We’ve Declared October National Kink Month!

October is National Kink MonthAs the internet’s first known sex toy store, The Stockroom takes its role pioneering better sex very seriously. That’s why we’ve declared October to be the first annual National Kink Month!

Kink Month is a time for The Stockroom to share the decades of experience we’ve earned designing, making, and selling some of the most innovative fetish equipment on the market today. All October long, we’ll combine weekly sales on our most popular bondage gear and BDSM toys with blog posts giving you fun tips and tricks for using products featured that week.

It’s a public education campaign – but one that we hope appeals as much to seasoned BDSM players looking to extend their repertoire as it does to beginners curious about incorporating fetish roleplay into their lovelife.

Don’t miss the chance to save on great gear and learn wicked new ways to use it! Product categories on sale change weekly… check the National Kink Month Sale on Stockroom.com for the latest budget friendly deals on bondage restraints, chastity belts and devices, whips, toys for couples, CBT gear, and other kinky toys.

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