Winners of Our ‘What Would I Do If I Won a $250 Stockroom Gift Certificate’ Contest!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our “What Would I Do if I Won a $250 Stockroom Gift Certificate Contest!” We truly enjoyed reading all of your entries and had an incredibly hard time choosing our winners. Below are the three winning entries for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, and don’t worry, we plan on holding more contests in the near future!

    $250 Grand Prize Gift Certificate Winner –

Well firstly let me say that at 38 yrs of age I have just come off a journey with the church where I was to become a consecrated virgin. A lot has happened in the last 12 months. I have been on a sexuality retreat for women, I got kissed by a man for the first time and loved it, we got to have a bit of a play touching each other, so YES I am still a virgin. Although tomorrow morning as it happens I am meeting with a Dom off Fetlife ( I friended him and he added me to his private BDSM Facebook group as I am now on a journey of discovering everything I can about sexuality, all aspects of it! From there someone directed me to Fetlife as there is a group for any newbies! ). So in the morning I am having an interview for a rope bunny role. I am not expecting to get it, however I will be required to sit there in front of another human being and share what my sexual desires are and what I wish to get out of the role, as well as that I have asked of a separate subject if he would be willing to mentor me and allow my first sexual experiences to be with him, hopefully I will be able to build this into a proper D/s relationship.

Even though I am a virgin my deepest darkest desires are surfacing from before I was even ten, now they have developed into wanting to experience submission, spanking, restraint, oral sex, anal sex, caning, electro play, I want to experience all this and so much more with him, and if down the track the trust is really there and we have developed that intimate two way relationship then he can have my main virginity as well, but he will have to earn it. So until then I am pretty sure that he may be able to pick out a couple of items to use on me. I know he wants to experiment with electro play, so maybe an e-stim, a couple of butt plugs or anal beads. Nipple clamps appeal with weights, as does a nice flogger. I would like some nice relaxing massage oil so I can apply it to his beautiful muscular body after he has finished playing with me and lays there completely blissed out after using and dominating my body any way he pleases.

    $50 Gift Certificate Winner –

I’m a man of contrasting tastes, so if – dare I say, when! – I were to win this contest, I would want to start with the Triskeli Collar, as it’s about time I let my flag fly a little more noticeably (since I work in a public library, it can double as a reference point!). From there, I’d get the Ball Gag and Blindfold Harness – not being able to see what’s coming is a huge turn-on for me, and being effectively silenced is something I’ve always wanted to try. While using that, I want to try one of The Rude Boys – a close friend of mine told me how great they were, and while I trust her opinion, I gotta experience it for myself! And speaking of self-experience and contrast, that brings me to the last item…Mike’s Spikes. I can’t think of anything better to wrap it all up! I’ve had my eye on that particular portable prick-pinching product for some time now; it makes the masochist in me swoon.

Now, I know that I’m $9 over the certificate amount of $250, but…that’s a small price to pay for the immense pleasure that would come from not only winning, but the items above! Even if I don’t win (don’t get me wrong, I want to win harder than nipples being pinched by Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps) it was worth the time to come up with this email. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you pick me!

    Stockroom T-Shirt Winner –

First of all, I just want to say how much I love your site and your store. I’m sure this is nothing new to hear, but I have spent hours gazing at all of the wonderfully tantalizing possibilities that rack my brain.

Which brings me to the first reason of why I believe you should pick me. I have only been able to gaze longingly at your products, and not purchase. I’m a struggling young professional and have no budget to indulge in my ultimate fantasies in such a luxurious manner. Sure, I’ve been able to use make-shift items into bondage and sensual pleasure, but I want to take it to a new level and finally incorporate real leather and safer restraints into my repertoire. While I have dabbled in some BDSM/kink play, I am still a beginner and the certificate would allow one more person to more fully step into this glorious community that the Stockroom is so important to. This would be an important stepping stone to exploring my sexuality and seeing what limits my body (and my partner) can endure. Wouldn’t you feel so proud to be a part of what would help mold my exploratory sexuality?!

My second reason is that I am striving to become a sex therapist and having a certificate to Stockroom would allow me to become more acquainted with types of toys, play, and lifestyles and in turn, be a more informed therapist and sexuality educator. While I can learn from workshops, lectures, talking to others or reading about something in a book, there is nothing like getting a first hand experience of what my clients might experience in their personal life. Incorporating this into my personal life will allow me to be a more reliable and knowledgeable professional. But I can’t do it on my ramen dinner budget.

I want this certificate for the good of my sexual identity and for the good of my community :)

And finally, I can’t express how badly I’ve been wanting a swing and some serious leather restraints.

Good luck with your selection!

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