Must Read: LeatherFolk by Mark Thompson

To truly appreciate what you have and love, it’s important to understand its history. This classic book delves into the depths of the true history and trials of sexuality and subculture and is a definitely a must-read! One of two favorites hand-picked by Daedalus Publishing Director Chris Hall and on sale now as part of our Summer Reading Sale!

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Must Read: Wild Side Sex by Midori

Words can be just as sexy as pictures…and sex educator extraordinaire Midori proves that with this comprehensive how-to on the exotic side of fun in bed. One of two favorites hand-picked by Daedalus Publishing Director Chris Hall and on sale now as part of our Summer Reading Sale!

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Save 20% on ALL Kink and Fetish DVDs!

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Whatever you like, we’ve got you covered. Kinky erotica, instructional BDSM videos, femdom fantasies and more – Save 20% on over 100 kink and fetish DVD titles now through Monday, Aug. 5th!

Our Summer Reading Sale is on!

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Sexy magazines, steamy erotica, kinky craft books: Whatever your pleasure is, we have a book to fill that nook! Literally every book and magazine we carry is on sale, but only through Monday, August 5!

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Up to 40% Off Original Bondage Creations – It’s the Sex & Metal Sale!

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The heat is on! Cool down with some cold steel from LA Artisans Sex & Metal! These metal masters hand-forge high quality steel whips, floggers, restraints, and more- They’re not just BDSM implements, they’re works of art!

Get your hands on these gorgeous, sexy, (and very daring!) designs for up to 40% OFF through July 21st!

Up High, Down Low Sale!

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Top to bottom, Stockroom has you covered with our Up High, Down Low Sale! We’re taking up to 40% OFF top-of-the-line nipple clamps, cock rings, CBT gear and more!

Tease and please yourself and your lover with these tantalizing and torturous and you’re sure to hit all the right spots!
Don’t be too slow- Sale ends July 21st!

The Stockroom Rummage Sale (& Tours!)

Our semi-bi-annual Rummage Sale is a can't miss event - plus this time we've added tours of The Stockroom!

Our semi-bi-annual Rummage Sale is a can’t miss event – plus this time we’ve added tours of The Stockroom!

What: Up to 90% savings on a huge assortment of BDSM gear, fetish wear, overstock, and much more! The Stockroom founder, Joel Tucker, will lead a free tour of our entire facility at 12pm and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday – see where we make our latex and leather gear, as well as where all of the magic happens (we’ve heard it described as Willy Wonka’s factory for kinksters!)

Where: Next door to our Retail Boutique in Silver Lake – 2809 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

When: Saturday and Sunday, June 29th and 30th, 2013 – 11am to 6pm

Bonus: Check in with Foursquare or Yelp to receive a free gift with purchase

Who: For you! Bring your friends! Bring your friends’ friends! Spread the word!

Countdown To Summer Sale Is Here!

Summer is almost here and we’re ready to make it the hottest ever, but there’s still some time between now and June 21 – so we’re giving you a last chance for springtime savings with our Countdown to Summer SALE!

These deals change Monday mornings through June 20th. Popular items may sell out more quickly, and once they do, they’ll be replaced, so don’t miss out!

A few of our favorites from this week’s offerings:

Adjustable General Spreader BarAdjustable Spreader Bars – Available in Chrome or Black finish, this staple of the BDSM stable is 60% OFF only through Sunday!





Stud Finder™ Prostate Milking StickStud Finder™ Prostate Milking Stick – If you’ve been curious about prostate milking, there’s no better time to express it than while our Stud Finder™ is on sale for over 40% off.





kl945KinkLab BedSpread™ Under Bed Bondage Straps – Ever have the feeling that something is hiding under your bed, waiting to ensnare you, leaving you helpless and trembling? Want to make that dream come true? Our BedSpread™ is over 25% off.




These deals are only good through Sunday, and only while supplies last.

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Visit The Stockroom At IML This Weekend!

In Chicago for International Mr. Leather this weekend? Stop by our booth (booth #445, 7th Floor) and say hi to our crew! Check out our newest, hottest leather and latex gear all weekend long – we’d love to meet you and dress you up!

Our Stockroom crew is waiting to meet you at IML!

Not in Chicago?  We’ve also extended our online sale through IML weekend – SAVE 25% on all Stockroom Originals gear thru Monday!

Celebrate International Clitoris Awareness Week

Let’s not beat around the bush: It’s time to talk about your clitoris.

International clitorally-focused charity Clitoraid formed in 2004 is a group attempting to spread information about the barbaric tradition of female circumcision. Aiming to build a hospital in Burkina Faso, Africa in order to provide free reconstructive genital surgery and rehabilitation to all FGM victims, they are spreading the good word about the little man in the boat this week in honor of the launch of their first annual International Clitoris Awareness Week, and who are we to miss a chance to point a finger (or tongue, or well-crafted toy) at this oft-misunderstood cleft dweller.

Let’s start off with some clit facts to help avoid a clit-astrophe:

1) The clitoris is more than just a little button. It’s actually a complicated series of nerve endings that extend deep inside the body – up to 8 inches!

2) The clitoris contains more nerve endings than any other part of the human body, estimated at more than 8,000!

3) The laughing hyena has a complex relationship with her clitoris: Urinating, mating, and giving birth through a well-developed version of the organ!

In honor of International Clitoris Week and as part of our larger Masturbation Month festivities, we’re inviting you to experience the joy of this complex pleasure point. Take a gander at a few of our favorite clit-centric sex toys, vibrators, and devices on sale now.



The Micro Finger Tingler: This dainty little diddler fits directly on your prefered digit to direct soothing vibrations to the cherry atop your cupcake. Regularly priced at $20.00 on sale now for $16.00.






The Sqweel 2: Our perennial favorite paddlewheel is a whirling dervish of delight sure to send you spinning into orbit. Regularly priced at $59.99 on sale now for $47.99.






Black Pearl Vibrating Bullet: The rarest of beauties, this soft coated multi-speed bullet is sure to have you pearl diving again and again. Regularly priced at $13.99 on sale now for $6.99.






Venus Butterfly Massager: This elastic banded labial lepidopteran is also adept at coaxing nectar from your flower. Regularly priced at $19.50 on sale now for $13.65.






These toys not enough to float your boat, let alone elevate the little man? Never fear, we have a whole host of stimulating toys available during our Masturbation Month Sale, going strong, all month long!