Featured New Product: ElectroErotic Neon Wand Kit™

We are super excited to announce our brand new product, the ElectroErotic Neon Wand Kit!

It’s a new electro-stimulation wand similar to the other electro wands you may be familiar with, but never at such unheard of prices, which makes it affordable for those who have wanted to try, but have been afraid to invest in the big, expensive, complicated kits that were the only option before.

The electrodes produce either a beautiful purple or orange color, depending on which kit you purchase, and even is offered in European voltages!

This kick-ass product is being offered at $150 and we’re introducing it for a limited time only at a discounted price of $110!!!!

If you are a tried and true pro at electro-stimulation, or just a newbie with an interest that you’ve always wanted to pursue, we’ve got you covered.

See more details here: ElectroErotic Neon Wand Kit

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