The Stockroom's Permanence Retreat

What Is The Permanence Retreat?

Many people fantasize about living in permanent chastity, now we can help make it a reality. Announcing The Permanence Retreat, from The Stockroom. After serving the fetish community for 25 years with top quality BDSM Gear and sex toys, innovating new designs and pushing boundaries, we've decided to expand our offerings with our all new Permanence Collection, available only through our Permanance Retreat. The Permanence Retreat is not just permanent, it's FUN!

Your Retreat Experience

Choose from a 3, 4 or 5 day get-away with a selection of different options to create your ultimate experience.

  • Spa/Tourist Experience: Relax at our favorite local spas and indulge in local shopping/attractions
  • Dungeon Experience: Submit during sessions with our staff Domme Athena Fatale
  • Stockroom Slave Experience: For those who like to serve (and are good at writing and office tasks*) - SAVE 25%! (*proof of experience required)

The Permanence Retreat is all-inclusive, with luxurious accommodations and gourmet, handmade meals provided.

The Permanence Collection

The Permanence Collection™ © 2013 The Stockroom® feature the most premiere permanent male chastity devices available today. Select your choice of premium, medical-grade silicone or our patented titanium-blend permanent chastity devices. Each will be custom made for a perfect fit that will literally last a lifetime.

Coming soon: permanent female chastity devices - for more updates on these contact us!

The Permanence Collection - Permanent Male Chastity Devices

Attachment Procedures

We know chastity is a very personal commitment. That's why we offer 3 unique ways for your attachment procedure to be as enjoyable as possible.

  • Private: Feeling a little shy? Step inside a stand up booth (similar to a tanning booth) and robotic arms will discreetly attach it
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Domme! Keep it intimate - we'll guide them step by step to properly attach your new permanent chastity device
  • Staff Domme/Dom: Your choice of our Staff Domme Athena Fatale or company founder Joel Tucker will attach it for you, for a true Stockroom experience (additional charge)


The Stockroom's Permanence Retreat is in the heart of the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. Behind the walls of our upscale retail boutique lies our 30,000 square foot compound, including our offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouse and now home to our new Permanence Retreat Destination Resort and Permanent Chastity Attachment Procedure Center.

Enter The Stockroom's Retail Store and Begin Your Permanence Retreat!

Curious? Questions? Ready to Commit?

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