Stockroom’s Rites of Spring Sale Brings More Than Bunnies and Eggs


Is there a time of the year when it’s better to be someone with a kinky and slightly twisted imagination than spring? It’s not for nothing that when Stravinsky’s ballet “The Rite of Spring” premiered in Paris in 1913, the audience rioted. We sometimes feel that way ourselves: When the world edges its way out of the chilly and wet winter months and that new warmth begins to spread through all the corners of your body, the temptation to run a little amok is easy to understand.

Fortunately, we have a way that you can celebrate the sensuality of spring without tearing a concert hall apart. In our Rites of Spring sale, running from now until March 27,  we’re selling some of the finest gear in our inventory for discounts up to 40% so that you can celebrate the beauty of spring in a lustful frenzy of your very own. Here’s a few examples of what we have on sale:

Leather Bunny Hood
Sale Price: $159.93 (Reg. $229.00)

Easter just isn’t complete without bunnies running around the backyard, or even in the dungeon. Our Leather Bunny Hood will fix that for you. It’s an exclusive Stockroom product crafted from fine garment leather with a buckling Latigo neck strap. Use it to create a unique sensory deprivation experience, where the Easter Bunny is at your beck and call. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also try to win one of these in our Easter Egg hunt.



Bunny Tail Anal Plug
Sale Price $39.93 (Reg. $55.00)

No bunny is complete without a tail, so we have one that will complement the Bunny Hood perfectly. Made from white fox fur attached to a black anal plug, this is a soft and erotically playful toy that will surely put you in the springtime spirit.

Chrome Egg
Sale Price $34.93 (Reg. $49.00)

What does the Easter Bunny usually bring with him? Easter Eggs, of course! But this egg is a little different than most you’ll find this season, although the gleaming chrome polish is no less beautiful than any others. Insert this into the hiding spot of your choice (suitable for anal or vaginal play) for an egg hunt that you won’t soon forget. A hole through the center of the egg allows you to thread a lace or chain for easy recovery.


Chrome Egg


VibeRite Cordless 7-Speed Massager
Sale Price $29.93 (Reg. $49.50)

The VibeRite is a powerful toy that will make the entire year feel like springtime when you use it right. The new design brings the classic wand design into the 21st century with a removable power cord that allows you to hop around wherever you like during playtime. In addition, seven speeds instead of the traditional two allow you to choose from a whole menu of sensual experience.

Patented Bolero Straitjacket
Men’s: Sale Price $399.93 (Reg. $610.00)
Women’s: Sale Price $299.93 (Reg. $435.00)

The Bolero Straitjacket is one of the products that we’re most proud of. Available in models for both men and women, the Bolero offers the harsh restraint of a traditional straitjacket, but its cropped design allows full access to the chest, back, and buttocks for either pleasure or punishment.

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