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Hard Work Acknowledged: The Stockroom Gets Seven Nominations in XBiz Awards


It’s always good to be recognized for your work, and this week, we got some serious recognition in the form of seven nominations for the 2016 XBiz Awards. Even better, three of those nominations give nods towards products that we feel represent The Stockroom at our very best.

Specialty Product/Line of the Year: The Dave Navarro Strap

The Strap is one of the crown jewels of our inventory, produced in partnership with guitarist Dave Navarro, most well-known for his work as a founding member of  Jane’s Addiction. After all the hard work and imagination that our staff put into The Strap, we couldn’t be happier than when we learned that XBiz nominated it in the Specialty Product/Line of the Year category.


The Dave Navarro Strap really is a special piece of fetish gear, although not at all specialized. The beauty of it is that it can be almost anything you want it to. For the musically-inclined, it works perfectly as a high-quality leather guitar strap. In the dungeon or the bedroom, it quickly becomes a solid wrist and ankle restraint, complete with a detachable collar that fits necks up to fifteen inches circumference. It’s kind of like what a Swiss Army knife would be if the Swiss Army was filled with bondage aficionados and their knives were made of supple black leather with nickel-plated hardware.  The best way to get a sense for how many ways The Strap can be used is to watch the video with Skin Diamond below.

We’ve put an unimaginable amount of work into the Dave Navarro Strap from initial design to its final construction (done in our own workshop here in Los Angeles), and it’s gratifying to see that noticed by the folks at XBiz.

Two Nominations for the Joanna Angel Line

Joanna Angel’s line of punked-out BDSM toys, which includes everything from a deceptively cute Wartenberg wheel and a small but powerful pink-and-black flogger to multiple kinds of collars and restraints, got two nominations: One for Soft Bondage Product/Line of the Year and one for Fetish Product/Line of the Year.  We love the double nomination, because it highlights one of the things that we love best about the Joanna Angel line: its adaptability to all sorts of play. The pink and black color scheme may make these toys look friendly and amenable to light play, but they’re designed to stand up to even the most hardcore scenes. Sometime wicked things really do come in cute packages.


A lot of people have worked very hard on both the Dave Navarro Strap and the Joanna Angel line, and it’s really good to see that acknowledged by professionals like those at XBiz, who really know quality adult products when they see them.

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