Feb 13: Michael Ellsberg On How To Safely Kink Up Your Relationship

Michael Ellsberg

You’re talking about how to inject kink into a previously vanilla relationship this Saturday, is that right?

Yeah, it is my sense that there are a lot of singles and couples who are very curious about getting into [BDSM], especially after the book and movie which shall not be named. It’s daunting to get into it. When I was getting into it, I didn’t quite know where to go. I found the scene overwhelming; there are all these terms that are new, there’s perhaps different shades and flavors of kink that newbies are a little bit alarmed by at first, and so it can be challenging to get into it. So, I want to provide a really safe, beginner-friendly place to get just the absolute basics of kink and BDSM.

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Mistress Kara Gives Stockroom the Ins and Outs of Good Strap-On Sex


This week, Stockroom University makes its return with a very popular yet misunderstood topic: Strap-on sex. Dildos are perhaps one of the oldest sex toys around; depictions can be found in ancient Greek vases, and there are even some artifacts from the Paleolithic Era that may have been early dildos. With all their history and popularity, though, people also pick up a lot of half-truths and misconceptions about what strap-on sex is like and how to go about it for the first time. Fortunately, Mistress Kara, the Manager of our own Stockroom Syren Boutique, has extensive knowledge about strap-on sex and will be sharing it this Saturday at Stockroom University. She’ll be covering topics including how to choose the dildo or harness that’s right for you and your partner and how to insure pleasure for wearer and receiver alike. In the Q&A below, Mistress Kara gives her thoughts on some of the basic issues.

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Wicked Pictures Star jessica drake Offers Frank Talk on Porn and Sex Education


On January 16, Stockroom University will be proud to welcome jessica drake, one of the biggest names in adult entertainment today. With over 300 performances and three AVN Awards for best actress to her credit, she’s one of the most prolific and acclaimed talents in the industry. But when making appearances to promote her videos at adult boutiques and events, she found that many of her fans craved not just entertainment, but answers to the questions about sexuality that schools and parents regularly ignore. People of all genders grow into adults trying to parse out those answers for themselves, and often the first place they turn to do that is porn, which drake feels is an inappropriate source of education.

So she decided to begin filling that gap with jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, a series of instructional videos that now covers fourteen volumes on topics ranging from fellatio to plus-size sex. She talked to us about why she was inspired to start working on sexual education and why porn might a great source of fantasy, it’s not a good source of education.

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Stockroom University Starts the New Year With Two Amazing Workshops by Midori

Midori - January 9 Stockroom University is starting 2016 in the best way we can imagine: With not one but two workshops by the acclaimed sex educator Midori. This Saturday, she comes to Los Angeles to take on the physical and psychological elements of kink alike with a double bill of The Elegant Whip: Amazing Hands-On Flogging Training and How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get Into Their Heads.

Many people first became familiar with Midori as one of the leading educators about rope play. Her 2002 book The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage remains indispensable for anyone interested in shibari and related techniques, and her Rope Dojo intensive workshops continue to be in high demand, as do her Forte Femme workshops for female dominants.

As this pair of workshops shows, though, she’s one of the most articulate and widely-knowledgeable educators in the field, and her knowledge goes far beyond rope and domination. Her books include Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Available from The Stockroom’s publishing arm, Daedalus), Master Han’s Daughter: True Tales From Depraved Neo-Tokyo, The Toybag Guide to Foot & Shoe Worship, and you can buy her video Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage in The Stockroom’s online store. We’re very proud to be starting out the year with her. She gave us a few sneak peaks of what she’ll be teaching this Saturday.

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Amy Jo Goddard Takes on Sexual Shame with “9 Elements of a Kinky Sexual Life”

Amy Jo Goddard

In over two decades as an educator and Sexual Empowerment Coach, Amy Jo Goddard has spoken about sexuality t0 almost every kind of audience conceivable, from first graders to hardcore kinksters. She considers healing the shame and guilt that makes so many people feel like their sexuality is “broken” to be an essential public health issue.   “I think sexuality is the core of who we are and that when we are happy and fulfilled as sexual people, we create happy and fulfilled lives,” she writes on her personal site.

This Saturday, she comes to Stockroom Hall in Los Angeles to speak specifically about building satisfaction and power in the context of kinky sex. We talked with her a little about what she thinks is wrong about our society’s attitudes towards sex, how we can work towards healing that feeling of brokenness, and where kink fits into all that.

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Stockroom University’s KinkFit Event Closes the Year With a Kinky Mental Training Circuit


In just one year with The Stockroom, Head Mistress Hudsy Hawn has brought Sex Positive education to a whole new level. With classes now happening on a weekly basis, The Stockroom University has more than tripled its attendance and has brought the “Think Kink” slogan back into the Stockroom Hall. Education is essential to maintaining an imaginative and ethical kink community, and the quality of workshops that Hudsy has brought into Stockroom Hall on a regular basis makes us extremely proud to have her on our team.

To wrap up the year, Hudsy has created an event called “KinkFit!” which brings together several of the community’s finest sex educators to give live demonstrations of their favorite kinds of play, all within a short and sweet circuit-training style format.

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Torture, Torment, and Safety: Mistress Morgan Sterling Teaches the Secrets to Good Cock and Ball Torture


Cock and ball torture, or CBT, is one of the most advanced kinds of play there is. It offers unlimited possibilities for intimacy and trust between the bottom and top, but those pleasures also come with a great deal of risk. The penis and scrotum are very sensitive and easily damaged if you play without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

This Saturday, Mistress Morgan Sterling is coming to Stockroom University for an extensive workshop on both the pleasures and the risks of CBT. She’ll cover a wide range of techniques from basic manual twisting and scratching with the fingernails to ball busting to penetration with urethral sounds, while giving tips on how to torment the penis and scrotum mercilessly while still keeping them perfectly healthy. She gave us a little preview of what she’s going to talk about this weekend.

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November 28 at Stockroom University: “Belt-Based Bondage” with Danarama


Even the most basic belt can be used in dozens of ways to restrain your partner for effective and minimalist bondage or rough sex. Used alone or in combination with other belts, devices, and furniture, it can also be used for a variety of creative and intense impact play options. In this hands on class, Danarama will demonstrate and coach you on the fast and effective uses of one of the most common items nearly everyone has on hand. Don’t let your belt just go to waist!

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Centuries of Whips, Chains, and Spankings: Snow Mercy Talks About the History of the Dominatrix


The history of sex is fascinating precisely because so little of it is written down. We may know where George Washington was born and where he died, but we have little idea of what he liked to do in bed, or what he would have liked to do. For the most part, anyone who liked sex that wasn’t heterosexual ten-toes-up-ten-toes-down style has tried to avoid letting the rest of the world learn too much about it.

But difficult isn’t impossible, and this weekend, Snow Mercy comes to Stockroom University to teach some of that history. In The History of the Dominatrix, Snow is going to look at dominant women throughout the last 500 years. She gave us a little preview of the material that she’s going to cover:

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Rigger Damon Pierce On Using Alternative Armbinding Techniques to Suit Your Partner and Pleasure


Longtime rigger and film director Damon Pierce will be coming to Stockroom University this weekend to present a class on Alternative Arm Binds. This class is more than one more teaching you a new series of knots; to Pierce, it’s essential to good and pleasurable bondage that kinksters don’t get too hung up on how to do things “the right way” and remember that our partners’ bodies have different abilities and different pleasures that aren’t necessarily covered in any of the numerous manuals or instructional videos that are available. The right way to do it, he says, is the way that makes it a pleasurable experience for the people involved. We had a quick conversation with him about why (and how) bondage lovers need to look more closely at the bodies in front of them instead of focusing too closely on the “one true way.”

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