Stockroom Holiday Rummage Sale in Los Angeles!

Join us Saturday, December 15th and Sunday, December 16th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and save up to 90% on unique BDSM gear, fetish wear, sex toys & more!

We’re having our Holiday Rummage Sale at our space located next to the Stockroom/Syren Boutique on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake. 2809 ½ W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90026.

Get there early and stock up for the Winter, because it’s first come, first served and you don’t want to get left out in the cold!

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Facebook Exclusive Contest on NOW! Win A $250 Gift Certificate!

Exciting things happening on our Stockroom Facebook!
Head over to get details on our new contest for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate and make sure to like our page and share with your friends if you haven’t already!

Good luck!

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Free BDSM Class in Los Angeles on Nov 7th For E! Network

Stockroom/Syren is hosting a free BDSM 101 workshop on Wednesday, November 7 from 7:30-9:30 pm at 2811 West Sunset Blvd. in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles (next door to the boutique). If you’ve caught “50 Shades” fever and want a hands-on introduction to the practices of bondage and play; please join us for a fun and informative evening.

**NOTICE: The workshop will be taped for an E! Network special about BDSM, so you must be willing to be on camera. Please RSVP with a very short description of yourself (name, age, line of work, background) to: or

BDSM 101
Facilitated by James Ross –
The 1st steps into BDSM are often the most frightening and the most exciting many people experience. How does one gain the confidence necessary, while still enjoying the novelty of it all? Bondage – Discipline, Dominant – Submissive, Sadism – Masochism. This class is designed for beginners and offers you an opportunity to explore (either as Top, Bottom, or both) many parts of the wide spectrum that is Safe, Sane, & Consensual BDSM. Accomplished players will also be able to learn safety aspects of play they may never have experienced.

Master James Ross

James Ross is a classically trained lifestyle dominant male Leatherman who’s been in the scene since 1977. Trained as a slave and progressing from that to trainer, he is now a Master with slaves and submissive of different sexualities.
• Presenter for AIDS Committee of Toronto’s Safer SM Project 1995-99
• Panel Member Thunder in the Mountains Denver, CO 1999
• Volunteer Dungeon Master – Mister Toronto Leather 2000
• Presenter and Panel Member at Masters and slaves Together in Atlanta, GA 1999
• Volunteer Living in Leather Fort Lauderdale, FL 1999
• Presenter at Rio Grande Leather, Albuquerque, NM 2005, 2009
• Presenter El Paso, TX 2000-2006
• Presenter Los Angeles, CA 2007-Present
• Co-Founder LA Kink Exploration Society Los Angeles, CA 2008
• Member of Lair de Sade, Los Angeles, CA 2007-Present
• Mentor Garden of Heathens Los Angeles, CA 2010
• Attendee of Leather and Kink events since 1994 across North America
Percussion/Impact Play, Single Tail, Rope Bondage, Leather Restraints, Nipple Training, Penetration, Anal Toys, Vibrators, Orgasm Training, Master/slave, & Leather Lifestyle

All attendees of the workshop will receive 15% off in-store purchases* and have the opportunity to receive a guided tour of the Stockroom/Syren facilities!

*Some restrictions apply. In Store Discount good for registered class attendees only on Nov 7, 2012. Some items may not be eligible for discounts.

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Happy Halloween!

And don’t forget, only 1 day left to save in our Halloween Sale and National Kink Month Sale! Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at The Stockroom!

Hope your tricks are as good as your treats!

Pig out on tricks and treats this Halloween!

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Sex Swings & Slings: Not Just For Kinky People

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week through Wednesday, October 31, we’re featuring some of our favorite sex toys for couples. Here we’ll showcase tricks, tips and lessons for using sex swings and slings, most featured in our sale!

Sex Furniture: Sex Toys You Can Sit On

Sex swings and slings are designed to help the user attain and hold different sex positions. They are the best-known, most popular type of sex furniture – a whole category of sexual aids large enough to support the weight of the person using them, ranging from specially-angled cushions like Liberator Shapes, to BDSM furniture that facilitates bondage and other kinds of fetish play, to fucking machines.

Several contemporary styles of sex furniture have actually existed for centuries, but sex swings may be the first that was actually intended for pleasure. Many furnishings used today for erotic play, especially those used for BDSM, are descended from medieval European devices created for torture or corporal punishment. Sex swings, though, were developed in classical India, as a means of helping less athletic people attain difficult but rewarding sexual positions. It is believed that the earliest models were simple and rather uncomfortable rope and pulley constructions, and required assistants to keep the user from having an accident in the unstable device.

Modern sex slings and swings are no longer the haphazard balancing act they were in ancient days. Instead, they’re now carefully designed to increase the comfort of the user, cradling tired limbs and distributing weight correctly to increase endurance and gratification in even the most unusual sex positions. Because of this, all types of couples, from those with differing body sizes, to some who may be physically limited, can enjoy the benefits of using a sling to have a more gratifying sexual experience. However, no matter how physically fit you are, the support and leverage of a sling allows you to achieve positions and moves that are impossible unaided. Check out the overview of different types of slings and swings below, then read on to discover how to use them!

Two Types of Sex Swings

Hammock sex swings are suspended from the ceiling on support straps and are large enough to sit or lie back on. They’re ergonomic and as comfortable to lounge in as the traditional hammocks they’re named after… but you’re likely to get a lot more recreation than rest in them!

Hammock slings usually come with attachable stirrups, and may have either 3 or 4 attachment points. Sexy black leather sex swings are a BDSM classic. A quality leather sling will last for years, breaking in and becoming even more comfortable with continued use. For your safety and to get the most out of your investment make sure to only buy a sex swing made of thick, heavy-duty leather – thin, cheaper hides can be dangerous as they can stretch out and even come apart at the stress points. Leather sex slings can either be made of a solid, single hide, or they can be made of an open web of strips that allow access to the user’s backside, like this web style leather sex swing featured on the first season of “American Horror Story”. Both styles are roughly rectangular, with four attachment points to help prevent torqueing and provide maximum stability, and a leather pillow plus a set of leather stirrups to hoist your legs high are both included.

If you’d prefer a sex sling that really swings, one with 3 attachment points like the Stockroom’s exclusive Pig Sling will allow you to really put the sway in your sex! The Pig Sling got its name because you can be totally messy in it and simply wipe it down afterwards! It’s made of heavyweight black vinyl-coated polyester, so unlike leather slings, which are porous, this swing is moisture-resistant and can be cleaned with any antimicrobial spray cleanser that’s safe for use on surfaces having direct contact with skin. Because it’s so much easier to sanitize them, sex swings of synthetic material like the Pig Sling can be a more hygienic choice if you like to play filthy, or simply want to play with multiple partners.

Travel sex swings & sex harnesses still offer a lot of support but are small enough to fit in a suitcase, so they’re even more portable than a traditional hammock sling on a stand. Travel slings don’t need to be installed – instead, they’re shaped more like harnesses, and they support and lift the user’s legs by suspending them in heavy straps that pass around the back of the neck.

This type of sling is fastened around the body; you don’t need to climb in or be lifted in, the way you would with a hammock swing. Because of this, they are often easier to use for those using a sex swing due to limited mobility issues. They’re also ideal for those who need to be discreet, since they can be tucked away in a drawer. Choose from simpler models that just support weight from the thighs, like the Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh Sling, or try the more versatile Travel Sling with Stirrups, which actually uses adjustable buckling cuffs in place of regular stirrups to support and lift legs from the ankles.

How to Hang a Sex Swing

Hammock swings can be hung on chains from eyebolts in the ceiling, but you must use hardware that’s sturdy enough, and should choose your securement points carefully. You can avoid a trip to the hardware store and buy heavy steel chain, thick carabiners, and other installation accessories at competitive prices from The Stockroom when you purchase your sling. Whether planning to sit or lie in it, most people prefer to hang their sling so that the head rests higher than the feet, but you should experiment to find the height and stance that work best for you. To make your sling as versatile as possible, use longer chains and suspend the sling with carabiners or snap hooks so you can easily and quickly unfasten and adjust it.

If you don’t have a good place to hang a hammock style sling – or if you simply would rather not have it out in front of the family and general public at all times of day – try this steel-framed 4 Point Sling Stand, which sets up in seconds and breaks down for storage in the enclosed duffel bag. The footprint is only 4′ X 6″ when fully assembled, and since it only weighs 45 pounds, you can even travel with it or use it to bring your sling to a party!

Helpful Hint: Never fold a sex swing; it will permanently crease. Instead, roll it up for storage.

Putting Your Ass in a Sling: 6 Sex Swing Positions + Tricks

Wondering how to use your sex swing? From the basic to the more adventurous and exotic, here are 6 sex swing positions and fun suggestions to try with a hammock-style sling:

  1. Standing Missionary: place the receiving partner on their back in the sling with their feet up in the stirrups and the other person standing in front of them. (This works best if you first position the sling so it hangs at the level of the standing partner’s pelvis.) For maximum access and comfort, the person in the swing should have their butt cheeks scooted down close to the bottom edge before you plunge in.
  2. Standing Doggy Style: a variation on the above with the recipient face down in the sling with their ass in the air.
  3. Standing (or Sitting) Oral: a sex swing can suspend your partner at the perfect height for you to perform long, luxurious oral on them without getting a crick in your neck! Simply adjust the sling so it hangs at face level for the giving partner, and have the recipient lie back.
  4. Floating Oral: this fun technique for gravity-defying oral sex works best on a person with a penis, since it makes it much easier for the person in the sling to maintain the connection. To try it, lower your sling so it’s right above the bed or floor with just enough room to lie underneath when the sling has weight in it. The lucky person getting the blowjob lies on their back under the swing, while their partner lies above them in the swing on their stomach, head hanging down and lips locked onto the goods of the person on the floor.
  5. Use Bondage Restraints: keep your partner where you want them by attaching bondage restraints to the large D rings in the corners of your sex swing that attach it to the chains. Buckling wrist and ankle cuffs work best; fasten them to the sling with snap hooks.
  6. Stimulate With Sensation Play Toys: sensation toys tickle, tease, and tingle, so they’re great to use on someone in a sling. Try a simple ostrich feather tickler, or a pair of Vampire Gloves. These special leather gloves have small prickly points on the fingertips that feel super-sensual when stroked lightly on bare skin; press harder for a distinct sting.
The Pig Sling allows a comfortable position and easy access to give and receive oral sex.
The Pig Sling allows a comfortable position and easy access to give and receive oral sex.

Bound with restraints in this Web Style Sex Swing gives perfect access to tease, torture & pleasure your partner.
Tease, torture & pleasure your partner with restraints in a Web Style Sex Swing.

Urban Legends & Sex Swings: The Chinese Basket Trick

The Chinese Basket Trick is a fascinating urban legend that some folks claim is possible to achieve with a sex swing. This technique supposedly had its start in the red light districts of the Far East. A seated woman was completely enclosed in a basket with a hole cut in the bottom, and the basket was lowered on a tightly wound rope until the bottom was right over the cock of a man lying on the floor below, allowing her to spin above him as the rope unwound.

We can’t quite imagine how to make the Basket Trick work with a sex swing, though perhaps you could position your partner strategically in a web style sling made of openwork straps. If you’re really committed to trying the Basket Trick, a suspension bar might be more workable. Either way, it certainly sounds like a lot of fun to try… and if you’re successful, please do let us know!

Save on sex swings, slings and more sex toys for couples on sale through Wednesday, October 31, 2012 as part of Stockroom’s National Kink Month Sale!

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Let Your Sexual Ninja Come Out and Play…

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

Midori making a ninja look sexy in latex

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Tonight! Party with Clive Barker & Win Stockroom Gear!

Tonight is the night for one of the hottest fetish events this Halloween season! The legendary ball to end them all returns for the 12th annual Miss Kitty’s World Famous HALLOWEEN BALL 2012 tonight, Friday, Oct 26th at the Dragonfly in Hollywood, proudly sponsored by Stockroom! Hosted by the iconic master of horror author/director Clive Barker, this event has everything! Live stage shows, celebrity guests, spooky hot gogo dancers, haunted mazes, almost nekkid “blood” wrestling, to-die-for music and fashion – so many deviously, deliciously dark and dirty things, we can’t even list them all! Hope to see you there!

What: 12th Annual Miss Kitty’s World Famous Halloween Masquerade Ball 2012

When: Tonight! Friday 9:oopm, October 26, 2012

Where: Dragonfly Club, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038

Wear: Dress your best – COSTUME CONTEST at Midnight judged by Clive Barker!
(Grand Prize is $500 in Cash & Prizes (including something extra special from The Stockroom!)

Miss Kitty's World Famous Halloween Masquerade Ball 2012

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National Kink Month Tip #25: Enjoy Your Sex!

And save now on kinky sex toys to make sex more fun!

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Pleasure & Pain – Nipple Clamps On Sale

Test your own limits of pain and pleasure – save on nipple clamps (including these classic Japanese Clover Clamps) and more this week only in our National Kink Month Sale!

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. By Marquis de Sade

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Bedside Manners for Play Doctors & Naughty Nurses: Speculums for Medical Fetish Roleplay

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite medical sex toys and nipple clamps and pumps. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

Whether you have a medical fetish year round or you’re just looking to give your tricks a special treat this Halloween in your naughty nurse or sexy surgeon costume, playing doctor is, for many people, one of their earliest and strongest sexual fantasies.

Maybe it’s the uniforms, or the exciting humiliation of stripping nude for a stranger who probes you with intimate instruments, but medical inspired sex toys give us an extra special thrill because they’re so evocative. Medical roleplay is playing doctor for grownups, and it’s a great way to start experimenting if you’re new to erotic roleplaying — dreaming up activities and dialogue is easy, since everybody’s familiar with the script. And more importantly, there are countless reasons to get naked – and even more to start probing your patient’s most private parts!

Speculums are one of the first things you should add to your sensual doctor’s bag, because they’re a total turn on for both partners in a medical role playing scene. The patient enjoys being on display and fully exposed, while the doctor or nurse gets off on seeing the patient’s ass or pussy gaping open and so completely available. Though they may seem exotic, they’re simple to use with a little practice – just follow the steps outlined below.

How to Choose a Speculum

Most speculums are designed specifically for either anal or vaginal insertion, though some fetishists love to use the broader vaginal tools anally. Vaginal speculums have two blades, or bills, that are fairly broad and flat; anal speculums have either two or three blades, and tend to have more rounded blades and a much smaller diameter when shut.

Both anal and vaginal specula come in a variety of styles that differ according to blade shape and size. Many experienced medical role players like the Collins vaginal speculum for its broad blades, because the width is more comfortable for the patient and offers the “doctor” a better view. If the Collins seems a little big, these vaginal speculums in stainless steel have a similar shape but run smaller and narrower. Anal speculums have blades that are narrower and more rounded than vaginal-use models. The two most popular styles are the Sims, which has two blades, and the Mathieu, which has three.

For your health and safety, never share speculums between partners, and never use the same toy both anally and vaginally. These inexpensive plastic speculums, which can be disposed of after each use, are an excellent choice if you need to buy multiples.

Steve Cruz with anal speculum, playing it safe with latex exam gloves

How to Use an Anal or Vaginal Speculum

  1. Use clean toys: wash your speculum with antibacterial soap in warm water and let it air dry completely before using it.
  2. Clean yourself, too: Keep things more sanitary and pleasant by douching before using an anal speculum. An erotic enema beforehand is the perfect way to get prepped as part of your medical scenario – especially if you use a classic red enema bag or a 19th century-style Clyster Enema Syringe. If you use a bag, try replacing the standard nozzle with this Inflatable Enema Butt Plug to help your partner relax and open up before you play.
  3. Learn how to operate your device. Before using it on another person, practice opening and closing it, and locking it into position.
  4. Warm the speculum by running warm water over it before you play. This will keep your patient comfortable and prevent awkward clenching when you insert the toy. Make sure it’s not too hot: test it against your own skin before inserting.
  5. Position the patient: your patient should be lying on their back, legs spread, with their cheeks angled up slightly – putting a flat pillow under their butt or even having them place their hands under their tailbone creates the proper angle.
  6. Use lube: lubricate both the leading edge of the speculum blades as well as your partner’s vaginal or anal opening before insertion. Stay true to your medical scene and use SurgiLube, a hospital favorite.
  7. Make sure the speculum is in the proper starting position: for a vaginal speculum, insert the toy with the blades completely closed. With an anal speculum, so people prefer inserting the toy with blades slightly open, to help prevent pinching.
  8. Relax the patient. Instruct them to take a couple deep breaths. Inserting a lubed finger first and pressing downward can help the patient relax, too.
  9. Insert the toy slowly. Make sure to follow the natural slope of things inside your patient’s body. With vaginal specula especially, when a patient is on their back, the toy should be angling downward when its inserted nearly 45 degrees.
  10. Open the blades only after the speculum is fully inserted. Open blades slowly; once you achieve the spread you want to see, lock the blades in position.
  11. Close blades before removal. Vaginal speculums should be closed fully; anal speculums can be pulled out with the blades open a fraction to avoid pinching.
  12. Wash your speculum after use with antibacterial soap in warm water; let air dry before storing.

Fun Tips

Once your patient is spread and ready, use a flashlight to ensure you get the best possible view. Or try using a hand mirror to show your patient how good they look…you can even make them watch everything in the mirror as you administer their “treatments!” Go for a deeper view inside – insert this Vibrating Pleasure Periscope and look in the mirrored view box as the inserted tip lights up through the clear plastic top, letting you see deep inside your partner. Spice up your play by turning on the vibrator switch!

Save on speculums and more medical sex toys on sale this week as part of Stockroom’s National Kink Month Sale!

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