Frequently Asked Questions

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Will it really last forever?
Yes. When it comes to chastity, The Permanence Retreat takes its procedures very seriously and prides itself on providing unparalleled permanent chastity technology.

What if it breaks?
No need to worry! Our chastity devices are guaranteed to last a life time by combining the finest materials in the world, such as adamantium, to give you a permanent chastity experience like no other. (if you're not sure what adamantium means, Google it!)

What if I change my mind?
We understand there are times in play when enough is enough - that's why we use safe words. That's why we give everyone, along with a certificate of lifetime chastity, an emergency safe word card. If you reach a breaking point and need your device removed, please call 976-3845 and enter your unique safe word code on the card. Once verified, you will be given another code which will be used to enter into the next phone number given. Once all is confirmed, your device's lock will safely self destruct, harmlessly freeing you from your chastity permanence.

Will it hurt?
Do you want it to?

How do I go to the bathroom?
Isn't this something your parents should have taught you? In addition to the obvious method, there are several options for urinary relief once the device is attached. Ask our consulting Chastologist which one is right for you!

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