Live Fuck Saw Demo Featuring Jewell Marceau

Stockroom University Jewell Marceau

Award winning bondage damsel and fetish star Jewell Marceau joins the fun at Stockroom University this Wednesday for G Spot & Female Ejaculation with Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron. To help demonstrate G-spot orgasms, Jewell will be part of a live demo featuring the infamous Fuck Saw.

A genuinely kinky girl, Jewell Marceau is an expert at making fantasies come true for fetishists worldwide. What makes her the perfect subject for our class? Her long, dark hair, luscious curves, her playful and perverted personality, and her unabashed love of all things kinky combine to make her a rare and truly precious gem. And according to her website, her favorite thing to do is “have orgasms!” Well Jewell, we aim to please!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is a CANT MISS event- Get your tickets now!

Stockroom University Jewell Marceau Stockroom University Jewell Marceau Stockroom University Jewell Marceau

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