Stockroom Holiday Gift Guide

Along with the traditional elements such as sucking down eggnog and creating elaborate contingency diagrams for avoiding awkward exchanges with your relatives at family get-togethers, the holiday season is also about giving to your loved ones to show that you care and stuffing their stockings with something special…but where to begin?

We’d love to help you figure out how to find that perfect gift for that perfect person, so we’ve put together a collection of items sure to put a twinkle in the eye of the ones you adore.

Corporal Punishment was always a loose cannon. That’s why the brass left him to die in a tiger cage somewhere in the Samangan Province of Afghanistan. But he came back, and now he’s here to dispense justice with the aid of his trusty Fuck Saw and other implements of militant sexuality. Will his enhanced interrogation methods give him the response he craves – or can you resist his efforts to break you?
  • Fuck Saw
  • Prisoner Belt
  • Rubber Muir Cap
  • Rattan Cane (On Sale Now!)

Candy is dandy- so why not give your lover a treat? Turn the lights down low, get the sexy silk linens out of the closet, pour yourself a nice glass of Courvoisier and you’re in for a sticky sweet night of fun.
  • Patent Leather Bow Restraint (On Sale Now!)
  • Jawbreaker Gag
  • Body Wax Massage Candles (On Sale Now!)

Ladies, why settle for equality when you can have authority? Make him take it like a man with these tools for unleashing your inner goddess, whom, after centuries of subjugation, is doubtless in the mood for a little tussle.
  • Expert Guide to Pegging DVD
  • Ball Buster Paddle
  • Bend Over Harness Kit (On Sale Now!)

Dashing through the snow in nothing but a smile is one creative way to enjoy some holiday CBT cheer, but your neighbors might not be super thrilled. Might we instead suggest keeping warm indoors by the fire and playing with these stern cock and ball toys. These items will grip you vice tight with pleasure, instead of the cold steel of the policeman’s handcuffs as you get carted away for public indecency over a “snow-related misunderstanding”
  • Silicone Stud Lasso (On Sale Now!)
  • Well of Misery (On Sale Now!)
  • Torquemada Ball Crusher

Worried your slave might wander into the night and get taken to the stray sub’s den of inequity, adopted by some other mistress or master for their holiday harem? Make them jingle all the way with these melodious accessories. And remember, every time your slave gets a swat, an angel gets its wings.
  • Nipple Clamp w/ Bell
  • Metal Anklet w/ Slave Bells
  • Dancer’s Waist Chain w/ Slave Bells

Free BDSM Class in Los Angeles on Nov 7th For E! Network

Stockroom/Syren is hosting a free BDSM 101 workshop on Wednesday, November 7 from 7:30-9:30 pm at 2811 West Sunset Blvd. in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles (next door to the boutique). If you’ve caught “50 Shades” fever and want a hands-on introduction to the practices of bondage and play; please join us for a fun and informative evening.

**NOTICE: The workshop will be taped for an E! Network special about BDSM, so you must be willing to be on camera. Please RSVP with a very short description of yourself (name, age, line of work, background) to: or

BDSM 101
Facilitated by James Ross –
The 1st steps into BDSM are often the most frightening and the most exciting many people experience. How does one gain the confidence necessary, while still enjoying the novelty of it all? Bondage – Discipline, Dominant – Submissive, Sadism – Masochism. This class is designed for beginners and offers you an opportunity to explore (either as Top, Bottom, or both) many parts of the wide spectrum that is Safe, Sane, & Consensual BDSM. Accomplished players will also be able to learn safety aspects of play they may never have experienced.

Master James Ross

James Ross is a classically trained lifestyle dominant male Leatherman who’s been in the scene since 1977. Trained as a slave and progressing from that to trainer, he is now a Master with slaves and submissive of different sexualities.
• Presenter for AIDS Committee of Toronto’s Safer SM Project 1995-99
• Panel Member Thunder in the Mountains Denver, CO 1999
• Volunteer Dungeon Master – Mister Toronto Leather 2000
• Presenter and Panel Member at Masters and slaves Together in Atlanta, GA 1999
• Volunteer Living in Leather Fort Lauderdale, FL 1999
• Presenter at Rio Grande Leather, Albuquerque, NM 2005, 2009
• Presenter El Paso, TX 2000-2006
• Presenter Los Angeles, CA 2007-Present
• Co-Founder LA Kink Exploration Society Los Angeles, CA 2008
• Member of Lair de Sade, Los Angeles, CA 2007-Present
• Mentor Garden of Heathens Los Angeles, CA 2010
• Attendee of Leather and Kink events since 1994 across North America
Percussion/Impact Play, Single Tail, Rope Bondage, Leather Restraints, Nipple Training, Penetration, Anal Toys, Vibrators, Orgasm Training, Master/slave, & Leather Lifestyle

All attendees of the workshop will receive 15% off in-store purchases* and have the opportunity to receive a guided tour of the Stockroom/Syren facilities!

*Some restrictions apply. In Store Discount good for registered class attendees only on Nov 7, 2012. Some items may not be eligible for discounts.

We’ve Declared October National Kink Month!

October is National Kink MonthAs the internet’s first known sex toy store, The Stockroom takes its role pioneering better sex very seriously. That’s why we’ve declared October to be the first annual National Kink Month!

Kink Month is a time for The Stockroom to share the decades of experience we’ve earned designing, making, and selling some of the most innovative fetish equipment on the market today. All October long, we’ll combine weekly sales on our most popular bondage gear and BDSM toys with blog posts giving you fun tips and tricks for using products featured that week.

It’s a public education campaign – but one that we hope appeals as much to seasoned BDSM players looking to extend their repertoire as it does to beginners curious about incorporating fetish roleplay into their lovelife.

Don’t miss the chance to save on great gear and learn wicked new ways to use it! Product categories on sale change weekly… check the National Kink Month Sale on for the latest budget friendly deals on bondage restraints, chastity belts and devices, whips, toys for couples, CBT gear, and other kinky toys.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more fun!

Stockroom at Folsom Street Fair 2012


Once  again, Stockroom will be vending proudly at the infamous and fabulous San Francisco Folsom Street Fair on Sun, Sept 23rd.

We’ll be set up between 9th Street & Dore Alley (near the Boot Black stations) at booths 913-920.

You can find a map of the fair layout to help you find us here:

We’ll be bringing out all our goodies: cock toys, latex clothing, lubes and lotions, lock ups and tie-downs and so much more. Stock up on sexy stuff for the Folsom Fair, or for after-party play!

We can’t wait to see all your deviant faces (and the rest of you) there!


Dark Knight XXX Porn Parody News!

The porn director known for lavish costuming, sets, detail and storylines, Axel Braun is doing it again with the upcoming release of Dark Knight XXX.

I’ll spare you the “something is rising” pun and get right into the dirty details.

We’ve had Batman/Dark Knight porn parodies before but none compare to the awesome that is Braun’s vision (complete with loved characters you won’t even find in the mainstream version). Critics and reviewers have been describing certain aspects (*coughCatWomencough*) as possibly better that the actual, mainstream film!

There’s unfortunately no official site for me to link you to for full details on this film, but I’ll gladly share with you cast photos and the epic trailer.

Giovanni Francesco as Batman / Bruce Wayne, Penny Pax as Batgirl, Andy San Dimas as Kathy Kane, Dani Jensen as Poison Ivy, Aiden Ashley as Catwoman, Christy Mack as Zatanna, Derrick Pierce as Bane, Brendan Miller as the Joker, Tom Byron as James Gordon, Brian StreetTeam as Nightwing, and Clarke Kent as John Constantine.

Trailer can be found here-

In case you were curious, this film is set to release July 20th, exactly the same date as the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s official version. Celebrate by going to see Nolan’s version in theaters, then go home and finish the Bat-tastic night off right with Braun’s version.


Giovanni Francesco as Batman


Aiden Ashley as Catwoman

Derrick Pierce as Bane, with director Axel Braun

Dani Jensen as Poison Ivy

Brendon Miller as The Joker

May is National Masturbation Month!


Not that we need an excuse  to stick our hands in our pants on a regular basis, but May is National Masturbation Month.

National Masturbation Month was created by the Good Vibrations retail store in San Francisco following the firing of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for suggesting that information about masturbation should be included in sex education courses.

Although it originally started as a form of protest and social activism, it has quickly evolved into an overall campaign to promote sexual health and the benefits of “doin’ it yourself”. No longer should people be ashamed of taking hold of their own bodies and experiencing pleasure and discovery!

In 1999, the Masturbate-a-thon was started as a sexual health fundraiser and sexual health awareness campaign and has quickly spread across the country and even the globe. Check out the stats on some of these events here!

Masturbation not only feels great, but it lets you discover all your specific buttons and hot spots to share with others, is a great stress reliever, helps with ejaculation control, boosts your sexual confidence, promotes prostate health, and can even help with stabilizing your overall mood due to depression, insomnia and PMS symptoms!

What does that mean for you? Celebrate the holiday! Do it loud, do it proud, and get in touch with those sensitive bits betwixt your legs!

Give A Little, Gain A Little For Lent

Few things in life are as predictable as the arc of the season of Lent: Beginning with overindulgence on Mardi Gras, followed by a season of pensive reflection fueled by self-denial and watching fast food restaurants hype their fishwich offerings. One of the more popular Lenten sacrifices is sexual release.

Denial is, by definition, difficult. If it were easy to give something up, it wouldn’t be giving it up, it would just be not doing something, and not doing something is easy. Until someone tells you you can’t. Then that tiny little rebellious spark of desire starts to grow and grow and you end up on an all night fap-a-thon watching YouTube megamixes of L’eggs commercials from the ‘80s.

Don’t judge me.

But I digress. While we typically pride ourselves on being the apple-bearers of temptation and vice, we do also offer a stunning array of orgasm denial and chastity devices for your…um, pleasure seems like the wrong word here. Enjoyment? No. Just wait. It’ll come. You won’t, though.

Depending on what you’re into, we do offer a lot of options for keeping it on lockdown.

For short-term denial, try a head ring with the accurately named sperm stopper, or one of our more popular insertables, the Lightweight Solid Penis Plug.

The stylish Curve offers you the opportunity to lock up tight for extended wear and is perfect for the larger man.

Bon4 is a flexible silicone chastity toy for men that offers more comfort and discretion, but is tear proof and virtually impossible to get into without the key.

If what you’re looking for is a little tough love, the Spike Cage may be right for you. Sharp spikes line the inside of this metal chastity device, warning you that you’ll be punished for any extra excitement in your day.

The Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick lining offers a touch of comfort and a touch of pain at the same time. This zip-up pouch stuffs away the goodies, but is lined with sharp pin pricks to remind you to be a good boy.

At the other end (heh) is our array of anal chastity devices, including the terrifying Ultimate Asslock, which was featured on FX’s American Horror Story episode filmed in our own Silver Lake boutique.

We also offer several fashionable female chastity devices, though none are recommended for long term wear. We’re currently looking into possibilities in that area, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

We hope this list helps you with your goals this Lent! Good Luck!

11 Sex Toys Seemingly Designed to Ruin Sex

Today’s video comes from, known for their hilarious commentaries on a variety of completely random topics (Like the Luxury Sex Products List and the Totally True Sex Facts List).
We sexual deviants here at Stockroom see the “terrifying toys to torture your sex life” as simply fun stuff to have in your bedroom treasure chest. We like to think many of these are really designed to brighten up your sex life (although we’re a little unsure of the Pussy Snorkel)….

Please enjoy the video and when you’re done, head over to our site where you can stock up on all the “crazy” goods like the sperm stopper, parachute ball stretcher and the pleasure periscope.

What are some of your favorite “weird” sex toys? What are some toys that even you think are totally extreme?

Buck Angel Speaks Out About Girl Scout Boycott

You may have seen the articles and news stories floating around the internet this past week discussing the topic of a particular Girl Scout calling for a boycott of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookies on the basis of the organization allowing a transgendered child to join.

A good friend of Stockroom, adult actor, motivational speaker, educator and overall LGBT icon Buck Angel recently posted a video on the subject and we’d love to share it with all of you!

Casting Picks Announced for Wolverine XXX and X-Men XXX


Everyone has a little nerd in them. Don’t deny it. And nowadays, it’s cooler than ever to let your nerd flag fly. That’s why it feels so right to be seeing that the infamous Axel Braun has just started casting on his upcoming production of WOLVERINE XXX and X-MEN XXX.

We’re beside ourselves with pervy geek excitement over the casting of  some of the most highly anticipated characters in the film, which is bound to be one of the biggest porn releases of 2012!
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