Best New Gear of the Year Part One – Sex Toys

Picking favorites is never easy, but we did our level best to select our favorite toys from a long list of notable additions to our catalog. Below are the ten most notable new toys we carried in 2014.

Tantus Anaconda

Tantus Anaconda – $63.00

Fitting that in a year that gave us a television event dedicated to a man attempting to stuff himself inside an anaconda, Tantus would provide an aptly named toy that does the opposite! The commitment to quality materials and the sleek design of this toy, which features a slightly concave base that lets it stand straight out from most flat surfaces, make this toy one of the year’s best!

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager

Doxy Vibrating Massager – $139.00

Think of the Doxy as the luxury version of your favorite high powered wand vibrator; quieter, more powerful, and with a look that will make you want to show it off rather than hide it in your toy chest.

Super Stroker

Super Stroker – $47.00 ($29.00 only through Jan. 4!)

A legitimate triple threat: An extender, enhancer, and stroker all in one! Available in three colors, the smooth, realistically shaped outside and the alluringly textured sleeve make this a perfect toy for solo or partner play.

We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 – $180.00

Every version of the We-Vibe has offered improvements over the previous versions. While each edition is great, the 4 is the best yet, with a softer 100% medical grade silicone exterior; improved USB cradle charger; and wireless, easy to manage remote control.

Bung2 Butt Plug

Bung2 Butt Plug – $49.00

We love Oxballs, and this unique anal toy is a perfect example of why. Soft platinum silicone with an organic shape, complete with prostate stimulating bulbous head, a cheeky name, and a design that makes it great for beginners and anal addicts alike. The durability and quality of this plug make it one of the best values around.

Stella III

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set – $40.00

We debated featuring the Stella I or Stella II here, before deciding “Go big or go home” is an appropriate mantra for us. It’s really a matter of how deep you want your kegel balls, and the reasons for all three are the same: Gorgeous colors, attractive design, and easy-to-care-for, body-safe materials make the Stella a pretty stellar set of balls, whether you like singles, prefer doubles, or think that three is the magic number.

Apollo Power Stroker

Apollo Power Stroker $75.00

Apollo is not only the Greco-Roman god of the Sun, but also the god of love, the male counterpart to Venus. Fitting then that this powered male masturbation toy should bear his name, as you’re sure to swoon over its superb sensations, and its suction cup base, allowing you to enjoy hands-free pleasure.

Sinful Pleasure

Sinful Pleasure Glass Dildo $50.00

We love all of the Joyful Pleasure glass dildos, but the length, gentle but substantial ridges, and gorgeous double helix red ribbon make this a particular fave. Glass and steel toys are often passed over in favor of soft silcone, but their rigidity and potential for temperature play make them some of the most pleasurable non-powered toys on the market.

Mini Magic Massager

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager – $79.95

There’s no denying the popularity of wand massagers, and if you need something with the power of the VibeRite or Doxy, with more portability, look no further than the small but mighty vibrating wand.

Embrace Sweetheart Wand

Embrace Sweetheart Wand – $84.00

Three motors means more intense, directed power to where it can do the most good. This lovely little matte-grey rabbit vibe features 7 speeds to get you where you need to go at your own pace.

How did we do? Is your favorite toy missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

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