Stockroom University CBT Class Photos

Stockroom University Mr. Dawson CBT

BDSM educator Mr. Dawson brought his cock and ball torture class to Stockroom University this weekend, where he shared various tips and tricks for putting the family jewels in peril.

After a brief anatomy lesson Mr. Dawson offered ways to use different CBT toys including cock cages, chastity devices, urethral sounds, and everyone’s favorite ball bruiser, The Humbler. Things got a bit more intimate when our professor of penile punishment instructed every male in the room to undress so the ladies could practice their new rope bondage skills. “I didn’t hear anyone scream that time. This is a CBT class so we’re going to untie them and do it again until we get it right”, Mr. Dawson commanded. His eager students happily complied.

Mr Dawson and the Stockroom University Cock and Ball Torture Class Mr Dawson and the Stockroom University Cock and Ball Torture Class Mr Dawson and the Stockroom University Cock and Ball Torture Class
Mr Dawson and the Stockroom University Cock and Ball Torture Class Mr Dawson and the Stockroom University Cock and Ball Torture Class

Photos courtesy of Athena Fatale

Summer Latex Survival Guide

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Summer is upon us and it’s already hot as hell outside, why on earth would anyone want to put on a latex catsuit right now??

Stockroom Syren Athena Fatale Latex CatsuitIt’s true, latex is not the easiest material to wear. You have to slather yourself in slippery silicone lube then push yourself into a giant condom that seems to be about two inches too small. It’s a process I often describe as ‘squeezing your way into a Trojan, when you really need a Magnum’. Once you’ve maneuvered your way into your second skin, things can heat up quickly since the latex doesn’t breathe. I still remember the first time I wore a latex catsuit. It was spring and already considerably warm in Texas, and while the AC in my dungeon did it’s best it was no match for the combination of video lights, a latex catsuit, and an enthusiastic slave beating. About 20 minutes into the shoot I felt the sweat begin to puddle in my boots, and before long a steady stream poured out at the wrists whenever I lowered my arms. While it was great fun to make my slave drink my salty, sweaty offerings, I nonetheless learned a very important lesson that day – latex makes you sweat. Stripping off sweaty latex is one of my absolute least favorite things in life.

Stockroom Syren Athena Fatale Latex Catsuit 2That Halloween, my latex catsuit taught me another lesson – if it’s cold outside, you will be cold in latex. And your goose bumps will totally show through your latex, and you can feel the bumps as well. But even when it is 30 degrees outside, your latex will warm up very quickly once you are out of the cold and back in the warmth. However this party was anything but warm. It was a notoriously filthy and debaucherous warehouse party with no heat, and by the time I got home the thought of peeling off my dirty Disturbathon latex (which was now stuck to my body for lack of lube) and allowing the last of my body heat to escape was unbearable. So I turned on the shower and climbed in, catsuit and all. It was absolutely glorious. The warm water splashed across my latex covered body and ran down my legs, warming me and massaging me as it beaded and bounced off of my protective covering, dancing like rain on a windshield. I spent at least 15 minutes playing in the shower, rinsing and rubbing every inch of my slick shiny catsuit before finally unzipping it just enough to let the water slip inside. It began to flow down my body, lubricating and gently separating my skin from the latex that had become a part of me. The feeling was pure ecstasy.

And thus began my love of latex and water.

Stockroom Syren Ulorin Vex Latex CatsuitPeople often describe latex as a ‘second skin’ because when you wear it, it doesn’t just fit itself to your form, it becomes one with your body. You still feel temperatures and sensations, but you’re feeling them through a thin layer of rubber, much like a condom. Latex is an exceptional conductor of heat and cold, and this opens up a range of possibilities for temperature and sensation play. Cold water splashed over latex can be absolutely exhilarating, especially if you are literally stewing in your own juices. You feel every single drop that touches your latex, whether it is a tiny splash or a flowing stream. Is it any wonder latex catsuits and even rubber hoods are so popular at fetish pool parties? Skimming through the water, feeling the cool liquid run over the latex that encases you, it’s a feeling unlike anything else. The waterslide at the annual Kink In The Caribbean gatherings is always spitting out one latex lover after another; they go slipping and sliding at the speed of lube until at last they are tossed in to the pool with the rest of the rubber clad rousers. A simple Slip & Slide in your back yard works just as well if a trip to Jamaica isn’t in your immediate future.

So this summer, don’t be afraid to slip in to your favorite rubber catsuit, work up a dripping sweat, then treat yourself to a dip in the pool, a fetish frolic in the lawn sprinkler, or just a nice, relaxing latex shower. Let the water seep under your latex and over your skin as you rub your sleek and slippery body with pleasure. Tease your latex encased playmate by splashing or trickling warm then cold water over them. A little goes a long way! Just make sure to stay hydrated and always wash your latex after wearing so the party can continue all summer long. And for the love of all things shiny, never take off a sweaty catsuit outside of the shower again!

Tips for staying cool in latex:

• Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Direct sunlight will heat latex very quickly and can damage it over time.

• Drink plenty of water. Latex encourages sweating and dehydration can occur quickly, especially if alcohol is involved.

• Hold an ice cube in your mouth to help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

• Wet latex is cooler than dry latex. If your latex gets too warm, hop in the pool or pour some cool water on yourself. The breeze will continue to cool the water while your latex dries, which won’t take long.

• If you begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or overly warm, seek shade immediately, drink water, and remove your latex.

Tease & Denial, Part Two: The Agony & Ecstasy Of Denial

Last week the gorgeous Athena Fatale graced us with her musings on teasing aspect of tease and denial. This week, she finishes it off with some thoughts and hints on denial. Will it be a happy ending, or a frustrating brush off? Read on for the thrilling conclusion!

Do you ever want something so bad you can’t stand it? You fantasize about it and obsess over it, it consumes your every thought and motivates your every action until finally, at long last, you either achieve success or suffer a crushing defeat. If you reach your goal, the satisfaction is so sweet that you can revel in it for days, replaying the moment in your mind and reliving the victory over and over. A crushing defeat can heighten your determination to be successful in your next venture, pushing you to greater and more satisfying accomplishments that far surpassed your original goal.

Sex can be much the same way. Whether you are enjoying sex alone or with a partner, or partners, a little tease and denial really ratchets up the intensity. We are sexual creatures, and once our senses are aroused it is hard to turn back. Anyone who’s ever heard a boy carry on about ‘blue balls’ knows that they certainly don’t enjoy turning back. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun insisting they do! As a Dominatrix, I find that there is little my slaves won’t do if they think there might be a chance for an orgasm in their future. Sometimes I like to play a little game where I make my slave stroke himself to the brink of orgasm then stop abruptly and assume the position for 20 strokes with the cane, with additional strikes given for whining or complaining. We repeat this until I am satisfied he can no longer take any more, and I most likely send him on his way with a swollen ass and swollen, aching balls. This is great fun for me, a sadistic game of give and take for my own personal amusement.

Stockroom Calamity Amelie Viberite Massager Vibrator

Tease and denial can be quite sadistic even without the added caning. Is there anything worse than being on the verge of orgasm but unable to achieve climax? I think not. Vibrators can be just the thing to push you or your partner over the edge, or in this case just close enough to almost go over… but not until you say so. One of my favorite vibrators on the market right now is the VibeRite from KinkLab. It’s incredibly powerful and offers 7 speed settings so you can control just how much, or how little vibration your partner receives. Use it externally to warm things up, then add one of the attachments that provide G-spot or P-spot stimulation to take the sexual intensity to the next level. Many people can climax quickly with a VibeRite, so switch to a low setting and light strokes to prevent an unintended orgasm.

Just the tip, he says? Stockroom Athena Fatale Wartenberg PinwheelStockroom Fun Factory Cobra Libre Male Masturbator VibratorWe’ve all heard that before. Now thanks to the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory,’just the tip’ is all he’ll get! This male masturbator is designed to stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis – the head. Use the vibration settings to work your partner in to a frustrated frenzy then negotiate your terms for letting them release. Since this toy is specifically designed to stimulate only the glans and the frenulum, it leaves the lower shaft and testicles free for additional stimulation. Whether that additional stimulation is painful or pleasurable depends on you. Use your hands and mouth if you’re feeling nice, or add some clothespins or a prickly Wartenberg Pinwheel if you’re not! Mix it up to keep your partner on their toes and ready to explode from frustration.

Tips for delaying or denying orgasm:

• Monitor breathing and body language. Watch for signs of pleasure and allow positive reactions to continue for brief periods of time and increase in intensity, but stop before climax is reached. Ask your partner to verbally communicate when they are close to orgasm if needed.

• Have your partner rate their arousal on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being an orgasm. Instruct them to masturbate themselves to a 7 before stopping, then an 8, then 9. Each time they come closer to their goal it becomes more and more frustrating, and increasingly difficult to stop. Sexual frustration is the name of this game. Enjoy it, you sick bastard.

• Bondage is perfect for tease and denial. Tie your partner to the bed and use a vibrator or masturbator to bring them close to orgasm, then stop and make them beg for more. Better yet, make them earn it!

• When incorporating rope bondage in your tease and denial play, give your partner just enough slack to masturbate with one hand. When they get close to orgasm, pull the rope taught so that they can no longer reach their fun parts. Laughing at their discomfort is optional.

• Counter an approaching orgasm with a shock to the system. Ice cubes, nipple clamps, a wooden paddle – all of these things can disrupt the pleasure of sensory overload and ruin an orgasm before it’s time.

• Assign your partner a task to complete when they are close to orgasm. It’s hard to climax when you have to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance, or sing the Star Spangled Banner.

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, and there is nothing we want more than sexual gratification. A greedy pig will gobble up whatever is in front of him without ever taking the time to really appreciate what he has. Your orgasm is the food that nourishes you; take your time and enjoy it to it’s fullest. Savor each delicious bite, let it fill every inch of your body. Because if you don’t eat your dinner, someone just might take it away.

Tease & Denial, Part One: The Art of the Tease

In burlesque, the art of the tease is what matters most. It is a long, slow courtship between the performer and the audience she is seducing. She offers a little peek here, a quick flash there. She gives you a taste then takes it away and leaves you wanting more. This dance is a sort of tease and denial, a lusty give-and-take that continues until finally the climax is reached and the audience cannot help but explode with satisfaction. If we take the same approach to our orgasms, the results can be quite explosive indeed. As they say, good things come to those who wait.

You’ve probably heard of a little thing called foreplay. It’s what happens before sex. This is the ‘tease’ part of ‘tease and denial’ and serves more purpose than just achieving erection or vaginal lubrication. It’s what gets us hot and bothered and sets the stage for a truly earth shattering orgasm. Foreplay is also crucial to many female orgasms, so don’t be stingy when it comes to pleasing the ladies. Oral sex and manual masturbation are always great for getting things started but to really prolong the pleasure, and spare your jaw in the process, you can incorporate a number of sex toys for both men and women.

Vibrators make fantastic tease toys. Whether you are teasing your partner or pleasing yourself, start with your vibrator on a low setting and lightly caress near the vagina or perineum to get things started. Experiment with different angles, speeds, and pressures as well as specific points on and around the genitals, nipples and anus. Vibrators that feature multiple vibration patterns like the Lelo Mona Red or the Laya Spot by Fun Factory are ideal for sexual teasing and allow you to quickly change things up if you find yourself or your partner approaching orgasm too quickly. The Oh MiBod iPod Vibrator syncs to your iPod and will pulse to the beat of your favorite music, so a good playlist can alter the vibrations for you if you’re flying solo.

Fun Factory Laya Spot VibratorLelo Mona RedOhMiBod iPod Vibrator
Titanmen Tool Box Male MasturbatorTantus Stroker XL Male MasturbatorVibratex Suction Sleeve Male Masturbator
Male masturbation sleeves offer a bit more for those taking the ‘hands on’ approach to orgasm achievement. These soft, textured sleeves are designed to enhance manual masturbation by recreating the sensation of vaginal or anal penetration. Slip in to a Titanmen Tool Box or a textured Vibratex Suction Sleeve and stroke yourself or your partner slowly and gently. More endowed men may prefer the extra girth and length of the Tantus Stroker XL. Vary your grip strength and stroke speed until breathing quickens, then switch to slow, loose strokes to prevent any pre-intended ejaculations. Patience is the name of the game in tease and denial play, and a good tease is a slow tease.

Tips for teasing with toys:

• Always start slow and increase gradually. Try different speeds, strengths, vibration patterns, etc to find what drives you wild, then treat yourself to a few seconds of pure pleasure before switching techniques or moving to another area. Bring yourself (or your partner) slightly closer to orgasm each time without climaxing.

• When teasing a partner, monitor their body language to gauge their reactions to your manipulations. Rapid or heavy breathing, clenched fingers, curled toes, an arched back or even a tilted pelvis can all be signs of an approaching orgasm. Listen for audible clues like moaning or other verbal communications.

• When using vibrators, use a series of quick, light passes over the clitoris or frenulum intermixed with long, slow, heavy strokes and firmer pressure to stimulate the genitals and heighten arousal. Allow the sensations to build gradually for more intensity.

• Vary sensations and erogenous zones. Add in some spanking or nipple play to keep things lively. A little pain intensifies the pleasure!

• Blindfolds are perfect for teasing scenarios. The heightened senses and lack of control increase sexual arousal and add a sense of mystery to your orgasmic journey.

• Add some bondage to your foreplay! There is nothing more frustrating and exciting than to be at the mercy of a lover who is taking their time, pleasing you slowly, making you beg to release your sexual tension, bringing you close to orgasm time and time again but never quite letting you climax until they decide you are ready.

Which brings us to the agony and ecstasy of denial. But more on that next week. You’ll just have to wait to find out what I have in store for you…

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Fetish Friday: Foot Fetish, BBWs, and John Denver

About a year ago, a few of my rowdy Texas girlfriends and I were gathered at a beachfront hotel for a friend’s wedding. As we lay in bed after the rehearsal dinner the drunken banter commenced, and by morning the ‘John Denver’ was born. What is a ‘John Denver’, you ask?

Titty fucking.
It turns out my friend (who has spectacular tits, made for hot dogging) enjoys boob sex so much that, as she said, “I thought titty fucking was like John Denver, who doesn’t love it??” We might have forgotten that golden nugget of information had she not awakened us, bright and early, with John Denver’s Greatest Hits. Within a week of returning home she had tattooed ‘John Denver’ in a delicate and graceful script right in the curve of her cleavage. Now that’s commitment!

Partialism – sexual interest in specific body parts – is quite common. Everyone has body parts, they are each as unique as the individual and can be quite fascinating. I myself have a bit of a nipple fetish. Anyone who has ever stepped in to my dungeon, or my bed, knows this. Nipples are like happy little joy magnets, drawing me to them and begging me to pinch them, squeeze them, slap them, scratch them, pierce them, poke them, twist them, lick them, bite them, suck them, tickle them. I cannot keep my hands, and sometimes mouth, off of them.

Stockroom.comFoot fetish is arguably the most common body part fetish we indulge ourselves in, myself included. It’s one of my most frequent requests as a Dominatrix, and I sometimes attend foot fetish parties where lucky subs get the chance to worship my perfectly pedicured feet. Some of my favorite sexual memories involve a boyfriend with a serious foot fetish. I could drive him wild and give him a raging hard on in a crowded restaurant just by slipping off my shoe and placing my foot on the seat in between his legs. I didn’t even have to touch him, just my foot being there did the trick. But of course I did touch him! It made for great public tease and denial scenes, and even better foreplay. The frustration he suffered was so intense he could barely stand it and I loved every sexually agonizing minute. The drive home was always fast and furious. During sex he would stop and scold me if my feet weren’t constantly touching him, and it was hot. His fetish for my feet drove my arousal, as did the power that “The Twins” had over him. It was

Fetishes for certain body types are quite common as well. In a world where ‘thin is in’ and clothing sizes are available in 00 (because apparently you really can be less than zero) big girls reign supreme. Adipophilia or ‘fat fetish’ is strong attraction to overweight or obese people. A quick internet search reveals no shortage of forums and websites devoted to BBWs and those who worship them. As one commenter puts it, “For me it is a dream come true. I love to be with a big woman and be able to show her off and let the other men drool as they only have stick chicks.” Indeed I’ve heard several of my male friends lament the discomfort of being stabbed mid-coitus by the jutting hips or pelvic bones of a skinny girl, or feeling like they might break her, literally.

Now, thanks to the help of some very thoughtful porn stars, you can indulge in your favorite body oriented fetish fantasies! In the mood for a good old fashioned John Denver? Pitch your tent between Kim Williams’ 36DD peaks for a Rocky Mountain high. Sandal season got your foot fetish in a frenzy? Slip yourself in to the soft arches of Justine Joli’s size 6.5 feet and let her pretty pink toes stroke you to satisfaction. Bury yourself in April Flores’ big beautiful pussy, or spend the night sneaking in transsexual superstar Wendy Williams’ back door. Have a ball! It’s Masturbation Month, embrace your sexual fetish.


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Pics From Our G-Spot and Female Ejaculation Class: Jewell Marceau vs. The Fuck Saw

Chicago sexperts Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron returned to Stockroom University on Wednesday night for their educational and always entertaining G-spot and Female Ejaculation class. The 2 hour presentation combined anatomy lessons and sex tips with a hands-on demo featuring award winning bondage and fetish model Jewell Marceau.

During the lecture portion of the class Jewell was instructed to slip out of class and ‘warm her self up’ in preparation for an attempt at a G-spot orgasm, so she made herself at home in the Stockroom workroom and happily obliged. “I brought my own fluffer!” she said.

After her warm up it was time for Jewell VS the Fuck Saw. Jewell squealed and squirmed and climaxed more than once, but in the end it was the Quirk Dildo that finally caused this orgasm loving beauty’s squirting surprise, much to the delight of her captivated audience.

Sunny Megatron shows off her anatomical model

Sunny Megatron shows off
her anatomical model

Sunny shares her technique

Sunny shares her
g-spot technique

Jewell Marceau awaits her date with the fuck saw

Jewell Marceau awaits her
date with the fuck saw

Sunny gets the all clear from Jewell Marceau

Sunny gets the all clear
from Jewell Marceau

Almost ready!

Almost ready!

And we're off!

And we’re off! Fuck saw’s a go!

The Quirk Dildo is brought in to help finish her off

A Quirk Dildo is brought in to help finish her off

Working the G-Spot and Clit

Sunny working Jewell
Marceau’s g-spot and clit

The Quirk Dildo finishes the orgasm that the Fuck Saw started!

The Quirk Dildo finishes Jewell to a squirting orgasm!

Everybody had a wonderful time (especially Jewell)

Everybody had a wonderful time (especially Jewell!)

Jewell Marceau and Stockroom company founder, Joel Tucker

Jewell Marceau and Stockroom company founder, Joel Tucker

Sunny Megatron, Jewell Marceau, and Ken Melvoin-Berg basking in the afterglow!

Sunny Megatron, Jewell Marceau, and Ken Melvoin-Berg

Photos courtesy of Athena Fatale

Live Fucksaw Demo at Stockroom University!

Chicago sexpert Sunny Megatron demonstrates the efficiency of the Fucksaw in achieving a G-spot orgasm as Ian Rath’s bound submissive writhes in ecstasy.

See this demo LIVE TONIGHT as Stockroom University presents The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation featuring award winning bondage and fetish model Jewell Marceau as Sunny’s eager test subject.

Joanna Angel at Stockroom/Syren Boutique!

Joanna Angel stopped by the Stockroom retail store in Silverlake recently. The punk princess of porn was picking out wardrobe and toys for a new production that she is starring in, and judging by the goodies she took with her she’ll be exploring the erotic side of dominance and submission, with a little bondage for good measure. Step inside the dressing room with Joanna Angel as she laces up a stiff Stormy Leather corset and slips in to a shiny slave collar and tight leather armbinder in preparation for her submissive adventures. The look in this sassy little spitfire’s eye says it all!

Joanna Angel Stockroom 3 Joanna Angel Stockroom 4 Joanna Angel Stockroom 5
Joanna Angel Stockroom 6 Joanna Angel Stockroom 2 Joanna Angel Stockroom 1

Photo credit: Athena Fatale

Live Fuck Saw Demo Featuring Jewell Marceau

Stockroom University Jewell Marceau

Award winning bondage damsel and fetish star Jewell Marceau joins the fun at Stockroom University this Wednesday for G Spot & Female Ejaculation with Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron. To help demonstrate G-spot orgasms, Jewell will be part of a live demo featuring the infamous Fuck Saw.

A genuinely kinky girl, Jewell Marceau is an expert at making fantasies come true for fetishists worldwide. What makes her the perfect subject for our class? Her long, dark hair, luscious curves, her playful and perverted personality, and her unabashed love of all things kinky combine to make her a rare and truly precious gem. And according to her website, her favorite thing to do is “have orgasms!” Well Jewell, we aim to please!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is a CANT MISS event- Get your tickets now!

Stockroom University Jewell Marceau Stockroom University Jewell Marceau Stockroom University Jewell Marceau

Stockroom University: FFabulous FFisting w/ Damon Holzum

Stockroom University : FFabulous FFisting w/ Damon Holzum

The next Stockroom University class in Los Angeles is coming up this April 20th and this time we’re bringing you ‘FFabulous FFisting’, hosted by acclaimed sex-educator Damon Holzum!

This tantalizing sexploration class will focus on both anal and vaginal fist-fucking, covering safety, communication, positions, preparation, toys, and more! And for an extra punch, this class will feature a live anal fisting demo on a male subject!

Tickets for the class – now only $10 – are available day of at the door, or beforehand online.