CatalystCon 2014

As an out-and-proud sex nerd, attending CatalystCon for the first time was a mind-blowing experience. With seminars entitled “Slut Shaming: The Clash Between Sexuality and a Sex-Negative Culture,” and “ECOSEX! Make The Earth Your Lover: Heat Up Your Sex Life as You Slow Global Warming,” and “Sex Toys: Past, Present and Future,” my two days of CatalystCon were jam packed with learning! It was kind of like being back in college except instead of talking about sex in secret, everyone there was talking about sex publicly in an amazing and open setting. Instead of a notebook full of penis doodles, I left with a notebook full of great information about all different facets of human sexuality (okay, and a few penis doodles.)

The seminars were led by some of the biggest names at the forefront of sexual education and sexual expression; Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Cunning Minx, and too many other luminaries to name. It took a lot of restraint to not go full blown fan girl on some of my favorites (although I did wind up stopping Annie Sprinkle in the bathroom to take a photo.)

In the hospitality lounge, Wet Lubes had a full blown lube lab where you could try out different types of lubricants and offer up an opinion on your favorite. There was also a table full of books for sale by attending authors where I met tons of other kinky folks browsing tantalizing books about tales of sexual adventures, useful bedroom tricks, and how to safely and successfully fulfill your fetishes. I left CatalystCon a little nerdier, a little kinkier, and filled with a new appreciation for all of our amazing sex educators!

Check out this video from CatalystCon East to hear what Del Tashlin, Sex Nerd Sandra and others had to say about their fetishes, the kinkiest thing they’ve ever done and their secret sex tip! I cannot wait to get my geek on again next year! #CCONforlife

The Stockroom Sinks Its Teeth Into Dragula

No one throws a party like the Boulet Brothers, and our diabolical party crew was thrilled to dance the night away at their One Year Dragula Anniversary party!

A huge thanks to everyone that came out and made this the best Dragula yet!

Puppy Love In The Dog Days of Summer

Our pair of playful pups got a little frisky when we let them off-leash during a recent shoot featuring our new K9 Muzzle!

In celebration of Throwback Thursday, we offer this gem from the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas from January: The first meeting of our canine couple, The Captain and Annie Cruz! Enjoy watching as they (figuratively) sniff each other’s butts!

Not enough to bring you to heel? Find a whole kennel-full of great deals on puppy play gear: It’s our Dog Days Sale – only through September 2!

V Nixie for Syren Latex!

The lovely and charming V Nixie stopped by our studios to play dress up with some of our most colorful original latex designs!

Get the looks she rocks in this video in the colors you want on!

Varsity Socks
Latex Leggings
Latex Sports Top
Zippered Latex Halter with Optional Side Panel
Latex Hot Pants
Latex Cropped T-Shirt
Cheerleader Skirt
Cheeky Panty
Women’s Tank Top

The Dirty Duo Impact Play In Vegas!

It’s Throwback Thursday and what better way to celebrate than with this video from this year’s AEE in Las Vegas with Annie Cruz and Juanito Blanco in their Dirty Duo guises!

Looking for the tantalizing toys featured in this video?

18″ Basic Suede Flogger

Gentle Persuasions Paddle

Daddy’s Belt

24″ Basic Leather Flogger

Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit

Lauren WK for The Stockroom – Behind the Scenes

The amazing and lovely Lauren WK stopped by recently to shoot some of our new and classic gear, and we couldn’t resist getting a few candid shots of our own behind the scenes! Enjoy:

You can follow Lauren on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

A Night At The Circus

Okay, it was actually the latest Black Unicorn theme party Psycho Sex Circus, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t bring all the three-ring magic we could muster to the soirée!

The Stockroom was out in full force with our usual bag of tricks and treats, including a full spanking station with a St. Andrew’s Cross, riding crops, paddles, and floggers for some big time big top fun.


The Stockroom Sizzles At Artopia!

Someone left the keys to our cage in easy reach on Thursday, and so The Stockroom crew was able to sneak out and crash LA Weekly’s second annual Artopia party in Downtown LA!

We had a blast, as did everyone else who ventured out in the face of an infernal heat wave to experience the best that LA has to offer! We met a ton of fans – and made some new ones – all while getting to oogle the bodacious bodies at Bohemian Society’s Peep Show, and sway to the sounds of Dublab providing the soundtrack to a sweltering (pre) summer night!

Wherever we go we bring a great bag of tricks with us, along with tons of sexy giveaways, and some great contest prizes! Want to keep up to date with our comings and goings? Sign up for our weekly newsletter for all the latest and greatest we have to offer!

Inside 2809 1/2 with Joanna Angel

Alt Porn Queen Joanna Angel shares her love for latex and butt plugs inside our Stockroom/Syren Los Angeles Boutique.

Featured Syren Latex fashions:

Latex Catsuit w/ Back Zip $410
Sleek and luscious describes this woman’s full latex catsuit with long sleeves and an all-around 3-way zipper down the back.

Latex Trench Coat $548
The length of this trench coat from shoulder to hem is 40 inches and from shoulder to back hem 42 inches. The collar, lapels, cuffs, and hem of this garment are made from the same 25 gauge latex, while the belt is made of 20 gauge latex. All are available in a contrasting color to the body of the jacket.

Latex Swing Dress $243
Looking for something luscious for a fuller figure? This cut complements any body type. The fitted scoop neck torso flatters the bust, while the loose cut of the dress skirt plays well off of supple hips.

Halter Dress $238
The perfect little black (latex) dress, versatile and elegant enough to wear out to events where other latex clothing might come across as too extreme. Wear it to any nightclub – we guarantee you’ll turn heads!

Rubber Muir Cap $149
Based on an authentic WWII design. This swell rubber cap is equally attractive on both men and women. Think of it as a catchy accessory to add a sexy spark to everyday wear, or as the crowning glory of your ultimate rubber military outfit.

Latex Boobie Dress $289
It’s not hard to figure out what this dress puts on display. Featuring a wide teardrop cutout from the laced collar to well below the collarbone, this dress was made to put the girls front and center.

Featured Products from The Stockroom:

Angel Heart Glass Dildo $50
This sceptre style toy is crowned by a heart shaped end filled with sparkling silver glitter suspended inside, and the handle is made up of three bubbled sections that are fully insertable to create a variety of sensations.

Swarovski Crystal Jeweled Butt Plugs $79-$139
A jeweled anal plug with Swarovski crystal makes anal play even more fun by adding glamour and bling. Each of these anal plugs is exquisitely designed and constructed from smooth and shiny stainless steel.

Syren Latex and Stockroom present Laganja Estranja

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant and show stopping death dropper Laganja Estranja in “Scarlett Siren” – a mini film noir.

What did she wear?

A fully custom, head-to-toe Syren Latex ensemble: mini beret with pheasant feather, driving gloves, waist cincher, cross over body suit – all totally couture!
She left a lasting impression on us all with her jaw dropping glamour, talent and personality.

We adore you Laganja, OKAYYY!?!

We will be releasing designs inspired by Laganja’s ensemble this season! Stay abreast of all our fashions on!