August Goes To The Dogs At Stockroom and the Antebellum Art Gallery

Dog and Pony Sale - 25% off Animal Roleplay gear until August 7

This week is a great one for fans of animal roleplay.

First of all, you may have noticed our Dog and Pony Sale going on right now. If you’re into any kind of animal roleplay, or have just been thinking about it, you should definitely browse through the sale page. The goods that are on sale represent some of our most creative items, going far beyond the selection of whips and chains that you find in your typical dungeon. A few examples:


  • Pony Head Bridle Set: What pony wouldn’t be proud to be led around the corral in this beautiful bridle and harness set? Choose from black, white, or red leather, or black PVC. For those special occasions, you can order the black PVC set with a beautiful plume on top.
  • Silicone Puppy Tail: Perhaps the most adorable butt plug you’re ever going to see. Combining anal stimulation with the fun of being a puppy, you can let your puppy waggle their tail for you, or you can take it in hand and give them a little extra pleasure by wiggling it around yourself.
  • Leather Bunny HoodBunnies — underneath that adorable fluffiness,  we know they’re full of wickedness and mischief. Bring that combination into your dungeon with this high-quality leather hood that’s perfect for sensory deprivation play; the eyes are leather patches with nine small holes that allow minimal vision, making sure that your bunny will have to follow wherever you lead.
  • Molded Latex Pony Boots: Just what the well-dressed pony needs for a ride around the corral.

To tell the truth, we’re really enjoying this sale because it gives us a chance to show off the playful inventiveness that represents kink at its very best.

But those who are here in Los Angeles will have yet another chance to indulge their interest in animal roleplay. Tomorrow, the Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood is going to kick off their own Dog & Pony Show. Artists like Michael Manning, Dorian Katz, Victor Lightworship, and Rick Castro will be showing their own visions of dog and pony play fetishes through photography, painting, sculptures, and other mediums.

Antebellum Gallery Dog and Pony Show

Featured in the main window of the gallery will be a installation created on-location by Midori, one of Stockroom’s favorite educators. She visited us just last weekend to present two workshops at Stockroom University, and if you’ve been watching her Twitter and Instagram feeds, you’ve already gotten a few glimpses of her work in progress. She’s using flowers on a wire frame to create a statue of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, and it just gets more impressive the closer to completion it gets. The shots below will give you an idea of where it’s going, including a view of Anubis’s heart and digestive tract.

Install day 2. Made progress. @rickcastro.antebellum #art #sculpture #LA #losANGELES

A photo posted by Midori (@planetmidori) on

Anubis #sculpture head in progress at @rickcastro.antebellum #gallery #LA #LosAngeles #art A photo posted by Midori (@planetmidori) on


Our Dog and Pony Sale goes until Friday, August 7. The Antebellum Gallery will be kicking off their show with a reception from 7-9PM on Saturday, August 1. (Adults only, Fetish gear encouraged but not required.)

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