A True Experience

Not everyone's fantasies are the same, which is why we are offering 3 different options for your stay at our Permanence Retreat:

  • Spa/Tourist Experience: Relax at our favorite local spas and indulge in local shopping/attractions - $15,000
  • Dungeon Experience: Submit during sessions with our staff Domme Athena Fatale - $20,000
  • Stockroom Slave Experience: Serve during stay! For qualifying consumers, a chance to earn credits toward your procedure. Requires a BA (MA preferred), 4 years of experience in adult-related marketing or retail sales, strong verbal skills, and a formal interview. - $11,250 - SAVE 25%!


Stay in our luxurious 5-paddle guest suites! With 3 levels of accommodations in varying sizes, we're sure to fulfill your additional desires of entrapment. Feel comfort in tight quarters with beautiful views of lush greenery. (Air fresheners provided upon request.) 3 levels of luxurious accommodations.


Each of our experience packages are all-inclusive, providing you with 3 handmade, gourmet meals each day, lovingly prepared by our finest Stockroom chefs. Expertly skilled in roasting, feel free to bring your own favorite pig for our chefs to cook for you.

Not interested in our menu? Feel free to explore the many local restaurants in our area as well.
Meat not guaranteed from humane sources.

Rainwater Spa

Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.
- Henry David Thoreau

He may have been writing about Walden, but Thoreau could have been describing your time at our exclusive Rainwater Spa. Indulge yourself and renew your body as you prepare for your permanent chastity with the only natural rainwater graced by The Stockroom grounds. (Weather permitting.)
Optional Spa and Skin Treatments

Private Park

Join us on guided nature walks through our secluded private park. Keep your eyes peeled for elusive local wildlife, like our outdoor slave, free-range gimps, or even a pony, whilst preparing to embark on your new life of quiet desperation. Sunset Magazine once referred to our grounds as "Like Jurassic Park, but with way more aroused people in leather, and less dinosaurs. Actually no dinosaurs," in a piece which got the writer responsible fired from the magazine! Guided nature walks in our private park

Amazing Views

In the heart of Silver Lake, sit high atop our rooftop for a 365 degree view of Los Angeles - the skyscrapers downtown, mansions nestled precariously in the hills, the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, and more. Or simply soak up our ever-present sun during the day, and peer deeply through our ever-present light pollution and see if you can make out any stars at night. Not actual views from our location.
Not actual views from our location.


Don't worry about smelly taxis or cramming in an overloaded shuttle van, we provide complimentary, deluxe transportation to and from The Stockroom in our spacious truck. Stretch out, have a dance party or just fantasize of your new future permanence in the back of our private wheels. Complimentary transportation aboar the Stockroom Truck

Curious? Questions? Ready to Commit?

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