11 Sex Toys Seemingly Designed to Ruin Sex

Today’s video comes from Cracked.com, known for their hilarious commentaries on a variety of completely random topics (Like the Luxury Sex Products List and the Totally True Sex Facts List).
We sexual deviants here at Stockroom see the “terrifying toys to torture your sex life” as simply fun stuff to have in your bedroom treasure chest. We like to think many of these are really designed to brighten up your sex life (although we’re a little unsure of the Pussy Snorkel)….

Please enjoy the video and when you’re done, head over to our site where you can stock up on all the “crazy” goods like the sperm stopper, parachute ball stretcher and the pleasure periscope.

What are some of your favorite “weird” sex toys? What are some toys that even you think are totally extreme?

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