Fetish Friday: Nipple Play Tips, Tricks & Toys!

We frequently find ourselves trapped by routine in all areas of our lives, and that can extend even to the most pleasurable activities. Whether you find yourself uninspired during your “me time” or you’re just looking for a new kind of kick, Fetish Friday is the day of the week during Masturbation Month when we examine kinky twists you can add to spice up your solo sessions.

This week we’ll be moving on up, talking about some great techniques and toys to titillate the nipples, from gentle brushing to extreme stimulation.

Sensation Play: Let’s start soft: If you have extremely sensitive nipples, you may not need much to heighten your enjoyment. Try gently brushing them with your fingers or a feather tickler. If you love the feel of leather, try drawing the tongue of a riding crop or suede flogger over your chest with one hand. Try a little temperature play with an ice cube, or an vibrating ice massager for extra thrills and chills!

Suck It Up: If you want or need a more intense feeling, try a suction device. Sucking sensations cause a joyous confusion of senses, but tend not to be painful. They run the gamut from simple nipple suckers, more complex suction cylinders or cupping sets to the ever popular and strong snake bite kit!

You May Feel A Slight Pinch: For solo play, you’ll want to keep one hand free to continue stoking the fire down below, so consider a toy or device that will allow for simultaneous tweaking and teasing with only one hand. Mandible Body Clamps are a great place to start for their adjustability and kung-fu grip. Japanese Clover Clamps are not adjustable, but give an intense sensation even when you aren’t tugging the chain. Finally, for the truly daring and devious amongst you, there is the incredibly intense Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps.

Nipple toys are a great way to easily expand the horizons of your pleasure. Start off with some simple pinching and prodding, or finding little things around the house to help amp up your alone time. We’ll be exploring other complimentary methods of modern self-love every Friday in May, as we celebrate Masturbation Month with our month long sale, special offers, contests and more!

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2 comments to Fetish Friday: Nipple Play Tips, Tricks & Toys!

  • Harry Gee

    Hi guys,
    If you love nipples and can take a little pain try wasps. I’m not joking! It an African custom intended to make maidens more desirable. Its not any type that will do yellow jackets are toxic so beware. Look for your paper wasp or umbrella wasp. It nests under eaves. The cells face down look like honeycomb in the shape of mushrooms. Get a plastic ziploc bag and a step so you can shake some off into the bag at night preferably. They’re brown and banded usually. They smaller the variety the less the sting. Some types just give off a tingle that just makes you itch which I find a big turnon. The half inch or bigger can be painfully bug eventually you’ll ache for them. Let one wasp out at a time from a corner of the bag and using a tweezer preferably a plastic king direct the stinger where you want then let the guy go theyre pretty tough and will fly back to the nesto service you another day. Do your areola first and don’t stay in one spot keep moving around till you can’t take it anymore!
    Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    Harry Gee

  • Harry Gee

    Hi guys,
    Me again Harry Gee!
    Remember I was the first to up with the wasp sting
    idea! Luv you!

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