The Boulet Brothers Are All About Making Halloween a Time of “Wild Abandon.” Syren Latex is Proud to Help.


When asked to describe the atmosphere of Boulet Brothers events, Dracmorda Boulet has a simple but evocative answer: “Wild abandon,” he says. “People just go crazy and have a good time.”

Halloween in particular is a holiday that encourages and feeds on “wild abandon,” and for Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet, it’s an opportunity to indulge their gifts for fabulous decadence even more than usual. This October 31 marks the fifteenth time that they’ll be putting on Miss Kitty’s Annual Hollywood Halloween Ball, hosted by horror writer Clive Barker.

  “The Halloween show’s going to be insane,” Dracmorda says. “It’s our biggest party of the year. We take an adult nightclub and mix it with Knott’s Berry Farm. So there’s like trick-or-treat booths and people jumping out and grabbing you all over the club, but we also have super slutty go-go dancers — both guys and girls. It’s just crazy. It’s like a haunted house nightclub.” Any event that the Boulets put on is much more glamorous than anything that’s ever happened at Knott’s Berry Farm, though. The fact that we at Stockroom get to collaborate in creating the magnificent, morbid beauty of the Boulet Brothers sends chills down our collective spines and right into more sensitive body parts. When Dracmorda and Swanthula hit the stage on October 31, they’ll be wearing custom-made outfits from Syren Latex, just as they have for many previous years.  “I feel kind of like we’re sort of the official spokespersons for Syren in the gay and drag community,” Dracmorda says.

The Boulet Brothers dressed up in Syren Dresses for their September Queen Kong party.

The Boulet Brothers dressed up in Syren Dresses for their September Queen Kong party.

Their relationship with Syren over the years has flourished because they’ve had an excellent rapport with the designers. The first designer that they collaborated with for their outfits, for example, shared their passion for horror and pop culture. According to Dracmorda, “We’re both kind of alternative underground gay nerds, so we both kind of got off on the same kind of stuff. He would get really kind of giddy about making and seeing us walk into drag events wearing like, Darth Vader drag and stuff like that.” boulet-bros-frontiers-cover Just what will they be wearing? That’s a secret; the Brothers have to make an entrance on this night of all nights, after all. However, if you’ve never gotten a chance to seen them in full-fledged, bloody style, the October 15-28 issue of Frontiers Magazine is an excellent place to start. The cover picture will whet your appetite with a glimpse of the Boulet Brothers’ trademark combination of dark humor and impeccable fashion sense. Dracmorda and Swanthula flaunt razor-sharp fingernails with bloody red polish, gazing back at the viewer with eyes that are almost the same shade of crimson.  They look like the merciless yet seductive sort of vamps that the directors of the classic Hammer horror films must have dreamed of putting onto the screen, had they only access to a decent costume budget. (This shouldn’t be considered a rap against the Hammer directors; as every horror fan knows, they did brilliant things with what they had.)

The dresses, of course, came straight from Syren. They’re simple, classic black latex dresses that highlight Dracmorda and Swanthula’s silhouettes, just like any proper creature of the night. “The cover outfits are just kind of the epitome of who we are,” Dracmorda says. “If we’re going to be on the cover, we need to be up 100%. It’s kind of Classic Boulet Brothers.”

If the Boulet Brothers’ Halloween Ball sounds sexy as hell but a little bit intimidating, don’t worry. Dracmorda is very clear that Boulet Brothers events are not strictly for the kinky elite. On the contrary, he says that they think of their events as providing “neutral ground” for people from both kinky and vanilla backgrounds to come and explore taboo desires. “We sort of break all those taboos, and we do it with humor,” he says. “We encourage everyday people. We celebrate and pull out everybody’s kinky side. It’s not like you’re in a room with 30 hardcore people that are discussing whips. It’s people going crazy and partying and just being encouraged. I think most people have those sides to them, and we want to give them a safe environment to come out and explore them.”

We can’t wait to see what the Boulet Brothers have in mind for this year, and we hope that we’ll see lots of you there.

Keep track of the Boulet Brothers’ event on their Facebook Page. Tickets for Miss Kitty’s 15th Annual Hollywood Halloween Ball w/ Clive Barker are available online.

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