Help Us With Our Spring Cleaning at the Stockroom Clearance Sale


Most people despise spring cleaning, but we love it — and so should you. Our first Clearance Sale of the year happens this month, on Saturday the 23rd and the 24th, and it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone — kink beginner or lifestyle veteran — to add some very unique items to their collection at low prices.

The fact that you can come to The Stockroom for stuff that no one else carries (or in some cases, stuff that most of our colleagues haven’t even heard of) is the linchpin of our reputation. But even if you spend most of your spare time combing through all the harnesses, cuffs, dildos, chastity cages, straps, slappers, spankers, vibrators, lubes, whips, electric wands, medical equipment, sex machines, and dungeon furniture, it’s hard to get the full depth of how many different kinds of products come through our hands every day. You have to actually see it, and there’s no better way to do that than one of our legendary Clearance Sales.

The staff of the Syren Boutique are already sorting through our warehouse to find items to fill Stockroom Hall on the 23rd and 24th. Ana, who’s worked several Clearance Sales in the past, describes the layout for people who haven’t been to one already: “What it looks like when you walk by is about 15 tables with boxes that have labels on the front that say ‘vibrators,’ the next one says ‘steel butt plugs,’ ‘cock rings’ so it’s categorized in the same way our website is.”

What’s in those boxes isn’t damaged merchandise — most of it is just surplus goods, or the occasional one-off item that didn’t get put into mass production, or pieces that for one reason or another aren’t being made any more.  Serendipity is the watchword of the day.

Traditionally, one of the biggest draws at Stockroom’s Clearance Sales is the latex. Latex clothing has been coming out of the closet (so to speak) and onto the fashion runway. Where it was once only worn in fetish clubs, it’s now flaunted by stars like Lorde and Taylor Swift, and more people than ever have realized how intoxicatingly sexy a well-made latex outfit can be. Unfortunately, latex clothes also cost a lot more than your average pair of jeans. Our Clearance Sales have long been known as the place to go for all the glamor of latex without the price tag: All latex is at least 50% off, with discounts going as high as 70%. “The sale is great in the sense that people who wouldn’t regularly buy latex because it’s so expensive now have that opportunity,” Ana says.

The Clearance Sales usually open up with a huge crowd on Saturday mornings; like Black Friday or a new Star Wars movie, we have people lining up outside the doors at least an hour before they open, so if you’re going to come, we strongly recommend that you set the alarm clock early on Saturday the 23rd for first shot at the goodies. The beauty of these sales is that no two are the same, and you never know what kinky treasures you’ll find. Hope to see you there — we’d love to help you find something sexy to take home.

Stockroom Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale
Saturday, April 23 & Sunday, April 24
11AM – 7 PM
The Stockroom Hall
2811 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles CA


4 comments to Help Us With Our Spring Cleaning at the Stockroom Clearance Sale

  • stacey Ascolillo

    What about your customers that live on the east coast ? We should be able to enjoy the sales also or is it online to?

    • The Stockroom

      Very sorry, Stacey. Unfortunately, it’s strictly an in-person thing. However, you might want to check out our Tax Day Sale going on right now. It’s true that the goods are from our standard catalog, but it’s a great opportunity to get some of our kinkiest goods for prices that don’t hurt.

  • Ben V

    Would love to be on the mailing list for all clearance sales as I’d love to go to one or all… Thanks