Introducing The Permanence Collection

Permanent Male Chastity

Select your choice of our patented titanium-blend or premium, medical-grade silicone permanent male chastity devices. Each device will be custom made for a perfect fit that will literally last a lifetime. Using a top secret molding technique, each device is created and attached to your body in a way that makes removal impossible*.

Each device is ergonomically shaped with multiple holes, allowing ample ventilation for breathability to reduce excess moisture build up and avoid nasty fungus growth. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind patented design, say goodbye to pesky, cumbersome locks! Since the device is molded directly onto your body, it eliminates the needs for an additional locking device (talk about throwing away the key!).

Titanium Permanent Male Chastity Device

We consulted with aliens our government's top scientists to create our exclusive, patented Titanium-blend metal. This new indestructable metal is completely hypo-allergenic, will not rust, is non-magnetic and has been specially formulated to not trigger metal detectors (airport security is tedious enough! We want you to feel comfort in avoiding any possible embarassing scenarios when you travel).

Silicone Permanent Male Chastity Device

For a lighter device, we recommend our premium, medical-grade silicone option. Flexible without being too forgiving and easy to clean, the translucent silicone will allow you to still see your member, reminding you it's still there (even though it will be forever in lock down until infinity).

Coming soon to the Permanence Collection - permanent female chastity devices!

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*For emergency removal needs, see our FAQ