How To Keep Your Latex Lustrous!

Not sure how to care for your new piece of latex clothing? Never fear: Here are five fast tips to keep your rubberwear looking its best.

1) Keep It Dark

UV exposure deteriorates natural latex, turning it powdery and brittle. Keep latex clothing out of the light – especially direct sunlight – as much as possible when it isn’t being worn. Store it in a cool dark place. You can cover it with black plastic trash bags on the hanger as an extra precaution when transporting items or storing them in your closet.

2) Mind Your Metals

Copper, nickel, brass, and bronze will stain or degrade rubber very quickly. Do not allow these metals to come into contact with your latex. Always wash hands after touching these metals before handling latex or the fingerprints may stain the rubber. Be aware of jewelry that may contains these metals as well. Oh, and only use plastic hangers to hang or store latex!

3) Oil Is Your Enemy

Use only silicone or water based lubes and shines for slipping into or polishing your latex. We highly recommend Pjur Cult dressing for slipping into and polishing your latex clothes.

4) Separate Your Leather

Leather contains oils and dyes that may contaminate your latex wear. Keep them stored separately! Use caution when combining leather and latex in your outfits. Keep an eye out for any rubbing off or bleed!

5) Always Wear & Wash

Rubber should be hand washed right after it’s worn, as natural skin oils – like any other oil – can damage latex if they stay on it too long. Fill a basin with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap, just enough to make a little foam. Do not use a heavy detergent soap or a washing machine. Do not rubber soak rubber. Agitate the item with your hands, followed by an immediate rinse in clean, cold water. For extra shine, use Vivishine for extra long lasting gloss to your wear!

Hang to air dry on a plastic hanger away from bright light. Once the outside is dry, turn it inside out to finish drying.

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