Sneak A Peek At These Uncensored Images From The Illustrated Master of O!

Daedalus Publishing is proud to present an all new large format collector’s edition of Ernest Greene’s modern BDSM classic The Master of O. This special limited edition is printed on A4 (8.3in X 11.7in) paper and features 44 full-color illustrations from renowned fetish artist Fernando.

Enjoy these samples of the explicit full page illustrations that grace this impressive special edition!

Steven and O

Breast Flogging

Stop Giggling

Summary for The Illustrated Master of O:

Steven Diamond is an ace L.A. criminal lawyer with a roster of A-list clients affording him a life of lavish indulgence. A polished dominant with skills to match his appetites, he’s the silent partner in a highly exclusive club for connoisseurs of feminine submission. Exquisitely beautiful, rigorously trained sex slaves from all over the world await the opportunity to serve him. He seems to want for nothing. His orderly world is turned upside down, however, when his younger half-brother Ray, publisher of a slick kink-sex magazine, gifts him with the irresistible and enigmatic O.

She’s an accomplished photographer, sophisticated fetishist and passionate seeker of a master worthy of her total surrender. Captivated, Steven is determined to possess her totally at whatever cost, little knowing how dear that cost might be.

Set within the universe of contemporary Los Angeles, these three people and the colorful characters in their orbits act out a dramatic tale of erotic power at once familiar and exotic. Welcome to their distinctly modern world with all of its dark delights, shocking revelations and hidden challenges as seen for the first time from a dominant man’s perspective.

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