Ducky DooLittle Video Review: Stockroom Leather Thigh Cuffs

In this video I review these luscious leather thigh cuffs. With three sizes to choose from and adjustable slots within those sizes, you are sure to get a great fit. And the thickness of the leather straps hold tight and look oh-so-sexy wrapped around your thighs.

I also show you these little locks and snap hooks as a means of securing your thigh cuffs.

And finally I deliver a few notes on how to love your leather. If you are a leather lover like me, you should check out this all-in-one leather cleaner and conditioner. And this book is the bomb if you want more information on how to care for fetish gear.

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Bunny Play: Butt Plugs & Body Harnesses

Like Rabbits (NSFW)

Enjoy this super sexy mini-movie of a bunny pet. You could totally wear this outfit! We’re sure of it. Just get a body harness and a bunny tail butt plug of your own. We have boy bunny harnesses too!

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Buxom & Beautiful: Fetish Wear for Plush Girls

I step out of the dark, hot nightclub into the cold air of New York City. My latex dress reflects the streetlights. I feel sexy. I’m hot and my body is wet with sweat from the dance floor, but I throw my wrap around me. The temperature of this material changes with my environment and chills quickly. I can hardly wait to get home so my lover can heat it up again.

The dress itself is almost a sexual experience. With the nature of the material, it’s difficult to get in and out of it alone, forcing you to invite someone to assist you in dressing and undressing. Once it’s on, they can buff your body to a gleaming shine.

Latex is giving yet snug. It stretches, and the amount of stretch is dependent on how thick the material may be. You’ll look like you have been dipped in a candy coating, your curves accentuated. It’s like a second, more flawless skin. It’s beautiful. Leather wear on the other hand gets better with time, changing the shape of the garment to fit you, as they say, like a glove.

That’s what I love about fetish wear, whatever your sexual inclinations are, dressing can bring them out. What you wear can be used as an expression of your desires. Changing your attire can mean changing your mindset.

Don’t be shy to dress. There is no human body that is perfect. Learn to love what you are. Look at me, I’m buxom. I dress this body so that I feel as sexy as I am. It works. So to my curvy femmes out there, here are some tips.


The dress I wore that night was the short and daring Swing Dress in black. It leaves plenty of room for my hips and bust. It is perfect for wearing with a corset under or over the dress. You’ll have a real hourglass shape while you billow out the top.

Some other dresses I lust after? This dress and this dress. Both have that circle skirt design that I love. And this zipper dress also has a world of possibilities because you can unzip the bust and hips to make adjustments for luscious curves.

I love to wear my dresses short, so there is just the possibility of a sneak peek up my skirt. It also makes my legs look longer. This means wearing cute panties, just in case there is a photo op! These lace-up panties and these frilly panties fit the bill, depending upon what kind of mood you might be in.

I wear my stocking high on my thighs so they don’t cut into the meat on my thighs. I love these fishnets with no elastic at the top. Wear a little petticoat under a flared dress for more dramatic hip curves.

A quick way to bring fetish fair to a classic black look, I have recently taken a liking to arm gauntlets in rubber, leather or lace-up styles. You might consider adding a dramatic leather collar to an opera dress. These little tricks will have you ready to storm any fetish party with style.

One of the many things that makes me love Stockroom is they stock larger sizes (for people of every gender) when available. It means those of us with hips, thighs, ass and tits can find the quality we deserve.

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Electro Sex: Tingling to Intense Sensation, for New to Advanced Players

I’m kinky, for sure. But when I was asked to explore the KinkLab Neon Wand® Electrosex Kit I was intimidated.

This is a toy that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin and it is visually stunning. It plays with your senses. When you turn it on, the glass attachments (also called electrodes) glow violet or red. Watching the electricity dance inside the glass tubes and on the skin is totally mesmerizing.  Turn the lights down low and the glow is more intense. It is a beautiful way to amplify your lover’s anticipation, be it fear or excitement.

The wand itself is plastic and comes neatly packed in a case. Each glass attachment sits safely in its own foam compartment. I love the little user manual that comes with it. The manual clearly outlines safety, care and play. All you have to do is pick the attachment of your choice, pop it in the end of the wand, plug the wand in, turn it on and you are ready to play. So simple.

The static electric sensations it delivers can go from subtle, warm and tingly, to focus, intense and even painful. You control how much sensation you want to deliver. There are a couple of reasons why the sensations can vary so greatly. First you have a setting dial on the wand itself. Second, the attachment you choose will also have an impact on the intensity.

The larger the attachment, the less sensation it gives because the electricity is spread out over the surface of the skin. So the comb shaped electrode delivers the least amount of sensation, while the 90° Probe is the most intense because the pointed tip delivers all the focus to one pin-pointed spot. The kit comes with four electrodes to choose from. There are three more electrodes sold separately.

You can play with the dial, attachments, how close you are to your partner’s skin and see for yourself. You can also amp the sensation up even more by applying massage oil or lotion to the skin.

Take it all a few steps further by adding the Power Tripper to your kit. Pop the end of the Power Tripper into your wand, tuck the metal disk into your bra, panties, boot or wherever it can sit flush to your skin, and then you become the conductor of sensation. Use your fingertips, your tongue or nipples to create sparks between you and your lover. Hold a metal toy (like a Wartenberg Pinwheel) in your hands and it becomes your conductor. The possibilities are endless.

I love the variable settings, it’s light weight in my hands and when compared to comparable items, it feel less fragile. In terms of hygiene, you never have to touch the other person’s skin, or if you do touch skin you can swab it down with 75% alcohol. After a little research, an easy user manual, and a very willing guinea pig to explore with- I am a total convert!

Pair it with some restraints or a blindfold and watch your lover squirm with the sensations.


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Sex Before Dinner: The Best Valentine’s Date Ever

My ultimate Valentines date plan? Start right now. Tell your partner that you have something planned. Have them set February 14th aside. Tell them they’ll need to dress sexy, but don’t tell them what you have planned. You want to stir up anticipation because anticipation hot!

Your goal is to spoil yourself and spoil your lover. On Valentine’s day I want you to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Take some time to make yourself feel sexy.

All sex play starts with your skin. When shaving, avoid harsh scents that can irritate your skin. Instead use a quality shave cream like JO Shaving Cream Women Pure or JO Shaving Cream Men Adrenaline. You’ll have no bumps, rash or irritation, even in your most sensitive areas.

One of my absolute favorite after bath rituals? Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder. It inhibits sweat, tastes sweet and is never sticky. After you towel off, powder any spots you want to feel your lover’s lips. Or get a Kama Sutra Weekender Kit and get a taste of this and more of the inspiring treats Kama Sutra makes.  Then go on to primp and dress nice. If you feel sexy, you are sexy.

Prepare light, sexy nibbles; think chocolate, cheese, fruit and drinks of your choice. You can then feed each other and then move right into the sex! Yes, before dinner.

One of the biggest mistakes we make on a date is to save sex for the end of the evening. By that point you’ve had a big meal, you are half drunk, you are tired. I want you to get it on when you are little hungry, while your energy level is high. I want you to get your heart beating and muscles working and your skin all flush. All before dinner!

But again, be ready for awesome sex. Have condoms within reach. (Kitchen drawer, hand bag, glove box or anywhere you may want to get it on! Kimono is one of my favorite brands. If you have a massive cock (some people do!) they have larger sizes too.

Think about the things that light the two of you up. If you like erotica, get a copy of Sweet Life Erotic Fantasies for Couples and read to each other. Or read it before Valentines, highlight your favorite parts and give it your lover as a gift.

Do you like to give and receive massages? Get a fresh bottle of massage oil. I love Kama Sutra Massage Oil Sweet Almond. It’s a light scent that is perfect for all genders. You’ll spoil each other, feel good and smell luscious.

Like it a little more rough? I hope so. And if so, you might want to take a look at this blindfold, wrist restraints, ankle restraints and collar with hearts inlayed. You might also want this red heart paddle or the braided red crop. Go ahead- torture them with love, lust, pain or pleasure. You want to make sure they’ll never forget where they got those gifts!

Once you have turned each other upside down, it’s time for dinner. You can cook something you both love, order in or go to your favorite restaurant. Best of all, you can feast upon each other; skin all flush, panties wet, body relaxed and with lust in your hearts.


Make sure to visit our Valentine’s Day Sale for great savings on all the gear you need to make your night one to remember!

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Nipples Rule: 8 Ways to Play

Nipples respond so nicely to stimuli. Changing shape and size as they become erect. Nipple play works to release oxytocin, a feel good hormone that can inspire a heavy breathing, dizziness, a sensation of being high and an innate desire to repeat whatever behavior triggered the hormonal release.

Studies show approximately 3% of the population can orgasm from nipple play alone. While others are very “hands off, don’t touch my nips.” Those are both perfectly natural responses to nipple play. With this in mind I just want to tempt you with some nipple ideas for your play.

  1. Lick them. Your tongue is a perfect sexual tool.
  2. Suck them. Use your mouth, or personally, I have an absolute affection for Nip Suck. This simple, yet highly effective set of nipple toys is the best low cost option I have ever found. Sensations range from a pleasant to a heavy pain inducing type of suction.
  3. Pinch them. Use your fingers, silver clothes pins or any other variety ofnipple clamps.
  4. Bite them. Start slow and light and look for subtle responses. Amp it up if your lover’s response warrants it.
  5. Adorn them. There are all sorts of ways to highlight your assets. Use nipple jewelry that features tiny little nooses that hold tight to your erect nips. Or tweezer style clips with little beads that dangle.
  6. Tingle them. Use yummy sensation balm. Try anchoring them down with Under the Bed Restraints, use a little dab of sensation balm on their nips and then stand back and gauge their response.
  7. Spank them. Deliver a direct little slap to the nipples. This Lolly Crop is cute as pie. You can use it softly by tapping on the nip or deliver a serious, direct slap for heightened sensations.
  8. Pierce them. Not for everyone, but some find great pleasure in being pierced. And once pierced you can add sensation play the Titty Twister or adorn them with things like this nipple shield.

Miniature handcuffs hanging from each nipple noose makes a kinky fashion statement!

Justine Jolie models the “Kinky Titilizer”, adorned with mini handcuffs that dangle from each nipple noose.

There are nipple toys on sale until Monday, and also be sure to check out a full range of nipple clamps, suction pumps and jewelry. And I know you have more ideas, please leave a comment and inspire me!

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite medical sex toys and nipple clamps and pumps. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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My First Ball Gag

It changed my entire relationship with sex.

It may sound outlandish, but it’s true. I had plenty of kink inspired thoughts and play, but a gag? It had never even entered my sexual imagination. Until one day he sent me a text that simply read, “Buy a gag.” He gave me no other instructions.

I poured over this very website and explored the possibilities. Ball gags, bit gags, ring gags… where to start?

I remember a conversation with a friend, she told me she bought a cheap gag in a sex shop and the ball was made of some kind of plastic that smelled horrible and tasted worse. This is why I came to Stockroom, I could trust that they knew more about quality kink products than I did.

Many of the gags come in various sizes, I decided something smaller would be easier for me to wear, and because he gave me no instructions, I took the easy way out! Finally, I picked leather over rubber straps as I am attracted to the scent and knew I would wear this on my face. I choose a simple black leather ball gag.

KinkLab's Pink Rubber Ball Gag is perfect for classic bondage scenes

I emailed him when the package arrived. He instructed me to carry my new gag, still sealed in the package, in my purse. And I did. For weeks. It went with me everywhere, just as he instructed. If we met for drinks he would ask me if I had it with me, but for weeks he did not ask to see it or use it. But I knew he might pop up at any time and ask for it. I did not want to disappoint him.

More time passed. Finally I went to him and asked, “When will we use this gag?”

He had done it. He had embedded the object deeply into my imagination. Now I was asking for it. That’s what he was waiting for.

The first time he buckled it onto me, it felt like a gift. It was more comfortable than I imagined. I was enamored with the sound of the buckle. He spun me around and looked into my eyes and there was this electricity. Here I was deprived of my voice but other expressions took its place. Eye contact, body language, and uncontrollably, saliva began to pool in my mouth and drop from my lips in long strings. My lust, it was undeniable.

So how did my ball gag change my relationship with sex? From that day on I have learned to keep my mind open. I feel like there must be a million other things that have not reached my sexual imagination but may light me up in new ways. I don’t need to have a fetish for the object itself, but stay open to the experience it may create with another.

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite bondage restraints and gear. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.


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Ten Ways to Explore Sensation Play

Floggers, paddles and other impact toys are favorites among many experienced players, but can seem too intense to beginners. In this post, Ducky DooLittle describes some of the different sensations from various styles and materials of floggers and paddles, as part of the many ways to explore sensation play.

Sensation play can be rough and hard, soft and comforting or slow and subtle. It can inspire goose bumps, wiggles, whimpers, wincing, heart racing, breath catching, recoiling, begging, squealing, struggle and surrender. Here are ten sensation play ideas for you to explore.


    Flat Braided Flogger
    Floggers can be a bit deceptive. They all look very similar but each will deliver a very different sensations. The longer the flogger, the heavier the impact and the more space you will need to swing it properly. The speed at which you deliver the flogging and the location on the body in which you land will also affect the impact. For a light sensation, go for deerskin or a lightweight suede. For a medium sensation try elk hide, moose or heavier suede. Braided, buffalo hide, bull hide or rubber will usually give heavy sensations. The smaller the strands, the more a flogger will sting. The thicker the strands, the more the flogger will thump. My best advice? Flogging is an art: study and practice.



  • COLD:
    Foreplay Ice Frost Massager
    Watch goose bumps rise and give icy cold thrills by simply running an ice cube down your partner’s neck, under their arm or between their legs. Better yet, get even more sensation by using a frozen silicone vibrator and protect your play partner from ice burns at the same time.



  • HOT:

    The Toybag Guide to Hot Wax & Temperature Play

    There is an art to playing with hot wax. When done well, you turn your bottom into an art piece and removing the wax from their body is part of the fun! Learn how by reading Hot Wax & Temperature Play.


    Round Leather Paddle
    Over your knee, on the bed or down on all fours, paddles can bring large a dose of adrenalin and make the heart thump. The heavier the paddle the more the wallop, so choose your paddle with care. For example wooden paddles are less forgiving and need an accurate delivery. A slapper does just that, it gives your bottom a stingy slap! If you are new, a leather paddle is the best place to start. Personally I love the leather/plush paddle because the fuzzy side can comfort a bottom between swats or be a comforting way to bring your bottom down from a spanking session.



    Ostrich Feather Tickler
    Inspire giggles or torment with tickles using a sexy feather tickler. Sensual, cute and fun.



    Padded Leather Blindfold
    Sensation play can sometimes mean taking one sensation away. This is called sensory deprivation. Using a blindfold is an easy and effective way to deprive a sensation. Doing so will heighten other sensations; every touch is amplified, every sound a clue to what may come. Each lover should have their own blindfold to ensure you never spread an eye infection. Or use a satin blindfold and wash it after use.



    KinkLab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit
    Other means of sensory deprivation can be as simple as tying your lover to the bed and NOT touching them! Get your lips so near to their skin that they can feel your breath, but don’t touch them! For a more extreme experience, turn out the lights and hold a Neon Wand just above their flesh. The purple electrical discharge dances between the wand and their skin. The low-to-high setting allows you to go from a pin point warm tingle to more intense, focused sensations – truly an awesome way to explore the subtleties of your partner’s sensual response.



  • BALMS:
    Stimulating Pleasure Balm
    Speaking of tingling, you might try a little sensation balm on the spot of your choice. Perfect for nipples, clits and other bits. With a spearmint taste, it’s ideal for licking and kissing off your lover.



    Wartenberg Wheel
    Originally designed as a medical device to test nerve response, watch your lover wiggle and recoil as you roll a Wartenberg Wheel over their flesh. It delivers prickling sensation but does not break the skin. If you play with multiple partners, you can get little disposable Wartenberg Wheels so each partner has a fresh clean experience.



    Body Wax Massage Candles
    Go sensual with massage. A massage candle can be an exquisite treat. Made of soy wax, a massage candle burns at a lower temperature. Light the wick and it melts into a pool of massage oil that you can pour into your hand and use to deliver a luscious hot oil massage.


Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite impact toys (like paddles, slappers and floggers), as well as CBT gear (cock & ball torture). All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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Rope Bondage Basics: How To Choose The Right Rope for Your Needs

Bondage is a fantasy that many find alluring. You may want to do the tying or be tied up. You might love the beauty of a perfect knot. Or perhaps you want to tie your lover up in a quick and effective manner to quell their struggle. You may like to stand back and tease your helpless mate. Maybe you lust to feel the rope against your skin as your partner pulls and pushes you off balance as they tighten their control, while always keeping you safe. You may have visions of using rope to secure optimal positions for intercourse and penetration. These desires are valid and you can achieve them. Let’s start by finding the right rope for you and get you started.

Hemp: The highest quality natural fiber rope available, but a little rougher sensation on the skin than other ropes. (Some people like it like that!) Traditionally used on sailing ships, this attests to hemps wear-ability and how well it will hold a knot. Not to mention it has an awesome natural scent that many people find very sexy. It is a bit more expensive because the fiber used to construct hemp rope must be imported and fair trade. Hand wash with gentle detergent and hang to dry.

Cotton: Traditionally associated with Japanese rope bondage. Soft to the touch and will not rub or chafe the skin. Holds your knots tightly, this can make it hard to undo a very tight knot. It will stretch a bit with use and has no scent. It has a shorter life span when compared to other ropes. To clean cotton rope, slip it in a lingerie bag to keep it from getting tangled and machine wash with like colors. Use cold water and air dry to avoid shrinking.

Nylon: Sensual as it moves over bare skin. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain. Nylon rope has no smell. It will stretch with repeated use, up to 20% in length. It will not hold a knot as tight as other options listed here. To clean nylon rope, slip it in a lingerie bag to keep it from getting tangled and machine wash with like colors. This bondage kit with nylon rope is a great deal and a great way to launch into rope and sensation play.

Keep your rope organized so you are ready for spontaneous play! Wind it up neatly and tuck it away where it will stay dry.

One of the reasons people become so fixated on rope bondage is because there is always more to learn. But always start with learning how to keep a bound partner safe.

Here are a few basic tips:

  • Keep a set of Safety Scissors on hand for quick release. (If not an emergency, untying someone can be as sensual as tying them up!)
  • Don’t tie too tight. You should be able to slip two fingers in between the rope and skin.
  • Check in periodically to ensure the bound partner is comfortable. Ensure that parts of their body are not falling asleep, tingly or experiencing numbness. Have them wiggle their fingers and toes for you.
  • If you are bound, tell your partner about any medical issues or old injuries you may have. Communicate issues along the way so your partner can assist.
  • Never bind a person’s neck. Be very cautious about joints and circulations points.
  • Never leave a bound partner alone.
  • Don’t let someone you don’t know tie you up.

Read books with your lover… look at the images, soak up the knowledge of experienced players, talk about what appeals to you and may not and use that as a guide for where you may take each other next. The Erotic Bondage Handbook by bestselling author Jay Wiseman is a perfect primer. And Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes is packed full of photos that illustrate technique.

Throughout National Kink Month , we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite rope bondage gear and how-to books, as well as select anal toys for both men and women. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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