Best New Gear of the Year Part Three – Fetish Wear

2014 was one of the busiest years for our design team, and it shows with a huge selection of new original Stockroom leather fetish wear and Syren Latex pieces making their debut. Here’s a small sampling of our personal favorites from the last twelve months.

Shredder Tank Harness

Shredder Tank Harness – $150.00

Whether you’re just out to look great at the club or dress appropriately for a Mad Max fantasy scene, this top has got you covered…and appropriately uncovered!

Mistress Mask

Mistress Mask – $28.00

In the bedroom or at the ball, this mysterious mask will command attention and add an enigmatic air to your ensemble, making it the perfect fetish wear accessory for practically any occasion. It’s available in four colors (Black, White, Yellow, and Red) to compliment whatever you’re wearing, even if it’s nothing.

Vixen Stockings

Vixen Stockings – $195.00

The well-defined lines and classic back seam make this set of stockings the perfect frame for your gorgeous gams.

Beret with Petal Detail

Beret with Petal Detail – $70.00

A marvellously modern take on the classic beret. Think of the contrasting petal detail as the eye-catching jewel in this comely crown.

Apollo Harness

Apollo Men’s Harness – $90.00

This handsome harness takes its inspiration from ancient Roman military garb, and although it won’t particularly protect your neck in the event of gladiator attacks, its distinctive ornamentation is certain to turn heads wherever you suit up.

Zeta Jacket

Zeta Jacket – $350.00

Fearsomely fashionable, this heavy 30-gauge latex jacket with oversized industrial zipper is stunning zipped all the way up or left open to provide a daring asymmetrical accent to your favorite fitted evening dress.

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt – $125.00

Sometimes less is more. If you’re looking for less length without sacrificing the thrill of frills, this pleated micro mini has got your name all over it.

Mercenary Suspenders

Mercenary Suspenders – $99.00

These comfortable and sturdy leather and nickel-plated steel suspenders look great as a top all on their own, and keep you in style while keeping your pants up…which will be a challenge if you wear them to the club ;)

Waist Cuff

Waist Cuff – $95.00

This heavy-duty 3-inch wide latex belt bridges the space between fetish and fashion with its nickel-plated attachment points and buckles while helping to create an enticing hourglass look that pairs beautifully with a catsuit, a skirt, or almost any piece of latex wear.

Mila Bra

Mila Bra – $109.50

Finally, a latex bra that provides the comfort and support of a conventional bra without sacrificing style. This is one of the most popular undergarments we’ve ever created, with good reason. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

Want to see more of our picks for the best gear of 2014?
Check out our sex toys and BDSM gear lists!

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Best New Gear of the Year Part Two – BDSM Gear

Here at The Stockroom, we started exclusively as a designer and manufacturer of quality BDSM goods, and while we’ve broadened our catalog along with our minds, we’re still dedicated to creating and providing you with all the best in sexual technology.

With that in mind, we present the second part of our best of the year: Our favorite BDSM gear of 2014!

K9 Muzzle w/ Removeable Silicone Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag – $199.00

Our design team absolutely killed it with this one – a versatile, unisex leather puppy play accessory that is part gag, part hood, and all purebred Stockroom. WOOF!

Oxballs Guard Gag

Oxballs Guard Gag – $92.00 ($72.00 thru Jan. 4)

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Oxballs and The Stockroom go great together, and you’ll want to pop this collaboration into your (or someone else’s!) mouth as soon as you unwrap it.

Dave Navarro The Strap

Dave Navarro The Strap – $179.00

Capable of transforming from a fully functional guitar strap into a 2, 3, or 4-point
restraint and locking collar, this dynamic piece of bondage gear is equally at home on the tour bus and in the dungeon!

Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag

Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag – $35.00

This striking silicone bit gag is striking and surprisingly comfy between your chompers. We can safely say we’ve never seen another silicone gag with this vibrant a pink hue, and we love it.

Joanna Angel Flogger

Joanna Angel Flogger – $88.00

If you’re a fan of small but mighty implements, may we suggest the newest member of our flogger family, named after punk’s porn princess, Joanna Angel, and featuring a color scheme that evokes her signature pink and black mane. The soft falls of this flogger still deliver a strong sting, and it’s petite size makes it easy for anyone to wield.

Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit

Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit – $400.00

Our most complete Neon Wand kit comes with 10 accessories (including the amazing Power Tripper) and features a combination locking attaché case to fulfill your all of your electrosex secret agent fantasies.

Mystim Pubic Enemy Number One

Mystim Pubic Enemy Number One – $144.80

A high quality plastic and silicone male chastity cage with built in conductive electrodes to deliver e-stim sensations to your penile prisoner. If that sentence fills your mind with the same enticing possibilities it fills ours with, this is the piece of electrosex gear you’ve been waiting for.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

Tantus Plunge Paddle – $55.00

Most of our staff are in love (or at least lust) with the Tantus silicone paddles and straps, so you can guess what the reaction was like when we picked up the latest addition to the line, complete with a handle that doubles as a dildo. If you enjoy a stern paddling and haven’t tried a silicone paddle before, take it from us – TREAT YOURSELF!

The Provoker

Sex & Metal Serpent Tongue “The Provoker” – $74.00

Like the Tantus paddle, this silicone serpent tongue whip packs a surprising wallop. Silicone is a very dense material, allowing it to transfer a lot of the kinetic energy in your throw. If you like a sharp sting and a loud crack upon impact, this is a perfect piece of gear for you.

Men's Bolero Straitjacket

Men’s Bolero Straitjacket – $610.00

Our patented Bolero Straitjacket was such a hit that we felt bad for leaving male subs out of the fun. We’ve amended that with the newest member of our straitjacket line, and designed it to keep all of his appendages at your mercy (or lack thereof).

How did we do? Is your favorite toy missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Check out our favorite sex toys of the year!

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Best New Gear of the Year Part One – Sex Toys

Picking favorites is never easy, but we did our level best to select our favorite toys from a long list of notable additions to our catalog. Below are the ten most notable new toys we carried in 2014.

Tantus Anaconda

Tantus Anaconda – $63.00

Fitting that in a year that gave us a television event dedicated to a man attempting to stuff himself inside an anaconda, Tantus would provide an aptly named toy that does the opposite! The commitment to quality materials and the sleek design of this toy, which features a slightly concave base that lets it stand straight out from most flat surfaces, make this toy one of the year’s best!

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager

Doxy Vibrating Massager – $139.00

Think of the Doxy as the luxury version of your favorite high powered wand vibrator; quieter, more powerful, and with a look that will make you want to show it off rather than hide it in your toy chest.

Super Stroker

Super Stroker – $47.00 ($29.00 only through Jan. 4!)

A legitimate triple threat: An extender, enhancer, and stroker all in one! Available in three colors, the smooth, realistically shaped outside and the alluringly textured sleeve make this a perfect toy for solo or partner play.

We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 – $180.00

Every version of the We-Vibe has offered improvements over the previous versions. While each edition is great, the 4 is the best yet, with a softer 100% medical grade silicone exterior; improved USB cradle charger; and wireless, easy to manage remote control.

Bung2 Butt Plug

Bung2 Butt Plug – $49.00

We love Oxballs, and this unique anal toy is a perfect example of why. Soft platinum silicone with an organic shape, complete with prostate stimulating bulbous head, a cheeky name, and a design that makes it great for beginners and anal addicts alike. The durability and quality of this plug make it one of the best values around.

Stella III

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set – $40.00

We debated featuring the Stella I or Stella II here, before deciding “Go big or go home” is an appropriate mantra for us. It’s really a matter of how deep you want your kegel balls, and the reasons for all three are the same: Gorgeous colors, attractive design, and easy-to-care-for, body-safe materials make the Stella a pretty stellar set of balls, whether you like singles, prefer doubles, or think that three is the magic number.

Apollo Power Stroker

Apollo Power Stroker $75.00

Apollo is not only the Greco-Roman god of the Sun, but also the god of love, the male counterpart to Venus. Fitting then that this powered male masturbation toy should bear his name, as you’re sure to swoon over its superb sensations, and its suction cup base, allowing you to enjoy hands-free pleasure.

Sinful Pleasure

Sinful Pleasure Glass Dildo $50.00

We love all of the Joyful Pleasure glass dildos, but the length, gentle but substantial ridges, and gorgeous double helix red ribbon make this a particular fave. Glass and steel toys are often passed over in favor of soft silcone, but their rigidity and potential for temperature play make them some of the most pleasurable non-powered toys on the market.

Mini Magic Massager

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager – $79.95

There’s no denying the popularity of wand massagers, and if you need something with the power of the VibeRite or Doxy, with more portability, look no further than the small but mighty vibrating wand.

Embrace Sweetheart Wand

Embrace Sweetheart Wand – $84.00

Three motors means more intense, directed power to where it can do the most good. This lovely little matte-grey rabbit vibe features 7 speeds to get you where you need to go at your own pace.

How did we do? Is your favorite toy missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Check out our favorite BDSM gear of the year!

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Our Annual SeXmas Rummage Sale Is Nearly Here!

Come celebrate a traditional Stockroom SeXmas with us this weekend in Los Angeles!


Save up to 75% on latex clothing, sex toys, DVDs, books, and BDSM gear, be sure to stop in during the most festive of Rummage Sales! You’re sure to find something for everyone on your naughty list!

What: The Stockroom’s Annual SeXmas Rummage Sale

When: This Saturday & Sunday, December 13 & 14 from 11am to 6pm

Where: Next door to our Silver Lake Retail Boutique 2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

Special Offer –

Want to relive the magic of staying up late and getting your presents hot off of Santa’s sleigh? Enter our contest to win a special early admission to our VIP Rummage Sale Preview on Friday, December 12! This contest ends 11:59PM Wednesday, December 10, and winners will be contacted by noon on Thursday, December 11! Enter below for your chance to win:

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Explicit Consent

Explicit Consent: Kinky Erotica Through the (P)ages


“Consent is sexy.” These three words have become a popular catch-phrase over the past few years. Though there is (valid) critique of the trope of “sexy consent”, the concept of consent as compatible with—and even a prerequisite of—eroticism has become nearly ubiquitous in the sex-positive sphere. But what about consent and negotiation in the context of kinky erotica? Can lovers negotiating their BDSM scenes be erotic, not merely implied or ignored altogether?


The historical answer, at least in most kinky literature published prior to 2010, is a resounding “no.” Sexy consent isn’t reflected in most “classic” BDSM erotica, and remains a minority even in the 21st century.


Story of O (1954), Pauline Réage’s genre-defining classic, depicts kink as something that the submissive must suffer through. It reinforces the rather troubling idea that kink is sexy because the submissive derives no pleasure from it. O undergoes physical and psychological tortures, but there is no portrayal of negotiations. Furthermore, there isn’t the slightest indication that O enjoys herself, even in a masochistic fashion. O isn’t a masochist at all—she’s a long-suffering vanilla who simply wants to please her partner.


The depiction of consent (or lack thereof) in Fifty Shades of Grey (2011) has already been deemed problematic by many a writer, so I won’t get into the gritty details here. Suffice to say that protagonist Anastasia is precisely the opposite of a model of enthusiastic consent. From page one it’s clear that she, like O, only agrees to Christian’s kinky antics because she wants to be close to him. This portrayal of submissives—especially female submissives—as merely putting up with kink is harmful on many levels, and tacitly implies that it’s okay to push kink onto someone who is only half-heartedly consenting. Suffering is eroticized, but not in a particularly fun way, and definitely not in a manner that most of us would try to emulate; neither Story of O nor Fifty Shades of Grey have endings that would work out for most kinky folk.


But where, I can practically hear all the literate kinksters lamenting, is the erotica that depicts kink as something mutually beneficial, or even romantic and loving?


Alison Tyler’s semi-autobiographical Dark Secret Love (2013), and the entire Story of Submission series, is the sexy, realistic portrayal of kink that we’ve all been waiting for. Tyler openly displays Samantha’s thought processes—even those of jealousy, discomfort, and uncertainty. When she realizes that maybe she can’t bear the sight of her dominant Jack playing with another submissive woman, there is no pretense. Samantha says, in simple words, that she is experiencing jealousy, and she and Jack renegotiate their relationship.


She also vocalizes and enforces her hard limits. At one point she refuses to carry through with a piercing that Jack orders, and there is no implication that she isn’t a “true submissive” because of this limit. Jack doesn’t try to wear her down or push past her boundaries. No, they simply move on, and the rest of their evening is delightfully depraved, with not so much as a hint of resentment from either party.


This isn’t to say that erotica openly modeling consent can’t push boundaries. Au contraire. Jack walks right up to the lines of Samantha’s boundaries, and pushes past the ones that aren’t hard limits. Samantha is uncomfortable in many of the scenes, but that discomfort is something she chooses, and revels in.


That’s the key here: Sam’s desires are central to this series. From the very first page, we, the readers, are only here because she needs to tell her story, every bit as much as she needed pain, restraint, and discipline. Samantha is a slave to her desires, yes, but merely a submissive to her dom. That is to say, she is forced to submit to her deliciously wicked fantasies, but chooses willingly and wholeheartedly to submit to Jack.


Especially in the wake of California’s new Enthusiastic Consent “Yes Means Yes” law, we need more examples of explicit consent, in every sense of the phrase. Not all kinky erotica needs to show consent, but for the sake of newbie readers everywhere, some of it certainly should. Readers need to see what consent looks like on a romantic evening, or between two strangers casually hooking up, and yes—between a kinky couple whose fantasies rest upon the (pretend) premise that the submissive’s consent is violated. We need to see that we all have a real chance at “kinkily ever after,” where whips and chains mix with roses and early morning cuddles. Consent and negotiation can be just as sexy as they are essential to a relationship. Let’s start reading the stories that reflect that, and perhaps the positive attention will shift the trends so that the next kinky bestseller is a little more reflective of a consent culture of BDSM.

From The Author

Eva Gantz is a community-focused writer at the intersection of social media, feminism, sexuality, and tech. She’s the community manager at, a non-profit centered around digital financial inclusion. Previously, she managed social media and marketing strategy for a queer, feminist press. She founded Giving Books a Voice, a business, site, and podcast for authors who want to get smart about social media. She’s passionate about open source everything and hazelnut lattes.

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Not At This Time

I glanced down at my chest, resisting my natural urge to look away. The first needle pierced through the skin at the top of my breast, woven quickly in and out. No blood. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard people talk about this sensation of “flying” when they do needle play. I wasn’t expecting much.

Two needles criss-crossed over each other, perpendicularly woven through my flesh. Okay, so I wasn’t flying, but this was only two needles.

Rewind to my early days in the scene (maybe two years before this experience) when I would have NEVER wanted to experiment with play piercing of any kind. And that is why the phrase Not at this time is so apt.

Not at this time is something we say in the scene to bring across the concept of “never say never.” One never knows how kink or BDSM will ultimately manifest in the future. Of course it is totally valid to have hard limits – activities you do not want to do or words you don’t want used when you play. It’s wise to share limits, both hard and soft, with your play partners and to keep them updated if these limits shift and change. At the same time, do you ever know, or can you ever really predict what you will find intriguing or hot in six months from now? How about a year? Five?

Being unsure about the unknown, not really knowing much about how an activity is carried out can certainly contribute to fears around some edgier kinks. Knowing more about the how could alleviate some of the fear or discomfort around an activity. Reading up on a topic and talking to people who enjoy it are great ways to learn about the why.

One my favorite books on BDSM is The Ultimate Guide to Kink because each chapter is by a different author talking about specific kinky activities. From bondage to fisting to mind fucking and so much more there are a slew of topics. Will you be turned on by everything? Of course not. I came away from that anthology knowing I didn’t want to try everything within its covers. But to read experiences where people are so passionate about the activity, I was captivated and at the very least I could then appreciate the turn ons.

The needle scene I described at the top of this post is something I tried on two separate occasions. There is a really fun local event in Los Angeles every November called Bizarre Bazaar at Threshold. At this event there are many “taster” booths where folks can sample a variety of kinky activities. Needle play, as I did, wax play, flogging, spanking, a coloring table for Littles, etc. along with exciting vendors, and a low-key atmosphere perfect both for those who just want to see what all the kinky fuss is about and those who have been in the scene for ages to socialize.

Certainly there will be scenarios a person just doesn’t find something kinky appealing ever. That’s also perfectly acceptable. Just remember: Don’t yuck someone’s yum. There is room for everyone to sit at the kinky table. As long as all participants consent to play, are having a blast, and are risk-aware, get on with your kinky selves!

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Happy Fisting Day 2014!

Curious about vaginal fisting? You should be! It’s a magical, sacred and extremely sexy experience for both parties involved. I am by no means an expert, just a sex nerd who likes to dabble in various perverted acts. I will share tips to keep in mind for vaginal fisting, as well as explain from my perspective as a submissive how fisting can bring a kinky scene to the next level.

So, first things first. If you anticipate fisting in your near future here are some things to keep in mind:

 • Hygiene: Fisters, don’t even think about it if you’ve got long nails! Can you say ouch?! Even if your partner eroticizes pain, vaginal tissues are sensitive and you don’t want to risk small tears and the chance of infection. Keep nails short and clean. If you can’t part with long nails or just flat out forgot to trim them you can wear gloves with cotton balls inside the tips. This will reduce the chance of the gloves ripping as well as your partner experiencing any uncomfortable scratches.

 • Safer sex: Wearing latex or nitrile gloves can prevent the exchange of fluids and can prevent the transmission of STI’s and other infections. Gloves are also helpful for individuals with long or painted nails. Even if you aren’t into medical fetishes, gloves can be sexy! With some Pavlovian conditioning, the sight of a glove may make cause some intense sexual arousal.

 • Consent and Communication: Vaginal fisting may not be on everyone’s checklist of activities they want to engage in, so it’s important to get clear consent before attempting to do so. It is also important to ask questions; “Are you interested in giving? Receiving? Do you have any medical conditions that may potentially be a problem? Do you have a safe word?” There are some risks involved in vaginal fisting, so it is important to be well informed. If you do have any concerns, consult a physician (don’t fear there are several directories of kink aware physicians who won’t judge). Lastly, communicate throughout the whole process. If you aren’t in the mood on a particular night, speak up! During the act, fistee’s communicate about wants, needs, and how it is feeling. Fisters, you can help out too by prompting communication with questions like, “Is this okay? Would you like another finger now? Faster?”

 • Slow and Slippery: Fisting shouldn’t be a race. The anticipation and build up to the end result of a whole fist inside someone’s cunt is part of the fun. Take your time and don’t be discouraged if the first time, or second, or fifth time isn’t successful. On top of taking your time, be liberal with the lube, and yes, lube is necessary! I’d recommend a silicone lubricant, oil based lube (beware with latex barriers though), or a thick water-based gel. Keep reapplying, even if you don’t think you need more because the less friction the better.

Some people may want a mellow, slow and sensual environment for their fisting experiences, while others may want something a little more intense or kinky. Allowing someone to put their entire fist inside of you requires trust, vulnerability, and communication. The fistee may feel they are ultimately submitting to the fister, or they may feel that they are constantly in control of how much of their partner they take into their cunt. As the receiver I feel that being fisted by someone is one of my greatest acts of submission. I am offering my pussy to be used. I am giving a priceless gift to my partner. As the giver I feel a great responsibility to communicate with my partner and reassure them that they are in a good place and taking the experience well. Vaginal fisting alone is one of the greatest connections I’ve felt with another partner, but combining kink with fisting is an experience that I can count on to bring me to subspace.

Some ways you can make your fisting experience a little kinkier:

 • Use a vibrator: I have to say the most intense orgasm I’ve had to this day was with a hand in my cunt and a Hitachi on my clit. Or try a vibrator with lower speeds and increase the power gradually if the Hitachi Magic Wand is too strong for you.

 • Bondage: Being bound by rope or restraints or held open by someone strong can really intensify those feelings of vulnerability and submissiveness. There may be some points in the fisting process that the fistee may want to wiggle away and stop, but the bondage will keep them in place and help them get through those difficult seconds.

 • Blindfolds or hoods: This can help you focus less on your physical environment and more on what’s happening inside you, quite literally as well as emotionally.

 • Sensation Play: Candle wax, nipple clamps, nipple/clit pumps, breath play, etc. The possibilities are endless! I would advise against using gags during fisting, even if both players are very experienced. Each experience is different and both the giver and receiver should be able to clearly communicate their needs and whether something is not working for them.

Happy fisting!

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Sex Life

“So, what if he took the train home tonight,” I asked, “and saw some woman he wanted to fuck?” I’m standing in my 8-inch heels in the mirror-lined dressing room, brushing the last lap dance out of my hair and applying lip gloss. “And then he goes back to her house,” I continue, “and has sex with her. How would you feel?”

Rosalie smiled. “I’d be happy for him, and proud of him.”

“You wouldn’t be jealous?” I asked.

“Not at all!” she replied. “I fuck other men. It doesn’t have to mean anything. And I trust him.” She was so matter of fact, so self satisfied and confident, that I couldn’t find words to ask her any more about it. I couldn’t imagine feeling that way about my partner if he were to sleep with someone else. I could only imagine crying, slamming doors, packing boxes and wanting to peel his cheating skin right off of his unfaithful body.

“It’s actually really hot when he fucks someone else,” Rosalie added, as she made her way to the tiny door that separated the dressing room from the stage. I was astonished. I was aroused. I was confused. I was 22.

Now, at 35, with over three years of an amazing open relationship under my belt, I fully understand what Rosalie meant all those years ago. And the more I learn about open relationships, and myself within one, the more I understand that I wasn’t ready, at 22, to take on the work and trust that such an arrangement requires. At that age, I was convinced that if my boyfriend spent too much time around an attractive woman it would make him want to throw his dick into her regardless of the consequences. I also thought that if my partner did throw his dick into another woman it meant that he wished I looked different, and didn’t love me anymore. Ahh, youth. Where do we learn these things we think we know in our early 20s?

I can’t blame it all on age, though. Rosalie was actually a year younger than me. She was also a stunner- long dark hair, huge dark eyes, full lips, beautiful breasts, the works. She had graced the cover of our monthly national strip club magazine earlier that year. Her looks also caused confusion in my young mind. She was so incredible looking, why did her boyfriend need to sleep with anyone else? Obviously I had not yet begun my delightful discovery journey into the biology of human sexuality. I’m tempted to say that I wish that I had had the knowledge and confidence to start experimenting with open relationships in my 20s, but I’m not sure it if would have been successful. Learning from Rosalie that such relationships could exist planted a seed that grew into a decade-long fascination with the topic. It took a long time until I felt ready to explore opening up, and it also took that long to find the right partner to try it with.

At 22, I had already had a lot of fun and crazy sexual escapades, but there were still so many more that I had not yet experienced. Perhaps many of the things I had already done at 22 would take another person many more years to try. Perhaps some of the things I had already done would never be comfortable for another person, regardless of their age or other experiences- posing for explicit, toy-penetration nudes, phone sex, being a stripper, same-sex dalliances, fucking in a boat, in a bar bathroom, in a dump truck.

It’s wonderful that we live in a world with so much to offer sexually, in a time when activities outside the strict vanilla box are more accepted by everyone. It’s exciting that one’s sexuality and sex life can be (nay, should be!) a divine, changing, complex and utterly thrilling journey. We must keep in mind, though, that no one else walks our same path. What you’ve done for 20 years might be new and scary to someone else, and the other way around. Let’s learn from each other, and teach each other, and trust that new sexual worlds are waiting around every corner. Where would you like to explore next?

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This Weekend In Los Angeles – Our Annual Haunted Rummage Sale Returns!

It’s baaaaack – Our annual Haunted Rummage Sale returns from the aether again this weekend!

Thrills and chills await in our deviously devised discount den of depravity, full of sexy samples, irregular and limited edition items, deadstock and more on sale for up to 90% off their original prices.

Want to know more? Come by this Saturday and Sunday and experience it for yourself!

What: Stockroom’s Annual Haunted Rummage Sale

When: October 18 and 19 11am-6pm

Where: Next door to our Silver Lake Retail Boutique 2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

Special Offer –

Want a chance to take a sneak peek at what’s being offered? Enter our contest to win a special early admission to our VIP Rummage Sale Preview on Friday, October 17! This contest ends 11:59PM Wednesday, October 15, and winners will be contacted by noon on Thursday, October 16! Enter below for your chance to win:

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It’s That Time Again – October Is National Kink Month!

Dust off your french maid outfit and polish your patent leather boots – National Kink Month is here again!

For our third annual celebration of all things kink, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest, best, and kinkiest Kink Month yet! That means more blog posts, more kinky costume ideas, and more exploration of kinks you’ve wondered about (and probably some you’ve never heard of).

We’ll also be running contests and giving out prizes through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and here on our official blog, so make sure you’re following us everywhere and use #kinkmonth to join the conversation and spread the kinky love!

Welcome to National Kink Month 2014!

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