May 30 at Stockroom University: “Total Sex” With Nina Hartley

Stockroom University Total Sex with Nina Hartley, Sat. May 30

Have you ever struggled to reconcile your desires with your politics? Do you long to make peace with your transgressive fantasies so you can bring them to life? Do you wonder if you’re “normal,” or how to find other people like yourself? Would you like the thought of “sex” to conjure feelings of happiness instead of anxiety?

Join veteran sex educator, adult star, sex positive advocate, and nurse Nina Hartley as she shares the basic tools and principles she used to gain sexual mastery, confidence, and satisfaction. Learn how to communicate with your partner in a hands-on workshop complete with whips, paddles, cuffs, collars, and canes. This class demonstrates how the toy in our hands becomes a tool of personal expression like the brush of a painter, the bow of a cellist, or the feet of the dancer.

What: “Total Sex” with Nina Hartley
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.
When: Saturday May 30, 2:00-5:00pm
Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

About the Instructor: Nina Hartley, RN, has been an avid consumer of porn since the Golden Age and started her award-winning career in adult entertainment on stage in 1982 and on screen in 1984. She has had the longest continual career of any woman in adult film history and remains active in front of the camera. A fierce advocate for the notion of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, Nina sits on the board of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. She regularly speaks around the country, using her nursing degree to educate people about the importance of sexual sanity, literacy, pleasure and health.

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Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Shows Off Syren Latex’s Designs


In the three days since Taylor Swift’s new video “Bad Blood” hit the Internet, it’s been viewed almost 30,000,000 times. That’s only counting the official version, not the various mash-ups, annotated versions, parodies, and unofficial uploads that are already filling up YouTube.

The appeal goes way beyond the usual show-business hype. Take a look at it below, and you’ll understand. It takes its cues from the best of the superhero movies that have come out in the last decade or so: the action is fast-moving and elegant, the sets are beautiful, and the costumes are sexy as hell. We have to not-so-modestly admit to being proud of our part in helping with that last bit. Watch that first fight scene, and you’re watching the handiwork of Syren Latex’s designers in action. Literally.

That first scene features Swift in the persona of “Catastrophe” beating up bad guys while wearing our Newmar Basque latex dress. A word of caution: no matter how much pride we have in our craftwork, we wouldn’t expect any of our clothes to survive a ten-story fall out of an office building. Or the person wearing them, for that matter. Even we have our limits.



Syren Latex's Newmar Basque Dress

Syren Latex’s Newmar Basque Dress

Catastrophe’s ally-turned-nemesis, Arsyn (played by Selena Gomez), is wearing Syren’s Garbo Blouse, a piece that we love because it’s a great combination of Old Hollywood style with modern fetish materials. The consensus around the Stockroom offices is that the metal briefcase that Arsyn slugs Catastrophe with looks suspiciously like the one our Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit comes in. If that were the case, the whole story becomes easier to understand: It’s one of our most beloved products, and certainly worth fighting over.


Syren's Garbo Blouse

Syren’s Garbo Blouse

Finally, there’s a beautiful shot of Destructa X (Ellie Goulding) brandishing a huge rocket launcher while wearing Stockroom’s PVC Waist Cincher. While neither Stockroom nor Syren carry the rocket launcher, we have to admit that it makes for a great accessory.


Swift’s  team came to Stockroom and selected some of our finest clothes during production, and we have say that we’re delighted to see what they did with them. A lot of creativity and hard work goes into Syren’s clothing, and even though we’re a business, not all of that labor can be counted in dollars and cents. “Bad Blood” with all its vigorous eroticism and bold heroics, depicts some of the things that we love most about the clothing we make, and we’re honored that Taylor Swift and her creative team were able to capture that in their video.

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May 23 at Stockroom University: “Edge Play — Toying With Risk,” with Sunny and Ken

stockroom-edge-play-fb -550px

We are pleased to welcome back Stockroom University Educators Sunny & Ken! Join them in a serious look at risk taking behaviors while examining how to be as safe as possible in any scene. Risk assessment, safety, health, negotiation, and consent will all be covered as well as how to set up , design, and execute abduction and interrogation scenes. Armbinders, body bags, hogties, straitjackets and Stockroom sensory deprivation gear will be utilized during this course.

What: Stockroom University: Edge Play — Toying With Risk
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.

When: Saturday May 9, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

About the Instructors:

The superheroes of sex ed, married couple Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron are partners in every sense of the word. In addition to co-producing Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron, they initially gained recognition writing and teaching about everyone’s favorite subject: SEX. Some of their sell-out workshops include: BDSM 101; Prostate Milking for Beginners; Ethical Non-Monogamy; Sex Toys 101; ZAP! Electric Play: Wands, TENS & More; G-spots & Squirting; and How to Give a World Class Blow Job.

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The Irresistible, Erotic Allure of Corsets

Woman with black hair, kneeling and wearing corset.

From The Illustrated Master of O. Image by Fernando.

Jacqui, dressed in her “work clothes” – a black cotton garter-tank that covered all but her most private real estate (which still bore traces of O’s recent dressage work) and opaque black stockings to match – dug her black stiletto pumps into the carpet and strained at pulling O’s already compressed waist in a bit further.

“That’s it if you’re interested in breathing,” Jacqui declared.

Jacqui posed her in front of Marie’s tall rolling mirror, a big smile spreading across her face as O stared at the transformation.

“I think it’s pretty spectacular myself,” Jacqui said.

She wasn’t wrong. The corset took O’s narrow middle in a good three inches, exaggerating her breasts, hips and buttocks even further. With only the faint contrast of her brown leather collar and cuffs and her nude high heels, O appeared to be sculpted entirely of gleaming flesh, Jacqui having oiled her exposed areas lightly before wrestling with the cincher.

Her proportions were so extreme she resembled an unpainted mannequin. O was going for that effect. Though never fully satisfied with her appearance, she was at least grateful for her rigorous exercise, light diet and regular lacings. In profile, the impact was even more arresting.

“Well,” O conceded, “at least it’s comfortable.”

Jacqui threw her hands in the air. “You’re insane! I’d be passing out about now.”

“You just have to breathe from your diaphragm,” O explained, “and it’s good for you in reasonable doses. Helps take the weight off your spine.”

Unconvinced of the practical benefits, Jacqui admitted that the look was, literally and figuratively, breathtaking. To underscore the point, she stole a kiss and copped a feel.

“Steven’s going to want to fuck you the minute he walks through the door.”

O smiled wickedly. “That’s just what I’m hoping.”

–From Master of O by Ernest Greene

If there’s a single object more directly associated with fetishism than the stiletto heel, it has to be the tight-laced corset. A stern bulwark of steel (originally whalebone) boning and sturdy laces, it not only configures a woman’s appearance, but also constrains her movements, making it a wearable instrument of bondage. Limiting flexibility at the mid-section, it imposes an upright posture that presents the chest in full glory while thrusting the backside outward.

As men and women alike became obsessed with reduced waistlines, corsets became more extreme. They increasingly constricted breathing, producing dizziness and even fainting during carnal exertions. Thus, they function in this form as both a mobile bondage device and an instrument of erotic asphyxiation. At the height of the corset’s most punishing period – the end of the Nineteenth Century –waist reductions of four inches or more were not uncommon. The legendary Ethel Granger tightlaced her waist down to a gasp-inducing 13 inches by the early years of the twentieth century. To this day, The Guiness Book of World Records lists her as the smallest tightlaced waist every recorded, while the record for the smallest waist on a living person now belongs to Cathie Jung, who can lace down to 15 inches.

Predictably, fashion appropriates fetish just as fetish appropriates fashion. Corsets can be seen adorning the youthful figures of style vamps who have adopted them as outerwear in various colorful fabrics, not to mention leather and latex, on the dance floors of nightclubs all over the country.

Stockroom's Collette Corset

Stockroom’s Collette Corset

However, a thriving sub-culture of old-style corset enthusiasts persists. Models like Dita von Teese — who can get down to a sixteen-inch waistline doing up her own laces — have been elevated to iconic status. Thanks to them and their admirers, the modern practitioners of the corsetiere’s traditional art remain very much in business.

Just like the skyscraper heels and seamed stockings with which they’re often paired, genuinely constricting corsets that give no quarter to comfort or convenience continue to enjoy a secret life as fetish confection. The public more often sees the less severe forms in music videos and on the racks of trendy retailers. However, many a fetishist owes their interest to a first glimpse in such a seemingly vanilla setting.


While they may wax and wane in popularity as club wear, the corset’s position in the bedroom remains as secure as the garment itself, ever a totem of femininity and the passions it inspires.

Ernest Greene is a writer, producer and director whose body of work comprises over five hundred adult titles, including Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and Jenna Loves Pain.
His first novel, Master of O, is available in trade paperback and illustrated editions from Stockroom.
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May 13 – May 17: Stockroom Goes to DomCon LA!

DomCon LA 2015 Banner

This coming weekend is a big one for anyone in the SoCal area who’s a big fan of D/s play: DomCon Los Angeles is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the LAX Hilton. Of course, we’re going to be there. The Stockroom offices are swarming right now as we get everything ready to put our best (and kinkiest) faces forward for the weekend.

Come meet Stockroom University Headmistress Hudsy Hawn at booth #155, directly outside Classroom A, and take the opportunity to get an up-close look at our best fetish gear. We’ll have The Strap, the debut entry in our new collaboration with Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, both in its standard version and the new gold-plated version.  Check out the video below with Skin Diamond to see The Strap in action.

We’ll also have: selections from the JT Signature Line; electro erotic toys like our famous Neon Wand; and Stockroom’s patented Bolero Straightjacket.

If you don’t want the hassle of packing all of these cool toys and kinky clothing and getting them past airport security, any orders placed at the booth will receive a 20% discount and free shipping.

Ernest Greene & Nina Hartley

Ernest Greene & Nina Hartley

We’re also very proud to have Ernest Greene and adult film legend Nina Hartley coming to the booth for daily signing sessions of Greene’s acclaimed erotic novel, Master of O, published this year by Daedalus Publishing. In addition to the standard paperback edition, we’ll have copies of the new illustrated version which includes over forty gorgeous, full-color pictures by the internationally-acclaimed erotic artist Fernando. Come by and see why Margaret Cho says that Master of O is Sexy, decadent, powerful and fun — exactly what you want in a date and in a book!

Also, don’t miss out Friday night, when Hudsy Hawn tells the story of her decade-long journey from vanilla to kink in a performance of  The Mermaid Diaries — Beneath the Covers at Sanctuary Studios LAX. It’s a funny, inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking story told one song at a time. The show goes from 9-10:30 PM on Friday night, with a free shuttle from the hotel starting at 8:45.

It’s going to be a very full weekend, and we hope that you’ll be there to enjoy it with us.


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May 9 at Stockroom University: “From Vanilla to Kink,” with Hudsy Hawn

Stockroom University May 9: Hudsy Hawn presents "From Vanilla to Kink"

So you loved the movie and still want more shades of grey? Hear about Hudsy Hawn’s journey from newly-divorced housewife to becoming one of LA’s most well-known Dominatrixes. Join this introductory conversation designed for the novice couple as Miss Hawn dispels myths and fears associated with BDSM exploration while educating you on the best course of travel “From Vanilla to Kink.”

What: Stockroom University: From Vanilla to Kink, With Hudsy Hawn
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.

When: Saturday May 9, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

Store address:
Stockroom/Syren Retail Boutique
2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

About Your Host: Hudsy Hawn is a well known Los Angeles Domme & BDSM/ Sex Educator who has appeared on Television, Radio and Film with credits including Playboy and Cosmopolitan; Playboy Radio; Straight Talk with Ross Mathews; The Jason Ellis Show; the E! Entertainment TV Specials The Real 50 Shades of Grey and Secret Societies of Hollywood; A & E’s Storage Wars; Poison Passions: The Vicki Morgan Story and more.

Hudsy Hawn is also an AVN Winner for Her Vocal and Screen Performance of Best Song “Shedonistic Society,” from the award-winning fetish film Rubber Bordello.

Miss Hawn can be seen occasionally co-hosting fetish play at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. Alongside class instruction, she also coaches couples and takes private sessions at The Dominion in Los Angeles.

Her autobiographical show, The Mermaid Diaries: Beneath the Covers is now beginning its tour with an upcoming appearance on May 15th at DomCon located at Sanctuary LAX.

Hudsy Hawn is the Head Mistress in charge of education and special event booking here at Stockroom.

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May 2 at Stockroom University: “Latex, Leather & Lube, Oh My!”

Stockroom University, Sat May 2: Latex, Leather, and Lube, Oh My! 2PM-5PM

Led by Syren & Stockroom Boutique Representative Kimberli and Southern California Leather Bootblack Title Holder, Danielle

Are you fascinated by all things shiny but don’t know where to start? This two-part instructional is hosted by Syren Latex & Stockroom Boutique representative, Kimberli, who will give you an informative intro on how to safely dress, shine and control the wear and tear of latex, while also finding ways to incorporate Stockroom’s fashions into every day vanilla attire.

Next up, class turns to all things leather! Meet Danielle, a Bootblack and Leather enthusiast and the Southern California Leather Bootblack Title Holder. Learn about the leather lifestyle and the Sensual Art of Boot Blacking, while incorporating these leather-based service fundamentals into your D/s practice.

What: Stockroom University: Latex, Leather, & Lube, Oh My!
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.

When: Saturday May 2, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

Store address:
Stockroom/Syren Retail Boutique
2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Open To More: Creating & Sustaining Modern Relationships at Stockroom University April 25th!

Interested in opening up your relationship? Trying to navigate polyamory? Join this quartet of Hosts for an exploration of non-monogamy through modern psychology, practical tools, and their personal experience. This fun and highly interactive workshop will introduce you to a skills-based, self-oriented approach to creating and sustaining happier, healthier, and more resilient open modern relationships.

Stockroom University: Open To More: Creating and Sustaining Modern Relationships

What: Stockroom University: Open To More – Creating and Sustaining Modern Relationships
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.

When: Saturday March 25th, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

Store address:
Stockroom/Syren Retail Boutique
2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026


About the Facilitators:

Ryan Witherspoon is a speaker, writer, educator and clinical psychology Ph.D. student at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University in Los Angeles.

Ann Conners is a bodyworker, a devoted, loyal partner, a damn decent cook, and deeply appreciative of unusual things and unusual people. Her adulthood spent enjoying many various forms of consensual non-monogamy evolved into a primary partnership with herself, allowing for profoundly easy partnerships with others. She holds a bachelors degree from Chapman University.

Stephanie Witherspoon has been polyamorous since she was 18. Over the course of her 12 years of exploration, she has experienced many different relationship styles, including monogamish, open relationship, swinging, 24/7 M/s, hierarchical polyamory, triads, quads, and more. She loves sharing her experiences with others and helping people discover healthy ways to explore. She is a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher, and brings yoga philosophy and mindfulness into her relationship approach.

Marty Lotspeich is fascinated by people. He has spent decades learning what makes us tick. He is a master bodyworker with 15 years of experience as a healer, helping people find comfort in their body and momentum in their life. His greatest pleasure is facilitating people’s personal evolution beyond where they imagined possible. He has been polyamorous for a decade, and spent 7 years active in the San Francisco queer community.

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Ernest Greene’s “Master of O” Makes Consensual Kink Sexy

Our latest release from Daedalus Publishing, Master of O by Ernest Greene, came out at one of the most interesting and appropriate times for a book about a D/s relationship. Thanks to the book and movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been more discussion of BDSM in the mainstream media than in years.

Master of O may bear some superficial similarity to Fifty Shades of Grey in that they both depict relationships between dominant men and submissive women. But one of the big differences between the two is that Ernest Greene gets the details of BDSM right. Most importantly, he gets the role of consent right.

Consent is the linchpin of kinky sex. Scratch that; it’s the linchpin of all sex. It’s what makes the difference between one scene that is pleasurable and intimate for all involved and another that is abusive and traumatic. Daedalus is proud to stand behind Master of O because the relationship depicted by Ernest Greene is a strong example of a D/s relationship built on enthusiastic consent. In Greene’s novel, BDSM is something that people do for mutual pleasure, not because they’ve been warped by bad childhoods or inner decadence.

“The stalking and spying and bickering that occurs in Fifty Shades in no way represents the process of negotiation by which legitimate consent is formulated,” Greene says. “No matter what roles people may choose to adopt for purposes of mutual enjoyment, for consent to be meaningful it must be an expression of mutual desire between equals. In Master of O I went out of my way to portray O’s pleasure in the acts in which she partook and the extent to which she and her master are otherwise very much equals. Both are experienced players with well-defined interests and clear boundaries. Both have, and exercise, the right to refuse those opportunities that don’t suit their tastes. Though their physical play is intense, it’s focused on shared pleasure and mutual respect.”

Unfortunately, this kind of careful thought about consent and mutual pleasure has been rare in the mainstream media’s coverage of BDSM lately.  It’s especially unfortunate because it’s the first thing that anyone should think about when they start to explore kinky sex.

Both Daedalus and Stockroom see getting the facts right about kink as the most essential part of our mission. We think that BDSM should not only be hot, but healthy. Master of O depicts some lush, glamorous fantasies; the new illustrated edition, which contains over forty full-color illustrations, gives them even more dimension and depth.


But whether inspired by Greene’s words or Fernando’s images, bringing those fantasies into the real world requires caution, respect, and a safe environment. It calls for an understanding of limits and mutual pleasure. Part of the beauty of Master of O is that it weaves those things into the fantasy.

For more reading on kink in the real world, we recommend checking out Midori’s Wild Side Sex, also available from Daedalus. Midori is one of the best educators in the field, knowledgeable and well-spoken both on technique and the ethics of kink. Wild Side Sex is a collection of essays that chronicle her own personal explorations in kink and give solid advice to people who are making their own journeys.

Buy all of these titles from Stockroom:

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Women in Charge of Kink at Stockroom University Saturday April 18!

Want to incorporate protocol training into your personal relationship? Perhaps your partner has expressed an interest in being of service or you’re wondering how to start taking charge. This class demonstrates how to approach the mindset between a Goddess and Her sub/slave. Whether top or bottom, let these BDSM enthusiasts show you how to begin and then continue down the path to total power exchange.

Stockroom University: Women in Charge of Kink

What: Stockroom University: Women in Charge of Kink – Click Here to Reserve Tickets
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.

When: Saturday April 18th, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Stockroom Hall
2811 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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