How to Use a Butt Plug

To kick off National Kink Month, we’re having a sale on on some of our favorite rope bondage gear and how -to books, as well as select anal toys for both men and women. This week and every week through the end of October, we’re featuring tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week. This week, we’re going to give our helpful hints on using a butt plug.

Just like opinions, everyone has an asshole…which means that ass play should be universally enjoyable for anybody, so long as they learn how to do it comfortably and safely.

Butt plugs can be a great way to prepare for anal sex. They’re fun to wear during intercourse for both partners, and equally fun to wear masturbating alone. (Or for someone else.) They’re also a compelling means of teasing your partner, or keeping their attention engaged during roleplay.

Anal Trainer Kit on

The Anal Trainer Kit is great for beginners & anal pros.

Whether you’re new to using a butt plug or just want to increase your comfort and wear time with anal sex toys, these simple steps can help you have as much fun as possible:

    1. Buy the right kind of lube.
    Avoid wear and tear on tender tissues by using a thicker or longer-lasting personal lubricant. Silicone has good staying power and is condom-safe; cream lubes has an excellent texture, too, but make sure it isn’t oil based, or it will degrade latex condoms. Try a Lube Shooter to get lube in deep enough to smooth the way.
    2. Choosing the right butt plug:

    • Even if you have lots of practice, it’s best to start out easy with a smaller toy each time you play. Perfect for both beginners or to use as a warm-up, the Anal Trainer Kit is a set of 3 soft rubber butt plugs in graduated sizes.
    • If you want to be able to move around your house – or even go out in public – wearing a butt plug, make sure to either use a butt plug harness, or buy an anal toy that’s designed to stay in securely. For men, toys like the Trailer Hitch – which combines a butt plug with a cock ring that keeps the plug in place, and adds extra sensation. Anal beads and balls are other easy-to-move-in options that work equally well for both women and men.
    • Make sure all your butt toys are easily removable. Classic plugs have bases that keep them from slipping in too far, but other anal toys should have a string or ring to pull so they don’t get lost.
    3. Clean up before you play:
    Preparation makes anal sex or using a butt plug will make you less self-conscious and everything more sanitary. Wash yourself out in the shower with a douche set like the StreemMaster or Shur Shot, or use a more conveniently sized bulb style anal douche. Make sure to lubricate the nozzle before you use it, and wash your douche set thoroughly after each use with antibacterial soap and warm water.
    4. Make sure to relax:
    When you’re first putting in a butt plug or other anal toy, being relaxed enough can be just as important to your comfort as using the right lube. One simple way to relax your muscles sufficiently is to take a deep breath when your toy is poised in place; then push the butt plug in slowly as you breathe outward. If you need to, stop to inhale; then start pushing again as you exhale a second time. If you feel pain or cramping, slow down! If the pain doesn’t ease immediately, it can help to remove the toy entirely; take another deep breath; then reinsert the plug as you breathe out again.
    5. Hygiene and cleaning:
    Always wash anal toys thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water when you’re through playing, and let them air dry completely before storing. To prevent infection, never share unsanitized toys between partners, or move a toy from the ass to the vagina.
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1 comment to How to Use a Butt Plug

  • Good piece of writing here :) It’s also very important to note that silicone lube and silicone toys do not get along. Oil based destroys pretty much everything, and silicone based can be used with vinyl toys but not silicone toys. Just to make sure you don’t have a melting plug in you ass!

    And you couldn’t be more right about relaxing! You just need to control your body enough to allow it to relax (and DONT do it if it hurts!)

    Keep it up!

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