.

Both anal and vaginal specula come in a variety of styles that differ according to blade shape and size. Many experienced medical role players like the Collins vaginal speculum for its broad blades, because the width is more comfortable for the patient and offers the “doctor” a better view. If the Collins seems a little big, these vaginal speculums in stainless steel have a similar shape but run smaller and narrower. Anal speculums have blades that are narrower and more rounded than vaginal-use models. The two most popular styles are the Sims, which has two blades, and the Mathieu, which has three.

For your health and safety, never share speculums between partners, and never use the same toy both anally and vaginally. These inexpensive plastic speculums, which can be disposed of after each use, are an excellent choice if you need to buy multiples.

Steve Cruz with anal speculum, playing it safe with latex exam gloves

How to Use an Anal or Vaginal Speculum

  1. Use clean toys: wash your speculum with antibacterial soap in warm water and let it air dry completely before using it.
  2. Clean yourself, too: Keep things more sanitary and pleasant by douching before using an anal speculum. An erotic enema beforehand is the perfect way to get prepped as part of your medical scenario – especially if you use a classic red enema bag or a 19th century-style Clyster Enema Syringe. If you use a bag, try replacing the standard nozzle with this Inflatable Enema Butt Plug to help your partner relax and open up before you play.
  3. Learn how to operate your device. Before using it on another person, practice opening and closing it, and locking it into position.
  4. Warm the speculum by running warm water over it before you play. This will keep your patient comfortable and prevent awkward clenching when you insert the toy. Make sure it’s not too hot: test it against your own skin before inserting.
  5. Position the patient: your patient should be lying on their back, legs spread, with their cheeks angled up slightly – putting a flat pillow under their butt or even having them place their hands under their tailbone creates the proper angle.
  6. Use lube: lubricate both the leading edge of the speculum blades as well as your partner’s vaginal or anal opening before insertion. Stay true to your medical scene and use SurgiLube, a hospital favorite.
  7. Make sure the speculum is in the proper starting position: for a vaginal speculum, insert the toy with the blades completely closed. With an anal speculum, so people prefer inserting the toy with blades slightly open, to help prevent pinching.
  8. Relax the patient. Instruct them to take a couple deep breaths. Inserting a lubed finger first and pressing downward can help the patient relax, too.
  9. Insert the toy slowly. Make sure to follow the natural slope of things inside your patient’s body. With vaginal specula especially, when a patient is on their back, the toy should be angling downward when its inserted nearly 45 degrees.
  10. Open the blades only after the speculum is fully inserted. Open blades slowly; once you achieve the spread you want to see, lock the blades in position.
  11. Close blades before removal. Vaginal speculums should be closed fully; anal speculums can be pulled out with the blades open a fraction to avoid pinching.
  12. Wash your speculum after use with antibacterial soap in warm water; let air dry before storing.

Fun Tips

Once your patient is spread and ready, use a flashlight to ensure you get the best possible view. Or try using a hand mirror to show your patient how good they look…you can even make them watch everything in the mirror as you administer their “treatments!” Go for a deeper view inside – insert this Vibrating Pleasure Periscope and look in the mirrored view box as the inserted tip lights up through the clear plastic top, letting you see deep inside your partner. Spice up your play by turning on the vibrator switch!

Save on speculums and more medical sex toys on sale this week as part of Stockroom’s National Kink Month Sale!

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My First Ball Gag

It changed my entire relationship with sex.

It may sound outlandish, but it’s true. I had plenty of kink inspired thoughts and play, but a gag? It had never even entered my sexual imagination. Until one day he sent me a text that simply read, “Buy a gag.” He gave me no other instructions.

I poured over this very website and explored the possibilities. Ball gags, bit gags, ring gags… where to start?

I remember a conversation with a friend, she told me she bought a cheap gag in a sex shop and the ball was made of some kind of plastic that smelled horrible and tasted worse. This is why I came to Stockroom, I could trust that they knew more about quality kink products than I did.

Many of the gags come in various sizes, I decided something smaller would be easier for me to wear, and because he gave me no instructions, I took the easy way out! Finally, I picked leather over rubber straps as I am attracted to the scent and knew I would wear this on my face. I choose a simple black leather ball gag.

KinkLab's Pink Rubber Ball Gag is perfect for classic bondage scenes

I emailed him when the package arrived. He instructed me to carry my new gag, still sealed in the package, in my purse. And I did. For weeks. It went with me everywhere, just as he instructed. If we met for drinks he would ask me if I had it with me, but for weeks he did not ask to see it or use it. But I knew he might pop up at any time and ask for it. I did not want to disappoint him.

More time passed. Finally I went to him and asked, “When will we use this gag?”

He had done it. He had embedded the object deeply into my imagination. Now I was asking for it. That’s what he was waiting for.

The first time he buckled it onto me, it felt like a gift. It was more comfortable than I imagined. I was enamored with the sound of the buckle. He spun me around and looked into my eyes and there was this electricity. Here I was deprived of my voice but other expressions took its place. Eye contact, body language, and uncontrollably, saliva began to pool in my mouth and drop from my lips in long strings. My lust, it was undeniable.

So how did my ball gag change my relationship with sex? From that day on I have learned to keep my mind open. I feel like there must be a million other things that have not reached my sexual imagination but may light me up in new ways. I don’t need to have a fetish for the object itself, but stay open to the experience it may create with another.

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week we’re featuring some of our favorite bondage restraints and gear. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.


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Beginner’s Guide to Bondage Tape

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week we’re featuring some of our favorite bondage restraints and gear. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

The popular Twilight-inspired trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey has made many people curious to explore BDSM who have never tried fetish play before. We’ve been loving kinky sex for nearly 25 years here at The Stockroom, so it’s exciting to see others discover how much fun it can be, and great to see questions about BDSM come up in mainstream forums.

When it comes to translating kinky fantasies into reality, though, fetish sex toys and gear can have a learning curve.

If you’ve never used rope, cuffs, or other bondage restraints, one of the easiest, most foolproof ways to learn how to tie someone up is to start with Bondage Tape. Sexy and shiny, Bondage Tape is available in black, red, or bubblegum pink, and comes in 2″ wide rolls that are nearly 5 ½ feet long. The tape is easy to cut to any length you want, though we suggest getting a few rolls at a time so you have plenty to play with.

Bondage tape in red, black and pink

Sexy, shiny, self-adhesive PVC Bondage Tape

Though it’s called “tape,” it isn’t adhesive; it only sticks to itself, because the stretchy hypoallergenic PVC material has an electrostatic cling. This gives it a strong bond that holds firm without knots or ties – it just needs to be overlapped and pressed together to be secured. And because bondage tape won’t stick to skin or hair, you can even use it to make a quick but effective blindfold (just don’t pull it too tight so it presses too hard on the eyes!) It’s also reusable: just unwrap it and straighten it back out onto the roll when you’re done playing, and it will cling over and over again.

Bondage Tape is so inexpensive, though, that most people simply cut it off when they’re ready to set their partner free or change positions – something that makes it an excellent low risk choice for someone experimenting with bondage for the first time.

Even if you prefer to unwrap your tape so you can reuse it, bondage scissors are something you should always have on hand when you’re using bondage tape or rope. These safety shears have blunt, angled blades, so they’ll cut through layers of tape quickly without cutting the skin underneath. No matter how experienced you are with these kinds of restraints, it’s essential to have this emergency quick-release tool on hand.

Bondage Safety Curb Tipped Surgeon's Scissors

Bondage tape can re-used again and again, but we recommend keeping some curb-tipped scissors on hand for emergency quick release.

Tips for Using Bondage Tape

These pointers will help you use Bondage Tape correctly and safely, so you get the most out of it:

  • Since Bondage Tape only clings to itself, it works best if you wrap it round a few times in overlapping rows before pressing the ends down to secure them.
  • Make sure the tape doesn’t bite into the flesh when wrapping; keep it close to the skin but not tight.
  • Always keep the tape flat, like a ribbon; don’t let the Bondage Tape get twisted, or it will turn into a thin cord that won’t stick to anything and cuts into skin.
  • Always check to make sure that bound body parts retain good circulation. Remove tape immediately if limbs are cold to the touch or look bluish.
  • Don’t leave your bound partner in any one position for too long at a time, to avoid causing injury or circulation problems.
  • Never use Bondage Tape for suspension or other weight-bearing forms of bondage.
  • Avoid the risk of suffocation: never put Bondage Tape over the mouth or nose, and always make sure your partner can breathe comfortably, as a bound person may not be able to adjust their position unaided.
  • Always keep a pair of safety scissors on hand in case tape needs to be cut off quickly.
  • If you plan on reusing your Bondage Tape, flatten it out after use, then rewind it onto the spool to store.

Bondage Tips & Fun Roleplay Ideas

Bondage Tape is so versatile and easy to use that it lends itself to dozens of bondage positions and erotic roleplay scenarios. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bondage Tape is great to use with furniture. Keep your partner bent over by strapping their arms to the arms of a chair, or seat them in the chair and bind their arms and legs that way.
  • Tape your partner’s thighs together before getting behind them doggie-style.
  • Wrap Bondage Tape around your partner’s head and over their eyes a few times to create a blindfold. You can wrap right over their hair, since the tape won’t stick to anything but itself – just don’t wrap too hard so that it puts pressure on the eyes, and be careful to not give your partner a free haircut if you cut the tape off afterwards!
  • Make a tube top or mini skirt out of rows of wrapped tape – do it with the tape still on the roll to create nice, even rows. Let your partner cut you out of your outfit later with your bondage scissors.
  • Since bondage scissors are based on the shears medical personnel use to cut bandages or even clothing away from patients, you can even use them to cut your partner out of regular clothing. Imagine staging an erotic “abduction” of your partner; restraining them with bondage tape; then cutting them out of both their bonds and their clothing to have your way with them! Of course, like any other roleplay, this “kidnapping” scene should be consensual, and you should discuss in advance what you both feel comfortable with. Make sure to also talk about wardrobe, too, so you don’t wind up cutting up your partner’s favorite outfit!
  • Tease your partner once they’re tied up…or try overindulging and overstimulating them with forced orgasms, and using a vibrating wand massager, hard cock, fingers, or oral to make them cum again and again.

Bondage Tape is on sale this week as part of Stockoom’s National Kink Month Sale!

For more inspiration and extra stimulation, here are a few pictures demonstrating bondage tape in action… Enjoy!

Aria Giovanni bound in red bondage tape

Red bondage tape creates sexy fetish wear for Aria Giovanni... and also keeps her bound to a pole!

T.J. Cummings bound in black bondage tape

T.J. Cummings is left immobile wrapped in bondage tape.

Ashley Fires bound in pink bondage tape

Ashley Fires' bent over with wrists bound with pink bondage tape, leaving her bottom exposed.

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How To Use Male Chastity Devices For Sensual Teasing

Chastity roleplay can turn sexual frustration into one of your most powerful and satisfying sexual experiences.

Though they’re often associated with medieval tortures and Victorian repression, chastity belts and devices are actually much more popular today than they were in the past. That’s because they’re now used as sex toys for orgasm denial and control – the voluntary kind, where the goal is the delayed reward of cumming, rather than the subjugation of the chastised person.

Teasing your partner while he’s wearing a male chastity device heightens his psychological arousal by preventing his physical arousal, because he won’t be able to think about anything except his cock and the person in charge of it. Giving your partner blue balls for a little while will dramatically intensify your foreplay – and everything that follows!

What Are Chastity Toys Used For?

Chastity is a powerful way of eroticizing denial and limitations. For some men and couples, chastity is a lifestyle and a primary focus of their everyday sexuality. Though currently there are no sanitary long-term chastity options for women, there are several very popular chastity devices for men designed for long-term wear, and some men have reported wearing them for periods of over a year!

Some chastity devices are strictly meant for short-term use, since they’re made of metal, like the Houdini, which locks onto the cock and balls with a handcuff. Others are designed for cock and ball torture (CBT) and too intense to wear for long, like Mike’s Spikes® – a penis-sized steel Iron Maiden with adjustable spikes that became notorious when featured on “American Horror Story.”

The focus here, though, is on using male chastity devices for short-term sensual fun, where the focus is on the promise of delayed pleasure rather than causing discomfort. Orgasm control and denial (also called “edging,” or “peaking”) can offer exciting possibilities for couples seeking new erotic adventures. Read on to learn how to shop for a comfortable, good-quality chastity toy and fun ideas for using it!

Choosing the Right Male Chastity Device

The ideal chastity toy for teasing is one that prevents arousal without causing pain, because it will be incredibly frustrating without dampening your partner’s enthusiasm or abilities after he’s set free. The most comfortable and sanitary chastity devices are the ones created for long-term wear, because they’re made of washable, skin-safe materials.
Because of this, even for a short-term tease, choosing a toy that’s been designed for long-term wear makes sense. One of the best brands currently available is the Birdlocked male chastity device, which consists of a tube-shaped cock cage connected to a cock ring by a padlocked pin. Made of soft, stretchy, medical-grade silicone that’s easy to sanitize between uses, the Birdlocked’s flexible, low-profile design keeps it discreet under clothing, which is perfect for public play. The cock cage angles downward to prevent erections without being painful, and is ventilated to allow skin to breathe and liquids to flow through, so you don’t have to interrupt your fun to let your partner urinate (or even shower!) Best of all, it’s impossible to get trapped even if you lose the padlock keys, since the Birdlock is easily cut free with a pair of ordinary scissors (just make sure to pull it away from the skin before cutting!)

CB-X male chastity kits, which includes the popular CB6000, is another quality toy line. CB-X products come in several colors of easy-to-wash medical-grade polycarbonate plastic, and are also ventilated for long-wearing hygiene. Unlike the Birdlocked, which is a single molded piece, CB-X kits come with a variety of components that allow up to 20 different size configurations.

Getting the Right Fit

In order to be both comfortable and effective, a male chastity cage should fit snugly when the cock is at rest without either leaving gaps, or biting into the skin. Both the cage length and the diameter of the cock ring need to be considered to get the right fit.

Both Birdlocked and CB-X male chastity devices come with different cage lengths. Don’t feel judged by the lengths offered: to do its job, a chastity cage has to be quite a bit shorter than a soft cock, so even the longest cages measure under 4″! The best rule of thumb is to get a larger size if you’ve got a lot of girth and length when flaccid; if you’re a grower, not a shower, get the shorter cage.

Some chastity cages, like the CB-X kits, come with a set of different size base rings; others, like the Birdlocked, must be ordered with the appropriate size ring.
The base ring of a chastity cage should have the same diameter as a cock ring that fits you well, so it supports the weight of the cage correctly and keeps it in a comfortable position.

Don’t know what size you take? Here’s how to measure for a cock ring:

  1. Wrap a string around your cock and balls
  2. Measure the length of the string
  3. Divide the result by 3.14 to get the cock ring diameter

How to Wear a Male Chastity Toy

Don’t try to squash a hard on into a chastity cage! All that handling will make your cock excited, but a cock needs to be soft to put on a chastity toy. Fitting an excitable cock into a small cage can be a bit of a struggle, but there’s a couple techniques that can smooth the way.

Putting a little lube on the head and shaft of your penis can help the cage slide on; some people also like to lube the inside of the base ring a bit, too, so the cage doesn’t stick in one position when worn. Silicone lube is nice with the rigid CB-X kits, since it doesn’t dry out or get sticky, but oil or water based lubes should be used with the Birdlock to avoid degrading the silicone toy. Avoid flavored lubes or ones that contain glycerin, since putting sugars in a warm, moist place can give you a yeast infection.

Alternately, you can used the lube-free Stocking Method (as invented Tickleberry) to slide a cock cage on without lube. Uncircumcised men may find this technique an especially good way to keep foreskin from getting trapped at the end of the cage:

  1. Line the cock cage with a nylon stocking by pulling the toe through the vent holes at the end of the cock cage. You can use a ladies’ knee-high or a cutoff leg from a pair of hose for this; just make sure to leave some of the stocking free at the top of the cage.
  2. Put your cock inside the top part of the stocking and put the open end right next to your body.
  3. Keep the stocking on while guiding the head of your penis into the mouth of the chastity cage.
  4. Pull the stocking onto your cock from the top to slide your penis into the cage.
  5. Remove the stocking by pulling it out the bottom of the cage.

Once you’re inside the cage adjustments can be tricky, since chastity sex toys are confining by design. Applying a little lube to tight-fitting spots with a cotton swab as you adjust position will keep the cage from tugging on sensitive skin.

How to Pee in a Chastity Cage

Most men find it easiest and cleanest to pee sitting down when wearing a chastity device. Make sure your urethra is positioned so everything drains out the slit at the end of the cage before you start! Prevent painful pulling on tender skin by using a cotton swab to lube the end of your penis before adjusting it.

Male Chastity Safety and Hygiene

  • Chastity cages should be constricting without cutting off circulation. Though some chastity devices for CBT (cock and ball torture) are meant to be painful, longterm cages like Birdlocked and CB6000 shouldn’t be too uncomfortable unless you’re actively trying to have an erection. Remove the device immediately if you experience tingling or numbness, or if you feel a loss of circulation.
  • Always wash your device thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap after use, and let it air dry completely before storing.
  • Always have a spare key handy for the padlock on the cage.
  • If you have a Birdlocked device, don’t forget that you can cut the cage off quickly in case of an emergency. Bondage Safety Scissors, which are blunt and angled so they won’t cut into skin, are an inexpensive safety measure to have on hand.
  • Make sure to bring your keys and scissors if you leave the house!

Six Teasing Tips for Short-Term Chastity Fun:

Here are some fun ideas for you and your partner to try out with your new chastity toy:

  1. Oral sex becomes an incredible tease
  2. Lapdances – giving one to your partner will drive him wild… just make sure you don’t grind too hard on his cock so it gets crushed in its cage! Or take him out to a strip club and buy him a lapdance from someone else, so you can watch him struggle.
  3. Going out in public adds an extra dimension of exhibitionism and trying not to get caught to chastity play. Simply talking dirty in your caged partner’s ear over dinner can create delicious agonies! (Don’t forget to read the section above on urinating in a cage if you decide to play publicly… and don’t forget to bring your keys and scissors!)
  4. Try mutually controlling each other’s orgasms for a unique twist on chastity play. Wear this Remote Control Vibrating Egg while you’re out on the town with your chastity caged partner, and give him the controls.
  5. Sensation play is also great to combine with male chastity devices. Ice cubes can feel good (be careful of frostbite!), as can light tickler whips or prickly Wartenberg Pinwheels.
  6. 6. Use a blindfold alone or in combination with the ideas above for an added element of suspense and anticipation!

Throughout National Kink Month, we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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