Spotlight Review: Glass Strokers – A Stockroom Exclusive!

New Glass Strokers available exclusively from The Stockroom in 2 styles - Barrel and Knobby

The clear choice in men’s masturbation toys

One of the benefits of being a company devoted to bringing customers “all the best in sexual technology” is that we frequently find ourselves leading the market with new toys whose appearance or functionality that more conservative companies would pass over without a second look. Here at The Stockroom, not only do we constantly seek new and interesting products, but we’re often sought out by small companies and creators  whose think our customers will be able to appreciate their latest innovation.

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Ernest Greene’s “Master of O” Makes Consensual Kink Sexy

Our latest release from Daedalus Publishing, Master of O by Ernest Greene, came out at one of the most interesting and appropriate times for a book about a D/s relationship. Thanks to the book and movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been more discussion of BDSM in the mainstream media than in years.

Master of O may bear some superficial similarity to Fifty Shades of Grey in that they both depict relationships between dominant men and submissive women. But one of the big differences between the two is that Ernest Greene gets the details of BDSM right. Most importantly, he gets the role of consent right.

Consent is the linchpin of kinky sex. Scratch that; it’s the linchpin of all sex. It’s what makes the difference between one scene that is pleasurable and intimate for all involved and another that is abusive and traumatic. Daedalus is proud to stand behind Master of O because the relationship depicted by Ernest Greene is a strong example of a D/s relationship built on enthusiastic consent. In Greene’s novel, BDSM is something that people do for mutual pleasure, not because they’ve been warped by bad childhoods or inner decadence.

“The stalking and spying and bickering that occurs in Fifty Shades in no way represents the process of negotiation by which legitimate consent is formulated,” Greene says. “No matter what roles people may choose to adopt for purposes of mutual enjoyment, for consent to be meaningful it must be an expression of mutual desire between equals. In Master of O I went out of my way to portray O’s pleasure in the acts in which she partook and the extent to which she and her master are otherwise very much equals. Both are experienced players with well-defined interests and clear boundaries. Both have, and exercise, the right to refuse those opportunities that don’t suit their tastes. Though their physical play is intense, it’s focused on shared pleasure and mutual respect.”

Unfortunately, this kind of careful thought about consent and mutual pleasure has been rare in the mainstream media’s coverage of BDSM lately.  It’s especially unfortunate because it’s the first thing that anyone should think about when they start to explore kinky sex.

Both Daedalus and Stockroom see getting the facts right about kink as the most essential part of our mission. We think that BDSM should not only be hot, but healthy. Master of O depicts some lush, glamorous fantasies; the new illustrated edition, which contains over forty full-color illustrations, gives them even more dimension and depth.


But whether inspired by Greene’s words or Fernando’s images, bringing those fantasies into the real world requires caution, respect, and a safe environment. It calls for an understanding of limits and mutual pleasure. Part of the beauty of Master of O is that it weaves those things into the fantasy.

For more reading on kink in the real world, we recommend checking out Midori’s Wild Side Sex, also available from Daedalus. Midori is one of the best educators in the field, knowledgeable and well-spoken both on technique and the ethics of kink. Wild Side Sex is a collection of essays that chronicle her own personal explorations in kink and give solid advice to people who are making their own journeys.

Buy all of these titles from Stockroom:

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Sneak A Peek At These Uncensored Images From The Illustrated Master of O!

Daedalus Publishing is proud to present an all new large format collector’s edition of Ernest Greene’s modern BDSM classic The Master of O. This special limited edition is printed on A4 (8.3in X 11.7in) paper and features 44 full-color illustrations from renowned fetish artist Fernando.

Enjoy these samples of the explicit full page illustrations that grace this impressive special edition!

Steven and O

Breast Flogging

Stop Giggling

Summary for The Illustrated Master of O:

Steven Diamond is an ace L.A. criminal lawyer with a roster of A-list clients affording him a life of lavish indulgence. A polished dominant with skills to match his appetites, he’s the silent partner in a highly exclusive club for connoisseurs of feminine submission. Exquisitely beautiful, rigorously trained sex slaves from all over the world await the opportunity to serve him. He seems to want for nothing. His orderly world is turned upside down, however, when his younger half-brother Ray, publisher of a slick kink-sex magazine, gifts him with the irresistible and enigmatic O.

She’s an accomplished photographer, sophisticated fetishist and passionate seeker of a master worthy of her total surrender. Captivated, Steven is determined to possess her totally at whatever cost, little knowing how dear that cost might be.

Set within the universe of contemporary Los Angeles, these three people and the colorful characters in their orbits act out a dramatic tale of erotic power at once familiar and exotic. Welcome to their distinctly modern world with all of its dark delights, shocking revelations and hidden challenges as seen for the first time from a dominant man’s perspective.

Order your copy today!

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Stoya In The New JT Signature Collection

The lovely Stoya dropped by our Silverlake boutique where we outfitted her in some luxurious handmade leather pieces from the JT Signature Collection.

Each piece in the JT Signature Collection is designed and assembled in our Los Angeles workshop from garment leather and gold-plated hardware personally selected and approved by The Stockroom’s founder and president, Joel Tucker.

Stoya wears the JT Signature collection wrist restraints, thigh restraints, ankle restraints, collar and leash in Bordeaux and gold.

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Skin Diamond in The Dave Navarro Line: The Strap

Rock ‘n Roll meets BDSM when Dave Navarro teams up with The Stockroom for the most advanced development in sexual technology and the first in the new Dave Navarro Line: The Strap.

Witness The Strap in action on set of our photo shoot with Skin Diamond

Don’t take our word for it – The Strap is now available for purchase from The Stockroom! The first 500 are available in a limited edition autographed by Dave Navarro himself at no extra charge!

Dave Navarro The Strap – $179.00
This stylish guitar strap quickly and easily transforms into a multi- purpose BDSM restraint. Use it as a two, three, or four-point restraint, a sex sling, and nearly endless possibilities.

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Our Men’s Dress Code: Straitjacket Required

We’ve tailored our patented Bolero Straitjacket design to fit the male frame with spectacular results! Every functional feature that garnered the original model acclaim and high demand remains intact, but is thoroughly designed and refined to improve the experience for the discerning gentleman.

The new model includes long, buckling leather straps which can be secured around a removable steel cock ring, attaching at three points, and meeting behind the back for seven points of restraint. The arm restraints of the straitjacket can be attached and secured with a strap on the chest, with the closed sleeves attached behind the back in the traditional style, or anchored to other objects for unique and creative bondage opportunities.

Each Bolero Straitjacket is made to order in our Los Angeles workshop according to the rigorous standards and quality assurance that is the hallmark of our creations. Designed to be attractive as well as functional, much care was put into creating clean lines to avoid the unsightly bulk and bulges of other straitjackets on the market.

Get your hands on – and in! – our newest leather luxury bondage garment, the Men’s Bolero Straitjacket today!

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Meet The Shredder Tank Harness – Our Newest Best Seller!

We have a favorite saying here at The Stockroom: “Nothing succeeds like excess.” Apparently many of you agree, as our brand spanking new tank harness – the rugged, distressed Shredder – has completely sold out in under 2 weeks; a new record for one of our original fetish wear pieces!

While we dearly love the Shredder, we acknowledge that a portion of the credit for its brisk business must be given to how stunning it looks on our most recent male model, James. James’ classic good looks and athletic physique have made him a new favorite face on our website and our latest ad campaigns. Expect to see a lot more of him in the future!

For the present, we’ll be busily cutting, sewing, slashing and riveting in our LA workshop to meet the demand for this one-of-a-kind creation. Order yours, today!

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The Peerless Punishment Package In Action

Peerless Punishment Package with Michael Vegas & Mischa Brooks
Two of our favorite porn stars not only show you what’s inside our most menacing set, they also put it to use!

Featured Product:

Peerless Punishment Package
Presenting the Peerless Punishment Package, a superlative set of top quality BDSM gear that would make the Marquis de Sade himself clear every other item from his wishlist.

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Give The Gift Of Pleasure With These Deluxe Gift Sets!

Gift Sets now available

We’ve been busy in our workshop, designing, modifying, perfecting, and testing to achieve the perfect recipe for our latest group of signature gift sets, and we’re very pleased to debut the beautiful results! All of our gift sets are available just in time to be received for holiday gift giving (as well as make amazing presents for almost any occasion).

Don't Come Knocking Stocking For Her

This is the perfect pleasure package for the lusty lady in your life. Wrapped up tight in this custom made leather stocking are two of our best selling sex toys for women (The amazing Stronic Eins from Fun Factory, and the small-but-mighty Iconic Bullet Vibe from Jimmyjane), Sliquid Organics lubricant, Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner, and a women’s Stockroom handcuff logo t-shirt. The moment she feels the powerful thrusts of the Stronic Eins, you can be sure that you’ll be on her thank you list for years to come.

Don't Come Knocking Stocking For Him

Don’t leave the boys out of the fun! This full service male masturbation kit includes the best selling Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator, Stroke 29 masturbation cream (If you’ve never tried this, trust us, it’s awesome!), The Unit-X cock ring, and a men’s Stockroom handcuff logo t-shirt packed neatly inside our custom created black leather stocking. Unwrap the magic and go to town!

Hanky Spanky Gift Set

Lovers of impact and sensation play are sure to fall head over heels for this deluxe kit featuring some of our most diverse disciplinary implements. It includes vampire gloves (choose your size), a suede flogger, a slapper, a daddy’s belt, and a paddle featuring two sides – one soft, black faux fur, one supple black leather. Every touch of the glove, every swat of the belt from this set is sure to elicit cries of “Thank you! May I have another?”

Your Ass Is Mine Gift Set

Taking control has never been easier. This luxury set of bondage gear was all handmade in our Los Angeles facility and promises to subdue accordingly. It features a ball gag, bondage straps, ankle and wrist cuffs, a collar, and a leash, all made of premium garment leather. To ensure complete control, we’ve also included plenty of locks and snap hooks. Keep your most prized possessions locked up good and tight!

Peerless Punishment Package Gift Set

For those prepared to go the full distance, we offer the supreme Stockroom deluxe gift set, a combination of our Hanky Spanky and Your Ass is Mine kits. This set has it all: from the premium garment leather ball gag, bondage straps, leash, cuffs, and collar, along with the hardware to connect and secure all of the restraints included. It also features our adjustable blindfold, vampire gloves, and a full contingent of our finest flogging, spanking, and punishment implements made in our Los Angeles workshop. This premium set comes in a beautiful high-gloss gift box with a magnetic lid closure, suitable for display and presentation, and is certain to impress even the most jaded kinkster on your gift list.

Anastasia Pierce Super Pack Gift Set

For a limited time, we are also offering an amazing deal on six of our hottest fetish DVD titles starring Anastasia Pierce. In this Anastasia Pierce Super Pack Gift Set, you’ll get 6 full length fetish films wrapped in a charming black satin bow, all for the incredible low price of $36 – that’s just $6 per DVD! Each set includes: Dirty Works, Fetish Instinct, Rapture, Born To Be Bad, Latex Dolls, and Mechanical Sex. This offer is only good while supplies last, and at this price, these sets are sure to be flying off the shelves!

Don’t forget to consult our Holiday Gift Guide for more great gift ideas, and shop our SEXmas Sale to save on all the sexiest specials of the holiday season!

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New Syren Latex Trench Coat


There are a few important pieces of clothing that every woman needs in her closet; A sexy black dress and a killer pair of heels, for instance. This sensual latex trench coat may be the perfect addition to those staples!

Made of sturdy 25 gauge latex and available in either the default solid black, or a variety of alluring colors and contrasting trims (by special order), you can feel like every bit the seductive woman you are as you wrap your body in latex and prepare for everything from simply completing a latex ensemble to bringing the naughty flasher game to the next level!

Introductory price of 20% off for a limited time only!


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