The Permanence Collection Attachment Procedures

We know chastity is a very personal commitment. That's why we offer 3 unique ways for your attachment procedure to be just as enjoyable as possible.

  • Private: Feeling a little shy? Step inside a stand up booth (similar to a tanning booth) and robotic arms will discreetly attach it
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Domme! Keep it intimate - we'll guide them step by step to properly attach your new permanent chastity device
  • Staff Domme/Dom: Your choice of our Staff Domme Athena Fatale or company founder Joel Tucker will attach it for you, for a true Stockroom experience (additional charge)

State of the Art Facilites

The Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Memorial Medical Facility is located on the 4th floor of our Silver Lake Retail Boutique/Destination Resort and is world-renowned for its professionalism and innovations in sound-proofing technologies.

Our award winning, patented attachment procedure is 100% safe, allowing a worry-free experience into your new life of chastity.

State of the Art Facilites

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