Ten Ways to Explore Sensation Play

Floggers, paddles and other impact toys are favorites among many experienced players, but can seem too intense to beginners. In this post, Ducky DooLittle describes some of the different sensations from various styles and materials of floggers and paddles, as part of the many ways to explore sensation play.

Sensation play can be rough and hard, soft and comforting or slow and subtle. It can inspire goose bumps, wiggles, whimpers, wincing, heart racing, breath catching, recoiling, begging, squealing, struggle and surrender. Here are ten sensation play ideas for you to explore.


    Flat Braided Flogger
    Floggers can be a bit deceptive. They all look very similar but each will deliver a very different sensations. The longer the flogger, the heavier the impact and the more space you will need to swing it properly. The speed at which you deliver the flogging and the location on the body in which you land will also affect the impact. For a light sensation, go for deerskin or a lightweight suede. For a medium sensation try elk hide, moose or heavier suede. Braided, buffalo hide, bull hide or rubber will usually give heavy sensations. The smaller the strands, the more a flogger will sting. The thicker the strands, the more the flogger will thump. My best advice? Flogging is an art: study and practice.



  • COLD:
    Foreplay Ice Frost Massager
    Watch goose bumps rise and give icy cold thrills by simply running an ice cube down your partner’s neck, under their arm or between their legs. Better yet, get even more sensation by using a frozen silicone vibrator and protect your play partner from ice burns at the same time.



  • HOT:

    The Toybag Guide to Hot Wax & Temperature Play

    There is an art to playing with hot wax. When done well, you turn your bottom into an art piece and removing the wax from their body is part of the fun! Learn how by reading Hot Wax & Temperature Play.


    Round Leather Paddle
    Over your knee, on the bed or down on all fours, paddles can bring large a dose of adrenalin and make the heart thump. The heavier the paddle the more the wallop, so choose your paddle with care. For example wooden paddles are less forgiving and need an accurate delivery. A slapper does just that, it gives your bottom a stingy slap! If you are new, a leather paddle is the best place to start. Personally I love the leather/plush paddle because the fuzzy side can comfort a bottom between swats or be a comforting way to bring your bottom down from a spanking session.



    Ostrich Feather Tickler
    Inspire giggles or torment with tickles using a sexy feather tickler. Sensual, cute and fun.



    Padded Leather Blindfold
    Sensation play can sometimes mean taking one sensation away. This is called sensory deprivation. Using a blindfold is an easy and effective way to deprive a sensation. Doing so will heighten other sensations; every touch is amplified, every sound a clue to what may come. Each lover should have their own blindfold to ensure you never spread an eye infection. Or use a satin blindfold and wash it after use.



    KinkLab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit
    Other means of sensory deprivation can be as simple as tying your lover to the bed and NOT touching them! Get your lips so near to their skin that they can feel your breath, but don’t touch them! For a more extreme experience, turn out the lights and hold a Neon Wand just above their flesh. The purple electrical discharge dances between the wand and their skin. The low-to-high setting allows you to go from a pin point warm tingle to more intense, focused sensations – truly an awesome way to explore the subtleties of your partner’s sensual response.



  • BALMS:
    Stimulating Pleasure Balm
    Speaking of tingling, you might try a little sensation balm on the spot of your choice. Perfect for nipples, clits and other bits. With a spearmint taste, it’s ideal for licking and kissing off your lover.



    Wartenberg Wheel
    Originally designed as a medical device to test nerve response, watch your lover wiggle and recoil as you roll a Wartenberg Wheel over their flesh. It delivers prickling sensation but does not break the skin. If you play with multiple partners, you can get little disposable Wartenberg Wheels so each partner has a fresh clean experience.



    Body Wax Massage Candles
    Go sensual with massage. A massage candle can be an exquisite treat. Made of soy wax, a massage candle burns at a lower temperature. Light the wick and it melts into a pool of massage oil that you can pour into your hand and use to deliver a luscious hot oil massage.


Throughout National Kink Month, we’re having weekly sales on Stockroom.com: this week we’re featuring some of our favorite impact toys (like paddles, slappers and floggers), as well as CBT gear (cock & ball torture). All month long we’ll be showcasing tricks, tips and lessons for using the fetish toys and BDSM gear on sale that week.

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