Syren Latex Makes Psylocke’s Costume a Reality for X-Men: Apocalypse

olivia munn psylocke x-men apocalypse

Marvel’s latest super-hero epic,X-Men: Apocalypse topped the box office over Memorial Day Weekend, bringing in over $80 million in four days. We’ve been watching the movie’s debut with bated breath — not only to make sure that the world didn’t get destroyed by evil mutants, but because it displays the hard work and imagination of Syren Latex’s designers.

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How to Be a Dominatrix: Hudsy Hawn On the Basics of FemDom


You might recognize Hudsy Hawn from the four million views and counting popular Buzzfeed video, “The Try Guys TRY BDSM,”  or the E! Entertainment TV Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey”or A & E’s “Storage Wars.” And while Hudsy has  shared her kink views in Playboy and Cosmopolitan, and on The Jason Ellis and Straight Talk with Ross Mathews radio shows, her real passion is to share sex positive education with all couples, and show the healing benefits BDSM can give to any relationship. We sat down with The Stockroom’s Head Mistress and listened to her insight on professional domination, her own path to becoming a dominatrix, and her upcoming Stockroom University course, FemDom 101.

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Spotlight Review: The Tenga 3D is a Masterpiece of Form and Function


Sex toys have experienced something of a renaissance in both form and function over the past decade. The old plastic flashlight-tube style vibrator and jellied tube sock with ersatz pubic hair glued on still exist, but hardly seem like they’re of the same species as some of the new high-end pleasure products that innovators like Fun Factory, Tantus, and Tenga are bringing to market (and bedroom).

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Simon Blaise: Bringing Spirituality Into Your BDSM Scene


Simon Blaise is an internationally-acclaimed BDSM educator and presenter who is also a vocal activist. As an attorney, Simon has been a pro bono advocate for members of BDSM communities who face legal problems because they love kink. In his own life, he’s challenged the gender norms of kink by being one of the first doms to come out as a transgender person who identifies as both male and female. On May 7, Simon will be giving a presentation at Stockroom University on how to make your kinky scenes more than just spanking or flogging sessions and become instead something that builds a profound spiritual and emotional connection between all involved. He spoke to us about what he loves about kink, and how it can be so much more.

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Spotlight Review: The Vesper Pendant & Duet Vibes


As you might know, May is International Masturbation Month, and just in time to celebrate the joys of self-pleasure, we’ve been getting lots of new, imaginative toys to improve solo play. For the boys, we showed off the Glass Stroker line , a really cool new twist on the classic masturbation sleeve. Today, we want to show you two sophisticated new vibes that have recently arrived in our inventory from Crave, a San Francisco company committed to designing sex toys that combine solid construction with gorgeous design.

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Spotlight Review: Glass Strokers – A Stockroom Exclusive!

New Glass Strokers available exclusively from The Stockroom in 2 styles - Barrel and Knobby

The clear choice in men’s masturbation toys

One of the benefits of being a company devoted to bringing customers “all the best in sexual technology” is that we frequently find ourselves leading the market with new toys whose appearance or functionality that more conservative companies would pass over without a second look. Here at The Stockroom, not only do we constantly seek new and interesting products, but we’re often sought out by small companies and creators  whose think our customers will be able to appreciate their latest innovation.

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Cults, Vampires, Kink, and Indie Filmmaking: Laura Lee Bahr on Her New Novel “Long-Form Religious Porn”

long-form religious porn by laura lee bahr

When you’ve just written a novel that includes a cult that transforms its members into vampires through plastic surgery, a murderous dominatrix, and homages to Fifty Shades of Grey, where do you go to make your grand and glorious debut? If the answer isn’t obvious to everyone, it was to Laura Lee Bahr: On Friday, April 29, Bahr is coming to The Stockroom to throw a huge party for her brand new opus, Long-Form Religious Porn. Hosted by Lenora Claire, the only art curator (that we know of) to stage an exhibition of Golden Girls erotica, the evening is going to be a celebration of both the literary and the carnal, including drag by The Meatball Queen and live mannequins outfitted in The Stockroom’s finest latex and leather fashions. If you’re not enticed yet, read a little of what Bahr told us about her book:

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Getting Wet: How to Find the Right Lube for Slick, Hot, and Safe Sex

The Stockroom


According to a study that came out last month, using spit to lube up your partner’s ass for anal sex is a really bad idea. While you recover from your surprise, here’s some details.

The study, released by the National Institutes for Health, looked at the sexual practices and health of 1,312 men who have sex with men (MSM) and came to the conclusion that using saliva to lubricate for penetration carries a high risk of transmitting rectal gonorrhea. According to the abstract: “Almost half of rectal gonorrhoea cases may be eliminated if MSM stopped using partner’s saliva for anal sex.”

We’re not exactly shocked to find that all those porn films we’ve been watching haven’t been entirely accurate on the subject of sexual health, but we did think that this is a great opportunity to talk about the importance of keeping a fresh container of your favorite lube within easy reach for sexy funtimes.

Even with experienced players, lube doesn’t get as much credit as it should. The fact is that although it might not be one of the sexiest-looking things that you’ll see while cruising the Stockroom website or browsing our store, it’s one of the most essential. For both health and pleasure’s sake, you need not only to have lube on hand, but the right lube.

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A Sneak Peak At The Stockroom’s Spring Clearance Sale

In less than two days, The Stockroom will throw open the doors of 2811 W Sunset Blvd for our Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale. The staff is working hard at hanging latex on racks and filling boxes of porn, cock rings, dildos, and assorted gear for your shopping pleasure, and as of 11 AM on Saturday the 23rd, we’ll be ready to go.

If you haven’t been to one of the Stockroom Clearance Sales before (formerly known as Rummage Sales), you might be wondering what the big deal is. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought that we’d give you a little preview of what you can add to your wardrobe and toy box this weekend.

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Help Us With Our Spring Cleaning at the Stockroom Clearance Sale


Most people despise spring cleaning, but we love it — and so should you. Our first Clearance Sale of the year happens this month, on Saturday the 23rd and the 24th, and it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone — kink beginner or lifestyle veteran — to add some very unique items to their collection at low prices.

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