Plunge Into Jamaica With The Stockroom This May


The first week of May, The Stockroom will be joining Plunge Fetish at the legendary Hedonism II resort in Jamaica for an entire week of sexy, kinky play. Of course, we always love showing off our gear and toys, but Plunge isn’t just another event; there are few events that allow participants to indulge in their kinkiest fantasies for an extended period of time without being bothered by the cares or judgement of the outside world.

Most of us are happy when we can finally break away from the daily routine and go to a play party for a few hours, or at least close the bedroom door and bring out the cuffs and flogger. It’s a delightful luxury when you get that time, but the vanilla world is always hovering a short distance away. At the back of your mind, you have to think about getting home in time to pay the babysitter, feed the dog, or wake up for work. Plunge gives participants a chance to spend an entire week living out their fantasies while exploring fetish curiosities that real life routines can get in the way of.

Kip dressed in a blue latex bellhop outfit.

Kip shows off one of his custom latex designs.

Kip, the mastermind behind Plunge, has been planning this event since last August; this is the event’s first year at Hedonism II, though the Host has helped run other kink friendly events there for years, and when he talks about the upcoming festivities, it’s hard not to be swept away by his enthusiasm for the lifestyle. A latex designer himself, Kip is famous for showing up to events clad head-to-toe in self-made outfits. Along with everything else, Plunge is yet another opportunity for Kip to show off his trademark combination of masterful fashion design skills and impish wit.  Although Kip is an infamously late riser, he says that he’s really looking forward to having breakfast with his fellow latex fans. “I want to serve mimosas in my maid’s outfit,” he says.

Hudsy Hawn in black and pink latex

Hudsy Hawn

With an infectious energy, he depicts Plunge as nothing short of a weeklong amusement park for kinksters with one important difference: he’s gotten rid of all the bad parts of amusement parks, like  finding parking, waiting in line to get on the rides, and paying $8 for a bottle of water.

After arrival and escort to the resort, kinky fantasies can run wild: Meals for the entire event are included in the cost of the package, as are recreational activities ranging from scuba diving in the day to nightly themed play parties.

Our own Head Mistress Hudsy Hawn is acting as Kip’s co-host and fellow conspirator for the whole week. “I’m going to help him welcome the guests, get them ready for each theme night,” she says. “I’m also going to be setting the example for how much fun we can have.”

If you know anything about Hudsy, you know that she’s capable of setting the bar really high in that regard. Every night’s events are based around a single kinky theme: For example, the Shiny, Slick, Hot and Wet Night will let latex fans show off their most stylish catsuits, gowns, and gleaming couture.

Our Latex Vac Bed is one of many items that we'll be taking to Jamaica.

Our Latex Vac Bed is one of many items that we’ll be taking to Jamaica.

For those who are still feeling curious, this will be a great opportunity to find inspiration. Syren Latex designs will be on sale for anyone who wants to start a wardrobe or expand the collection they already have. On Cock Apocalypse Night, Plunge offers a chance to bring out your favorite CBT toys and props, for display, pleasure, or punishment.

Hudsy says that she’s especially looking forward to Cirque Bizarre — the Plunge Fetish night for human animals of all breeds and species to come out and play. For Hudsy, that means that she might be bringing out her own animal persona: Her inner dog named Sparkles. “Sparkles is very curious and friendly, but she’s not too quick to trust,” Hudsy says. “She will sniff you for a while and see if you are worth her time. Once she gets a feel for you, she’s nothing but putty in your hands.” The idea of bringing out Sparkles under the nurturing eye of her vacation guardian and adult star, Joclyn Stone, encapsulates what Hudsy loves most about the idea of Plunge: “The great thing about Plunge and Hedonism II is that whatever your fantasy, you can go for it as long as there’s consent. For me, becoming something as pure and loving as my spirit animal is a great role-play come to life. To escape myself and just be this pure love creature that’s trusting everyone — it’s a great feeling. Kink isn’t always sexual. Sometimes it’s just about safely losing ourselves and giving up control to someone else that we trust, if only for a moment.” While roaming Hedonism II on Animal Play Night, Sparkles will be equipped with the K9 Muzzle with Removable Silicone Ball Gag.

Hudsy and Kip

Hudsy and Kip

Of course, we hope that Sparkles won’t be the only one wearing gear from The Stockroom or Syren. A mini-boutique full of our stuff will be there every afternoon with gear appropriate to the night’s theme. “For the inflatable evening, Pump You Up, we’re going to bring the Syren Latex Vac Bed for our guests to enjoy,” Hudsy says. “We’re also going to be offering a discount for anyone who happens to stop by our our mini pop-up store.”

In other words, Plunge is a unique opportunity from beginning to end: You get to leave the vanilla world completely behind with food and board included, as well as mingle and learn from some of the best BDSM Educators, Kinksters and Performers from across the country. And with a different kind of kink served up every night, Kip, Hudsy and The Stockroom will be on hand should anyone need help dressing for each and every occasion. With only a few rooms still available, we hope to see you there.



For more information on Travel Rates, email Kip  OR visit Plunge’s website.

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