Porn and Latex in Los Angeles: An Xbiz Awards Story

It was Thursday morning and I was standing in my closet surveying my voluminous shoe collection for the perfect pair of shoes to go with a teal latex dress. I seldom stray from my all black wardrobe, so if teal wasn’t enough of a stretch, wriggling into a latex dress sure was. But it had to be latex, and not just any latex: I was wearing our own stunning Syren Latex Tami Wong Dress.

I finally settled on a sky high pair of black leather platform boots, grabbed an extra-long pair of fake eyelashes, and made my way to Stockroom HQ for a full day of work before getting lubed up, stripped down, and stuffed into latex to attend the Xbiz awards.

moxi chloe latex

My girl Chloe met me at Stockroom at 5PM on the dot, and together we nervously donned our matching latex dresses and helped each other put our hair into perfect sets of pigtails. An Uber was summoned and we grabbed plastic bags to sit on, lest we leave a slick sheen on the Uber car’s seats from our freshly applied silicone lubricant.

We arrived at the LA Live Marriot amongst a bustle of other well-dressed Xbiz guests. I silently wished for eight eyes instead of two so that I could fully take in the amazing display of people, outfits, opulent lips, fake tits, exposed breasts, tight asses and champagne dripping tongues that were swirling around me. I was in a warm, sweetly scented tropical tornado of porn stars, and I loved every second.

Chloe and I held hands and made our way to the red carpet where we waited for our turn in front of the flashing lights. Juanito Blanco and Jade Nile walked in front of us and I admired Jade’s effortless movements in her floor length Syren dress. I stood on the edge of the red carpet taking deep breaths and feeling every exhale as the latex hugged my body like a warm, slippery second skin. Juanito picked up Jade for a classic man carries woman pose in front of the multitude of flashing bulbs and suddenly they were tumbling slowly, thickly to the ground in front of us in a carnal crash of flesh, latex and hair product.


Their crash and graceful recovery alleviated a bit of my own nervousness as Chloe and I took our turn in front of the cameras. Several hosts awaited us on the red carpet and sweat dripped down the inside of my thigh and my heart raced as I was greeted by the ever classy and radiant Stoya. From Stoya we carefully made our way to the end of the red carpet where we met with Stockroom University’s head mistress and all around sexy lady, the lovely Hudsy Hawn. She happily spanked mine and Chloe’s latex slicked asses and we graciously accepted every thwack.


The red carpet was followed by a quick jaunt into the main ballroom where we found our table and quickly took a seat to alleviate the pressure on our toes. Chloe and I eyed the plate of hummus, crackers and olives in front of us but dared not take a bite as we both consented that we did not have one spare millimeter of space in our latex into which our tummies could expand.

It was not hard to be distracted from the food as Chloe made a cooing noise and discreetly directed my gaze to the unearthly beauty, Jesse Jane. Chloe wanted a photo with her, and although I was slightly embarrassed to play the part of a fan girl, I couldn’t blame her. We approached Jesse and she was the sweetest, tiniest creature who was more than happy to pose for one of what I’m sure were a thousand photos taken of her that night.


We made our way back to the table as the awards show began. James Deen arrived on the stage with a gaggle of girls all smiling and giggling like they’d just shared a drink of something deliciously intoxicating.

The rest of the awards passed by in a blur, beautiful girls with big lips got on stage and called out names, some familiar and some foreign. People crawled up the stairs and people crawled down the stairs and the energy in the ballroom turned into a high pitched buzz, like a vibrator that’s been turned up too much. Chloe and I began to feel the winter chill of late-evening latex, and with one look we conspired to gracefully and surreptitiously exit the ballroom. I looked down at my daunting platform boots with a sigh and willed my legs to move. We held hands and took our leave, casting one last glance behind us at the amazing platter of humanity and appreciating all the preparation, pouting, puffing, pulling, and powdering that goes into an event of that caliber. “You know,” said Chloe waving her hand in a circular motion “All of this is happening, this whole thing, this whole industry, just because dudes need to masturbate.”

I let her comment resonate with me on the ride home. That night I came home, took off my shoes, peeled off my latex, crawled into my silky sheets, and opened my laptop to put on my favorite porn. I chose a high end luxury vibrator from a bevy of toys even bigger than my shoe collection, pumped a hybrid lubricant into the palm of my hand, pressed play and thanked the adult industry for being what it is, because we all have needs that must be met.

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The Stockroom Sinks Its Teeth Into Dragula

No one throws a party like the Boulet Brothers, and our diabolical party crew was thrilled to dance the night away at their One Year Dragula Anniversary party!

A huge thanks to everyone that came out and made this the best Dragula yet!

A Night At The Circus

Okay, it was actually the latest Black Unicorn theme party Psycho Sex Circus, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t bring all the three-ring magic we could muster to the soirée!

The Stockroom was out in full force with our usual bag of tricks and treats, including a full spanking station with a St. Andrew’s Cross, riding crops, paddles, and floggers for some big time big top fun.