SEXmas Staff Picks

One of the perks of being part of the Stockroom staff is getting familiar with all of the toys and gear. Monica and Brendan, two of our marketing team members, have chosen their favorite items and given the scoop on what makes these products so special.

Monica, Affiliate Manager

“Just doing my part to ensure that people promote only the best in sexual technology…”

Magnetic Nipple Balls

Magnetic Nipple Balls $23.00-$34.00
The unique design of these nipple toys create distinct sensations that range from moderate, to painful.

These may be a little scary when you first hold them and feel how strong their magnetic pull is, but deliver the strong, unwavering pinch that you want. On the non-sexual side, they are hard to put down because they are just fun to play with! Perform magic tricks controlling one ball in your palm using the other ball underneath your hand. How’s that for some foreplay?

KinkLab BedSpread

KinkLab BedSpread $40.00
Quickly and easily transform your ordinary bed into a kinky den of delights with this set of high quality bondage straps.

Finally, inexpensive bondage straps that are sexy! The leather-look is not just animal-friendly, but also sexier than other nylon straps that can be reminiscent of camping and sports. The hardware is also super strong if you really put on a struggle, and you can use your own choice of cuffs with it.

KinkLab Bondage Basics Leather Wrist Cuffs

KinkLab Bondage Basics Leather Wrist Cuffs$34.95
If you want to try being tied up but don’t want to feel too confined, these soft leather wristcuffs are a perfect place to start because they don’t buckle; they wrap around the wrist.

Speaking of cuffs, these are one of my favorites – the leather is super soft and comfortable, and they are much less bulky than other cuffs (which isn’t good or bad, just a personal aesthetic preference for myself!). The closure on the these cuffs is also unique, as it allows one to free themselves with their teeth if they need to, but will stay strong in place as needed. They can also double as a stylish fashion accessory (and you’ll be ready to go anytime!).

Brendan, Marketing Coordinator

“Since I end up seeing every new item we carry, I have to be very selective about what I end up following up on, or I’d never get any work done! I do have a few favorites that I love to tell people about.”

Tenga 3D

Tenga 3D $49.99
The Tenga 3D male masturbator is an innovative new elastomer Japanese penis sleeve that provides an incredibly original experience in masturbation: 3D!

Men’s toys tend not to have the same degree of options that women’s toys do. They usually stick to either cheap disposable sleeve, or washable sleeve inside a tube. As soon as I saw the Tenga 3D package, I was intrigued. These came in clear plastic cases with stands, turned inside-out to get a look at their texture. The result is something that looks like the kind of objet d’art that might grace the gatefold of a Led Zeppelin album. The different textures allow for any kind of stimulation you might like, and the lack of a hard shell means that you aren’t constricted by size limitations. Whether big or small, you can stretch or squeeze to your heart’s content, and then clean it easily with soap and water.

Tantus Pelt Silicone Paddle

Tantus Pelt Silicone Paddle $44.50
This hairbrush shaped slapper delivers a sharp, thudding swat, and looks and feels like an updated version of a sap or blackjack.

Almost everyone loves a good spanking, but finding the right tool for the job can be challenging. Wooden paddles can be a pain to maintain and are sometimes too visually intimidating for the spankee. I love all of the Tantus silicone paddles, but I’m most fond of the Pelt, with its resemblance to a large hairbrush and its short, firm grip. I advise starting very gently and testing the force on yourself before you use it on a sub, as the silicone transmits kinetic energy very effectively, and you can end up getting a pretty good swat on without meaning to if you aren’t careful.

Minna Ola

Minna Ola $158.00
This toy’s strong vibrations are controlled entirely by squeezing the soft spot on the handle.

I’ve been obsessed with the Minna Ola since seeing it at an expo a few years back. It’s hard to explain from pictures, but the squeeze controller is just the most comfortable, natural feeling mechanism I’ve ever encountered with a vibrator. The feeling of intimacy you get from having your rhythm and the strength of your grip reflected in the power and frequency of the vibrator is difficult to describe, but it’s a great toy for solo play or couples, because your touch tells it how to stimulate. The one drawback to this vibe is that it doesn’t feature a strong clitoral stimulation, so you may need another bullet vibe or toy to push her over the edge.

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