Stockroom Staff Picks: Our Personal BDSM Gear, Fetish Gear & Sex Toy Favorites Employee Favorites

Looking for new sex toys, bdsm gear or bondage restraints but want some expert opinions to make sure that you’re making the right choice? We’ve got you covered! Even outside the office, each of our expert staff enjoy as wide a range of kinky play and sexual interests as you do (or want to!), so we’re constantly using our products and testing new ones.

We asked all of our Stockroom employees, from our retail store clerks, to our purchasing department, and everyone in between, for their personal picks, and they couldn’t wait to share their favorite vibrators, bondage restraints, latex accessories and BDSM equipment and why they loved them.

Without further ado – check out the items that make us drool! But don’t just take our words for it: Try them (and the rest of our top quality gear and toys) for yourself at 20% off for a limited time with promo code FAVES at checkout!*

BrendanDark Prince of Marketing

Brendan has been in Stockroom’s Marketing Department for over 3 years. He loves predicament bondage and role playing. He also loves enforcing discipline for bad word play.

Rubber Wrist CuffsRubber Wrist Cuffs

I’m not all that keen on using leather gear, so it’s nice to have some animal-friendly options. I love the feel and functionality of these simple rubber cuffs. Instead of a buckle, these cuffs secure on the wrists with locks which make for extra secure bondage scenarios and not only do they clean easily and work great with all kinds of equipment, but they’re also made of nice quality, thick rubber which makes them super sturdy!




Flex Flicker WhipFlex Flicker Whip

I love this whip for variety of reasons but I especially like that it’s perfectly versatile, as well as flexible. It’s a dressage whip, so it’s ideal for pony play, but it also packs a wallop if you use it as a cane, which makes it one of my favorite implements to use for direction OR correctional needs! The loop on the handle also provides a really good grip during sessions and also makes it easy to hang for storage




Latex Executioner Hoodie• Latex Executioner Hoodie

This latex zip-up full face hoodie is probably one of the most unique latex items I’ve seen in a while. The jacket pairs perfectly with the latex track pants and together, this ensemble is the thing we carry that I most lust after. I love the playfulness and the menace. I’m definitely grabbing this as soon as I can!




LianneLusty Liaison of Purchasing

Here for the past 5+ years, Lianne has an eye for soft and girly beginner products. As the youngest member of the company she enjoys painless, easy to use, and easy to clean items.

Minna Ola • Minna Ola

This toy is simply fantastic and I just love that it comes in pink! The squeeze-bulb control for speed and intensity, along with the pattern replay function, make this waterproof wonder my new favorite plaything! I especially like its ergonomic shape, soft silicone feel and, as if that weren’t enough, it’s fully rechargeable and can be used for 5 hours on a single charge!




Kinklab Neoprene CuffsKinklab Neoprene Cuffs

I personally like that these cuffs are not intimidating and are perfect for beginners! The neoprene lining makes them super comfortable to wear. The adjustable Velcro straps also make them very easy to use and switch between ankles or wrists but best of all, you can’t beat that you can throw these in the washer when you’re done playing.




Vibratex Dreamboat Remote Control VibratorVibratex Dreamboat Remote Control Vibrator

This 3-in-1 toy is a must have and is perfect if you’re looking for a combination of G-spot, clitoral and light anal stimulation! I just love the compact design and its easy to use remote control, which is perfect when trying to be discreet. It’s also very easy to clean and is Phthalate-free!




DonovanCunning Clerk of Retail Sales

As a retail sales associate Donovan enjoys working directly with customers, and helping them connect to the local scene.  “There is nothing quite like having gear in your hands and feeling the quality for yourself”. He is quite fond of impact toys, electrosex, and hoods. Here are some of his recent favorites.

Kinklab Bedspread Under Bed Bondage StrapsKinklab Bedspread Under Bed Bondage Straps

This thing is a go to item! The straps quickly transform any bed into a bondage play station, no worries about bed posts or tying off to bed frames, just slip it between the mattress and box springs and your ready to go. The hardware is quick and solid, and best of all the thing slips into a suitcase and is great for hotels and vacations.




Kinklab Red and Black Neon WandKinklab Neon Wand, Red and Black

Let the sparks fly! The crackle and anticipation of the jolt of electricity makes your senses come alive. Add a Power Tripper, and you have an electric touch, great for use with a Wartenberg Pinwheel, mylar flogger, or any metallic object such as a normal fork. It’s like being a super villain.




Diamondback Braided Whip• Diamondback Braided Whip

This whip is a great tool to have on hand- it has a nice weight to it that makes swings and slaps easy, but the shape let’s you give a hit without leaving too many marks or lingering stings for those that aren’t into a high level of pain. It also has an attached loop on the end that makes it easy to hang and store when you’re done playing!




GermanMerciless Master of Marketing

A 7 year veteran of the company, as well as Stockroom’s Marketing & Customer Service Manager, German has a broad knowledge of the range of gear and toys that appeal to fetish & kink enthusiasts.

Hemp RopeHemp Rope

Definitely some of the nicest hemp rope I have come across. It’s soft to the touch (even for hemp rope!) and comes in multiple widths and colors, allowing you to get creative with your rope bondage, from CBT to suspension, to everything in between, this rope is versatile and of the highest quality around. Personally, I love the look of the look of the natural color, which works well with most skin tones!




Heavy Duty Steel Wrist CuffsHeavy Duty Steel Wrist Cuffs

These are probably the most stylish set of fully functional metal wrist cuffs we carry! I especially like the hex key closure mechanism which is fast, easy to use, fully secure and requires zero locks. The high polished look is even better in person! Complete the set with the matching ankle cuffs for an extra special slave aesthetic visual.




Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Dildo Harness• Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Dildo Harness

This is one pretty cool toy accessory! Incorporating it into a rope bondage scene definitely makes for a uniquely pleasurable experience on both ends. One of the great things is the ability to use any Vac-U-Lock accessory such as the Vac-U-Lock Thin Natural Dong or the Vac-U-Lock Pink Jelly Probe




EddieRigorous Retail Overseer

Aside from being Stockroom’s retail store manager for the past 4 years, Eddie is also a prolific player in the LA leather community, as well as a former title holder. He has been a member of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for the past 11 years and goes by the name of ‘Sister Erotica Psychotica, the Avant Guardian of the Nasty Habit’

Rubber ApronRubber Apron

We make two versions of this hot piece of fetish wear. I love both, but prefer the one with the cockhole and pocket for extra quick and easy access! The apron looks great with pretty much any ensemble from a full fetish outfit to a simple jeans and t-shirt look, but I’m a pretty big fan of the way it looks with absolutely nothing else but a pair of boots!




Spandex Hood with Blindfold and Mouth HoleSpandex Hood w/ Blindfold and Mouth Hole

Sensory deprivation can be super hot. Cut off one sense and the rest are heightened. That’s one of the many reasons I love this hood. It covers everything but your mouth for easy-access and lots of possibilities and the soft, stretchy material actually makes it really comfortable to wear.




Pig Sling with Stirrups • Pig Sling with Stirrups

This sling is simply amazing and perfect for finding lots of fun positions and experimenting with angles. I like the fact that it’s made of a flexible and super easy-to-clean material, which means you don’t have to worry about making a mess while having fun- it just wipes clean and rolls up for easy storage when you’re done! The D-rings points also make it easy for you to attach chains and hook it up to a sling stand, bed frame or to a ceiling system if you’re a heavy player!




AlyssaDominating Diva of Purchasing

Although Alyssa, a 6+ year veteran of Stockroom, currently works in Purchasing, her earlier work in the latex department helped in the beginnings of her lifelong love for latex, which she wears as often as possible. She’s a fan of high-quality lifestyle toys and is hands-on in the choosing of many of the products Stockroom sells today!

Opera Length Latex Gloves • Opera Length Latex Gloves

I love latex, and I love this combination of formal and fetish attire! These gloves fit every evening I can imagine, whether it’s a fancy party or a medical fetish scene! They give you the option to dress up for public, while still indulging in your kinky ways.





Double Ratchet Dental RetractorDouble Ratchet Dental Retractor

I really enjoy this fantastic piece of gear because it looks like something out of an early 20th century medical scene, which makes it perfect for playing evil doctor or just menacing your sub with! The attractive stainless steel design makes it one of my favorite toys in my medical collection. Not only do I love using it on others, but it also looks great just sitting on my display shelf, in a stylish and threatening manner.




Ultimate AsslockUltimate Asslock

I consider this to be one of those really special pieces equipment that is fully functional and will keep any sub in line, even when used as a simple threat! The medieval steel design is really cool looking and is unlike any other chastity device I have come across. I especially like that it can be locked in place and has a prominent stem that makes sitting nearly impossible, which tells you it’s really made for extremes- and is one of the reasons I absolutely love this piece!




Check out more of our staff picks for even more recommended BDSM gear and sex toys!

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Buxom & Beautiful: Fetish Wear for Plush Girls

I step out of the dark, hot nightclub into the cold air of New York City. My latex dress reflects the streetlights. I feel sexy. I’m hot and my body is wet with sweat from the dance floor, but I throw my wrap around me. The temperature of this material changes with my environment and chills quickly. I can hardly wait to get home so my lover can heat it up again.

The dress itself is almost a sexual experience. With the nature of the material, it’s difficult to get in and out of it alone, forcing you to invite someone to assist you in dressing and undressing. Once it’s on, they can buff your body to a gleaming shine.

Latex is giving yet snug. It stretches, and the amount of stretch is dependent on how thick the material may be. You’ll look like you have been dipped in a candy coating, your curves accentuated. It’s like a second, more flawless skin. It’s beautiful. Leather wear on the other hand gets better with time, changing the shape of the garment to fit you, as they say, like a glove.

That’s what I love about fetish wear, whatever your sexual inclinations are, dressing can bring them out. What you wear can be used as an expression of your desires. Changing your attire can mean changing your mindset.

Don’t be shy to dress. There is no human body that is perfect. Learn to love what you are. Look at me, I’m buxom. I dress this body so that I feel as sexy as I am. It works. So to my curvy femmes out there, here are some tips.


The dress I wore that night was the short and daring Swing Dress in black. It leaves plenty of room for my hips and bust. It is perfect for wearing with a corset under or over the dress. You’ll have a real hourglass shape while you billow out the top.

Some other dresses I lust after? This dress and this dress. Both have that circle skirt design that I love. And this zipper dress also has a world of possibilities because you can unzip the bust and hips to make adjustments for luscious curves.

I love to wear my dresses short, so there is just the possibility of a sneak peek up my skirt. It also makes my legs look longer. This means wearing cute panties, just in case there is a photo op! These lace-up panties and these frilly panties fit the bill, depending upon what kind of mood you might be in.

I wear my stocking high on my thighs so they don’t cut into the meat on my thighs. I love these fishnets with no elastic at the top. Wear a little petticoat under a flared dress for more dramatic hip curves.

A quick way to bring fetish fair to a classic black look, I have recently taken a liking to arm gauntlets in rubber, leather or lace-up styles. You might consider adding a dramatic leather collar to an opera dress. These little tricks will have you ready to storm any fetish party with style.

One of the many things that makes me love Stockroom is they stock larger sizes (for people of every gender) when available. It means those of us with hips, thighs, ass and tits can find the quality we deserve.

Electro Sex: Tingling to Intense Sensation, for New to Advanced Players

I’m kinky, for sure. But when I was asked to explore the KinkLab Neon Wand® Electrosex Kit I was intimidated.

This is a toy that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin and it is visually stunning. It plays with your senses. When you turn it on, the glass attachments (also called electrodes) glow violet or red. Watching the electricity dance inside the glass tubes and on the skin is totally mesmerizing.  Turn the lights down low and the glow is more intense. It is a beautiful way to amplify your lover’s anticipation, be it fear or excitement.

The wand itself is plastic and comes neatly packed in a case. Each glass attachment sits safely in its own foam compartment. I love the little user manual that comes with it. The manual clearly outlines safety, care and play. All you have to do is pick the attachment of your choice, pop it in the end of the wand, plug the wand in, turn it on and you are ready to play. So simple.

The static electric sensations it delivers can go from subtle, warm and tingly, to focus, intense and even painful. You control how much sensation you want to deliver. There are a couple of reasons why the sensations can vary so greatly. First you have a setting dial on the wand itself. Second, the attachment you choose will also have an impact on the intensity.

The larger the attachment, the less sensation it gives because the electricity is spread out over the surface of the skin. So the comb shaped electrode delivers the least amount of sensation, while the 90° Probe is the most intense because the pointed tip delivers all the focus to one pin-pointed spot. The kit comes with four electrodes to choose from. There are three more electrodes sold separately.

You can play with the dial, attachments, how close you are to your partner’s skin and see for yourself. You can also amp the sensation up even more by applying massage oil or lotion to the skin.

Take it all a few steps further by adding the Power Tripper to your kit. Pop the end of the Power Tripper into your wand, tuck the metal disk into your bra, panties, boot or wherever it can sit flush to your skin, and then you become the conductor of sensation. Use your fingertips, your tongue or nipples to create sparks between you and your lover. Hold a metal toy (like a Wartenberg Pinwheel) in your hands and it becomes your conductor. The possibilities are endless.

I love the variable settings, it’s light weight in my hands and when compared to comparable items, it feel less fragile. In terms of hygiene, you never have to touch the other person’s skin, or if you do touch skin you can swab it down with 75% alcohol. After a little research, an easy user manual, and a very willing guinea pig to explore with- I am a total convert!

Pair it with some restraints or a blindfold and watch your lover squirm with the sensations.


My First Ball Gag

It changed my entire relationship with sex.

It may sound outlandish, but it’s true. I had plenty of kink inspired thoughts and play, but a gag? It had never even entered my sexual imagination. Until one day he sent me a text that simply read, “Buy a gag.” He gave me no other instructions.

I poured over this very website and explored the possibilities. Ball gags, bit gags, ring gags… where to start?

I remember a conversation with a friend, she told me she bought a cheap gag in a sex shop and the ball was made of some kind of plastic that smelled horrible and tasted worse. This is why I came to Stockroom, I could trust that they knew more about quality kink products than I did.

Many of the gags come in various sizes, I decided something smaller would be easier for me to wear, and because he gave me no instructions, I took the easy way out! Finally, I picked leather over rubber straps as I am attracted to the scent and knew I would wear this on my face. I choose a simple black leather ball gag.

KinkLab's Pink Rubber Ball Gag is perfect for classic bondage scenes

I emailed him when the package arrived. He instructed me to carry my new gag, still sealed in the package, in my purse. And I did. For weeks. It went with me everywhere, just as he instructed. If we met for drinks he would ask me if I had it with me, but for weeks he did not ask to see it or use it. But I knew he might pop up at any time and ask for it. I did not want to disappoint him.

More time passed. Finally I went to him and asked, “When will we use this gag?”

He had done it. He had embedded the object deeply into my imagination. Now I was asking for it. That’s what he was waiting for.

The first time he buckled it onto me, it felt like a gift. It was more comfortable than I imagined. I was enamored with the sound of the buckle. He spun me around and looked into my eyes and there was this electricity. Here I was deprived of my voice but other expressions took its place. Eye contact, body language, and uncontrollably, saliva began to pool in my mouth and drop from my lips in long strings. My lust, it was undeniable.

So how did my ball gag change my relationship with sex? From that day on I have learned to keep my mind open. I feel like there must be a million other things that have not reached my sexual imagination but may light me up in new ways. I don’t need to have a fetish for the object itself, but stay open to the experience it may create with another.

Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on this week we’re featuring some of our favorite bondage restraints and gear. All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.