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Give A Little, Gain A Little For Lent

Few things in life are as predictable as the arc of the season of Lent: Beginning with overindulgence on Mardi Gras, followed by a season of pensive reflection fueled by self-denial and watching fast food restaurants hype their fishwich offerings. One of the more popular Lenten sacrifices is sexual release.

Denial is, by definition, difficult. If it were easy to give something up, it wouldn’t be giving it up, it would just be not doing something, and not doing something is easy. Until someone tells you you can’t. Then that tiny little rebellious spark of desire starts to grow and grow and you end up on an all night fap-a-thon watching YouTube megamixes of L’eggs commercials from the ‘80s.

Don’t judge me.

But I digress. While we typically pride ourselves on being the apple-bearers of temptation and vice, we do also offer a stunning array of orgasm denial and chastity devices for your…um, pleasure seems like the wrong word here. Enjoyment? No. Just wait. It’ll come. You won’t, though.

Depending on what you’re into, we do offer a lot of options for keeping it on lockdown.

For short-term denial, try a head ring with the accurately named sperm stopper, or one of our more popular insertables, the Lightweight Solid Penis Plug.

The stylish Curve offers you the opportunity to lock up tight for extended wear and is perfect for the larger man.

Bon4 is a flexible silicone chastity toy for men that offers more comfort and discretion, but is tear proof and virtually impossible to get into without the key.

If what you’re looking for is a little tough love, the Spike Cage may be right for you. Sharp spikes line the inside of this metal chastity device, warning you that you’ll be punished for any extra excitement in your day.

The Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick lining offers a touch of comfort and a touch of pain at the same time. This zip-up pouch stuffs away the goodies, but is lined with sharp pin pricks to remind you to be a good boy.

At the other end (heh) is our array of anal chastity devices, including the terrifying Ultimate Asslock, which was featured on FX’s American Horror Story episode filmed in our own Silver Lake boutique.

We also offer several fashionable female chastity devices, though none are recommended for long term wear. We’re currently looking into possibilities in that area, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

We hope this list helps you with your goals this Lent! Good Luck!

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