Best New Gear of the Year Part Three – Fetish Wear

2014 was one of the busiest years for our design team, and it shows with a huge selection of new original Stockroom leather fetish wear and Syren Latex pieces making their debut. Here’s a small sampling of our personal favorites from the last twelve months.

Shredder Tank Harness

Shredder Tank Harness – $150.00

Whether you’re just out to look great at the club or dress appropriately for a Mad Max fantasy scene, this top has got you covered…and appropriately uncovered!

Mistress Mask

Mistress Mask – $28.00

In the bedroom or at the ball, this mysterious mask will command attention and add an enigmatic air to your ensemble, making it the perfect fetish wear accessory for practically any occasion. It’s available in four colors (Black, White, Yellow, and Red) to compliment whatever you’re wearing, even if it’s nothing.

Vixen Stockings

Vixen Stockings – $195.00

The well-defined lines and classic back seam make this set of stockings the perfect frame for your gorgeous gams.

Beret with Petal Detail

Beret with Petal Detail – $70.00

A marvellously modern take on the classic beret. Think of the contrasting petal detail as the eye-catching jewel in this comely crown.

Apollo Harness

Apollo Men’s Harness – $90.00

This handsome harness takes its inspiration from ancient Roman military garb, and although it won’t particularly protect your neck in the event of gladiator attacks, its distinctive ornamentation is certain to turn heads wherever you suit up.

Zeta Jacket

Zeta Jacket – $350.00

Fearsomely fashionable, this heavy 30-gauge latex jacket with oversized industrial zipper is stunning zipped all the way up or left open to provide a daring asymmetrical accent to your favorite fitted evening dress.

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt

Lulu Micro Mini Skirt – $125.00

Sometimes less is more. If you’re looking for less length without sacrificing the thrill of frills, this pleated micro mini has got your name all over it.

Mercenary Suspenders

Mercenary Suspenders – $99.00

These comfortable and sturdy leather and nickel-plated steel suspenders look great as a top all on their own, and keep you in style while keeping your pants up…which will be a challenge if you wear them to the club 😉

Waist Cuff

Waist Cuff – $95.00

This heavy-duty 3-inch wide latex belt bridges the space between fetish and fashion with its nickel-plated attachment points and buckles while helping to create an enticing hourglass look that pairs beautifully with a catsuit, a skirt, or almost any piece of latex wear.

Mila Bra

Mila Bra – $109.50

Finally, a latex bra that provides the comfort and support of a conventional bra without sacrificing style. This is one of the most popular undergarments we’ve ever created, with good reason. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

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Our Men’s Dress Code: Straitjacket Required

We’ve tailored our patented Bolero Straitjacket design to fit the male frame with spectacular results! Every functional feature that garnered the original model acclaim and high demand remains intact, but is thoroughly designed and refined to improve the experience for the discerning gentleman.

The new model includes long, buckling leather straps which can be secured around a removable steel cock ring, attaching at three points, and meeting behind the back for seven points of restraint. The arm restraints of the straitjacket can be attached and secured with a strap on the chest, with the closed sleeves attached behind the back in the traditional style, or anchored to other objects for unique and creative bondage opportunities.

Each Bolero Straitjacket is made to order in our Los Angeles workshop according to the rigorous standards and quality assurance that is the hallmark of our creations. Designed to be attractive as well as functional, much care was put into creating clean lines to avoid the unsightly bulk and bulges of other straitjackets on the market.

Get your hands on – and in! – our newest leather luxury bondage garment, the Men’s Bolero Straitjacket today!

Syren Latex and Stockroom present Laganja Estranja

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant and show stopping death dropper Laganja Estranja in “Scarlett Siren” – a mini film noir.

What did she wear?

A fully custom, head-to-toe Syren Latex ensemble: mini beret with pheasant feather, driving gloves, waist cincher, cross over body suit – all totally couture!
She left a lasting impression on us all with her jaw dropping glamour, talent and personality.

We adore you Laganja, OKAYYY!?!

We will be releasing designs inspired by Laganja’s ensemble this season! Stay abreast of all our fashions on!

Inside 2809 1/2 with Laganja Estranja of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Laganja Estranja poses with O'Shay and Christina
Above: Laganja Estranja poses with Syren’s own O’Shay and Christina.

Stockroom and Syren’s Designer Oshay Nunn – a huge fan of LogoTV’s wildly popular RuPaul’s Drag Race — noticed various items from the 2809 1/2 Sunset Blvd boutique adorned by multiple queens in the super tease trailer for the sixth season of the competition.

Tagging a few and proudly tweeting about this surprise product placement resulted in LA’s own Laganja Estranja collaborating with Syren Latex in a soon to be released video.

The collaboration included a few visits for fittings, where Miss Laganja sans drag collaborated with our video team for an episode of Inside 2809½

Oshay, pattern maker Christina Wheeler, and the entire Syren Latex crew created a unique couture ensemble for Laganja which she wore for this dynamic short video.

Entitled “The Scarlett Siren” the art work created from the collaboration of designers, star and crew was inspired with a noir aesthetic.

What she wore? Mini beret with pheasant feather, driving gloves, waist cincher, cross over body suit – all totally couture! We will be releasing designs inspired by Laganja’s ensemble this season! Stay abreast of all our fashions on!

Kinky Costume Ideas #5: The Latex Mummy

Mummification fetishists enjoy the feeling of being tightly bound, restrained, and deprived of sensory input. Very few of them are actually the shambling corpses of cursed pharohs of old. We celebrate all walks of life (and un-life) here at The Stockroom.

Long ago in the steamy sex dungeons of ancient Egypt, a perverted priest placed an ancient and terrible fetish curse upon an unsuspecting pleasure slave. This Halloween, foolish archeologists broke the seal, unearthing the horror of…

The Latex Mummy

Get the gear – Become…The Latex Mummy!

Latex Bondage Strips $12.50-$52.00
These latex rubber bondage strips are often used for cock and ball bondage, blindfolding, or restraining. Each strip is lightly powdered with cornstarch to keep it dry, silky, and non-sticky. The thickness is 14 gauge.
Locking/Buckling White Wrist Cuffs $35.00
These cuffs will fit wrists measuring 5½” to 8″ around. A heavy-gauge D-ring provides a point of attachment. Locks can be added to the buckles for extra security, but are not necessary.
Locking/Buckling White Ankle Cuffs $49.00
Each white leather cuff has 2 locking buckles and a large D-ring. This design is innovative, sexy, secure, and comfortable. Each cuff is 2¼” wide, and fits an ankle from 6″ to 12½”.

Fake blood, makeup, and ancient talismans of unspeakable power are not available for purchase from The Stockroom at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience/eternal damnation.

Kinky Costume Ideas #4 – Doctor Demented

Doctor Demented

Sometimes there’s good reason to be afraid of the doctor! Put together a perfect prescription for medical-themed malfeasance with this frightening fetish fashion costume!

Deluxe Padded Medical Wrist Restraints

Leather Doctor Bag

Medieval Pinwheel

Black Speculum

Latex Executioner Hoodie

Men’s Latex Track Pants

How To Keep Your Latex Lustrous!

Not sure how to care for your new piece of latex clothing? Never fear: Here are five fast tips to keep your rubberwear looking its best.

1) Keep It Dark

UV exposure deteriorates natural latex, turning it powdery and brittle. Keep latex clothing out of the light – especially direct sunlight – as much as possible when it isn’t being worn. Store it in a cool dark place. You can cover it with black plastic trash bags on the hanger as an extra precaution when transporting items or storing them in your closet.

2) Mind Your Metals

Copper, nickel, brass, and bronze will stain or degrade rubber very quickly. Do not allow these metals to come into contact with your latex. Always wash hands after touching these metals before handling latex or the fingerprints may stain the rubber. Be aware of jewelry that may contains these metals as well. Oh, and only use plastic hangers to hang or store latex!

3) Oil Is Your Enemy

Use only silicone or water based lubes and shines for slipping into or polishing your latex. We highly recommend Pjur Cult dressing for slipping into and polishing your latex clothes.

4) Separate Your Leather

Leather contains oils and dyes that may contaminate your latex wear. Keep them stored separately! Use caution when combining leather and latex in your outfits. Keep an eye out for any rubbing off or bleed!

5) Always Wear & Wash

Rubber should be hand washed right after it’s worn, as natural skin oils – like any other oil – can damage latex if they stay on it too long. Fill a basin with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap, just enough to make a little foam. Do not use a heavy detergent soap or a washing machine. Do not rubber soak rubber. Agitate the item with your hands, followed by an immediate rinse in clean, cold water. For extra shine, use Vivishine for extra long lasting gloss to your wear!

Hang to air dry on a plastic hanger away from bright light. Once the outside is dry, turn it inside out to finish drying.

Kinky Costume Ideas #3 – Slippery Latex Cat Burglar

Become the sexy star of your own costumed crime caper, just like in that hit movie with the stunning starlet. You know the one we mean. What was it called?

Oh, right, “Burglar” with Whoopi Goldberg.

Wait, no, that wasn’t it…

Break into the hearts and fever-dreams of everyone you meet with this fetching feline fantasy!

Here’s what you need:

Latex Opera Gloves

Women’s Tank Suit

Cat Lady Mask

Hemp Rope (In a pinch, nylon or cotton rope will do.)

Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones

Latex Socklettes

Loot bag – Not sold by Stockroom. Legal notice: Do not steal actual moneybags. Simply re-purpose an existing bag with a $, or the words “Loot” or “Swag.”

Kinky Costume Ideas #2 – Astrape, Goddess of Lightning

Astrape, Goddess of Lightning Costume - Electrifyingly Sexy!

Make sparks fly as Astrape, the bolt-throwing consort of Zeus! Though traditionally pictured as handling the god of thunder’s bolts, there’s nothing preventing you from playing her as a wild woman out on her own! Here’s what you need to create this crafty costume:

Corinthian Corset Dress
Ofelia Mask
Mystim Pure Vibes Power Box
Mystim Magic Gloves

The real beauty of this costume is its ability to – literally – shock all those who mock or disrespect! The most important accessory besides the powered items is attitude. Remember, you are a lightning goddess, and no mortal shall survive your withering touch.

Smite them! Smite them all!

Kinky Costume Ideas #1 – The Leather Executioner

Need a costume with a little more “oomph” than a tuxedo t-shirt? Show off your fetish for capital justice with this Leather Executioner ensemble. It’s easy to put together and is sure to make you the talk of any party you attend. Here’s what you need:

Guillotine Hood – On sale for 35% OFF!

Leather Apron

Leather Gauntlets

The Combat Harness

Boots and a method of dispatch (Not sold by The Stockroom)

You can also substitute the axe (pictured) for a noose made of hemp rope, or include a Fuck Saw in your outfit and fulfill your destiny to become…The Sexecutioner!

Discover more diabolical costume concepts here all through Kink Month!