Five Funky Ideas for Halloween High Jinks


We’re proud to present a guest blog from one of our favorite overall awesome people, Juli Crockett. She’s a playwright and theater director, retired (undefeated) professional boxer and amateur champion and lead singer of the alternative country band, The Evangenitals.

Let her guide you down the path of enlightenment for ideas on a truly memorable Halloween costume.

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    Halloween Is Almost Here! Costume ideas?

    Ringmaster and Air Force outfits by Syren Latex, Nurse photo from, Vader photo from SuicideGirls.


    October has rolled in and it’s almost time for one of our favorite holidays, Halloween!
    The awesome time of year when you can be as creative and naughty and sexy and silly as you’d like! Imaginations run wild and you can fulfill costume fantasies or just have a little fun on the street and unless you’re walking around with your dick airing in the wind (unless you’re at that kind of party ;) ) no one is going to judge you.

    Some people like to take the easy route and go with out-of-the-bag costumes, but some see it as the time of year when they can really go all out and get elaborate and crazy with their outfits.
    What’s even more fun is when you can mix your fetish favorites into your costumes for a real kick! Leather and latex galore!

    For us Halloween is every day, but what are some of your favorite sexy costumes? Do you incorporate your kinks into your costumes?
    If you’re looking for some ideas for perfect items for your kinky costumes, why not check out the Punisher Muzzle for a evil twist, or the Rubber Corset w/ Trim for an alluring super heroine look? For a little animal play, try the Pony Head Bridle Set or the Doggie Bone Gag.
    The possibilities are endless! Have fun!

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      Nobuyoshi Araki’s Bondage Polaroids of Lady Gaga

      Acclaimed Japanese photographer and contemporary artist Nobuyoshi Araki photographed Lady Gaga in a series of seedy bondage Polaroids for Vogue Homme Japan.

      Lady Gaga Vogue JapanLady Gaga Vogue Japan
      Lady Gaga Vogue JapanLady Gaga Vogue Japan

      The full collection of 8 photos can be seen here: and in the full spread and article in the September 2011 issue of Vogue Homme Japan.

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        Featured New Product: Latex Bolero Straitjacket™

        Our sexy, innovative signature Bolero Straitjacket™ is now available for your pleasure in daring 30 gauge latex!

        See more details:

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          OC Weekly Feature of Gear Show by WCR & Stockroom

          West Coast Rubber 2010

          West Coast Rubber 2010

          Stockroom and West Coast Rubber joined together this past Friday to bring in the first annual Gear Show. The evening was filled with edgy and kinky fun, attendees barely keeping their hands to themselves. The climax of the night was the fashion show, highlighting some of the hottest and risqué fashion being created by Stockroom and Syren.

          The OC Weekly attended the evening and captured some very hot and incredibly NSFW pictures of all the kinky rubber folk, leather-men, puppies, and bunnymen who partied with us all night.

          Gear Show Pictures

          Behind-the-scenes Pictures of the Gear Show

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            The Gear Show!

            West Coast Rubber Gear Show

            It’s The Gear Show! West Coast Rubber has teamed up with the kinky folks at Syren/Stockroom to create our own version of what would happen if a bunch of pervs took over the runway at the Milan fashion show. Edgy, dripping, fun fashions with designs from the hottest latex minds in the biz. In other words, it’s a big kinky ole fashion show! Plus! You’ll be there for the “unveiling” of the new Mr West Coast Rubber for 2010. Part of the WCR weekend package or just $10 at the door or online. Includes hosted bar and the usual nasty WCR mayhem. And…the Syren store will be open for your inspirational buying pleasure. More info & online tix at West Coast Rubber

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