Meet Our Staff

Staff Domme: Athena Fatale

Staff Domme: Athena Fatale

Texas terror Athena Fatale is an old hand at putting bulls out to pasture. Let her firm but tender guiding hands lock your manhood into its eternal bondage. For an extra $100 she will wear a cowboy hat and end every sentence with "Y'all."

Company Founder: Joel Tucker

The Stockroom Founder: Joel Tucker

Stockroom founder Joel Tucker is famed for his hands-on approach to running a BDSM business. Now is your chance to have those hands on your business! For an extra $100 he will tell you the complete history of The Stockroom and how it all it began.

Professional Chastologist

In-house Professional Chastologist

With a Ph.D. in Chastology, our resident Professional Chastologist will consult with you before and after your permanent chastity procedure. She oversees all aspects of the retreat ensuring a safe, nurturing environment for everyone.

General Staff

The Stockroom General Staff

Our highly trained and educated staff will do everything they can to make you feel at ease and enjoy your experience with us at our retreat. (Unless you choose the "Stockroom Slave Experience," then be prepared to submit to their each and every need.)

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