May is National Masturbation Month!


Not that we need an excuse  to stick our hands in our pants on a regular basis, but May is National Masturbation Month.

National Masturbation Month was created by the Good Vibrations retail store in San Francisco following the firing of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for suggesting that information about masturbation should be included in sex education courses.

Although it originally started as a form of protest and social activism, it has quickly evolved into an overall campaign to promote sexual health and the benefits of “doin’ it yourself”. No longer should people be ashamed of taking hold of their own bodies and experiencing pleasure and discovery!

In 1999, the Masturbate-a-thon was started as a sexual health fundraiser and sexual health awareness campaign and has quickly spread across the country and even the globe. Check out the stats on some of these events here!

Masturbation not only feels great, but it lets you discover all your specific buttons and hot spots to share with others, is a great stress reliever, helps with ejaculation control, boosts your sexual confidence, promotes prostate health, and can even help with stabilizing your overall mood due to depression, insomnia and PMS symptoms!

What does that mean for you? Celebrate the holiday! Do it loud, do it proud, and get in touch with those sensitive bits betwixt your legs!

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