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May 30 at Stockroom University: “Total Sex” With Nina Hartley

Stockroom University Total Sex with Nina Hartley, Sat. May 30

Have you ever struggled to reconcile your desires with your politics? Do you long to make peace with your transgressive fantasies so you can bring them to life? Do you wonder if you’re “normal,” or how to find other people like yourself? Would you like the thought of “sex” to conjure feelings of happiness instead of anxiety?

Join veteran sex educator, adult star, sex positive advocate, and nurse Nina Hartley as she shares the basic tools and principles she used to gain sexual mastery, confidence, and satisfaction. Learn how to communicate with your partner in a hands-on workshop complete with whips, paddles, cuffs, collars, and canes. This class demonstrates how the toy in our hands becomes a tool of personal expression like the brush of a painter, the bow of a cellist, or the feet of the dancer.

What: “Total Sex” with Nina Hartley
Note: You can also purchase tickets on arrival if you prefer.
When: Saturday May 30, 2:00-5:00pm
Where: Stockroom Hall -Located next to our retail store.

About the Instructor: Nina Hartley, RN, has been an avid consumer of porn since the Golden Age and started her award-winning career in adult entertainment on stage in 1982 and on screen in 1984. She has had the longest continual career of any woman in adult film history and remains active in front of the camera. A fierce advocate for the notion of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, Nina sits on the board of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. She regularly speaks around the country, using her nursing degree to educate people about the importance of sexual sanity, literacy, pleasure and health.

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