Five Reasons to Love the Sex & Metal Hand Trap

Sex & Metal Hand Trap

1) Adjustable screws permit bondage for different hand and wrist sizes. Set screws can be tightened or loosened to punish or reward your slave’s behavior.

2) They make full hand immobilization easy to maintain, without additional locks, keys, or other hardware.

3) We wouldn’t call them “comfy,” but they are supportive and adjustable enough to wear for extended periods. You can secure the fingers and hand face up, leaving the palms free to tickle or torment or face down for teasing or punishing the back of the hand.

4) The Hand Trap can be used with the KinkLab Neon Wand and Power Tripper for shockingly satisfying electro play!

5) They’re dynamic enough to fasten the hands and wrists to furniture, to one another, or to a spreader bar, while the finger restraints keep the hands open and pinioned, eliminating squirming digits and clenched fists.

On sale through April 15th while supplies last!

Want to keep those fingers free but those hands in place? Try the Sex & Metal Wrist Trap – Also on sale now!

Those are our 5 reasons; what are yours?

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