Caption Contest – Be Clever, Get Free Stuff!

It’s finally Friday! Time to dive headfirst into a hopefully deviously productive weekend. We here at Stockroom thought it might be fun to celebrate the weekend with a quick little contest.
It’s simple enough- Be funny. Be clever. If you’re the best at making us smile, we’ll reward you.

Here’s the nitty gritty:
Take a look at the photo posted here. Come up with a caption. As silly or dirty or fucked up as you’d like. Post your comment here. All submissions will be moderated and we will publicly announce only the name of the winner. The rest of your details will stay private ;)
You have the weekend to do your best and on Monday afternoon, we will pick our favorite and post it.
If you are chosen as the winner, your prize will be your choice of size/color of one of our signature Stockroom T-Shirts (scope out your prize here or here)

You have until Monday, Aug 15th at 10am.
Winner will be announced via blog/Facebook.
Submit your entries in the comments on this post and make sure to include your name, email and your Facebook if you have one.

Good luck!

Congrats on our winning caption, “Hope the TSA agent is cute!”. You’ve won a Stockroom Tshirt! Thanks again to all the entrants and keep an eye out for more contests in the near future!

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