How To: The Leg Tie Video Tutorial

Part 4 of our 5 Part rope bondage video turtorial demonstrates Victor Lightworship’s preferred leg-tying method for maximum aesthetic appeal and practical applications. Victor takes you slowly, step-by-step through the process of creating a complex-looking, beautiful restraint that will securely hold your partner’s leg bound thigh-to-calf, with no chance of movement.

Skin Diamond assists Victor as the very willing, very naked bound partner in this 4 minute tutorial.

Enjoy all the videos in this series: The Rope Cuff, The Wrist Tie, The Chest Tie, and The Crotch Tie!

Get all the gear featured in this video:

Hemp Rope $25.00-$46.00
These hand-conditioned natural hemp rope sets are firm but not too rough, and ideal for Kinbaku (Shibari), or any other suspension and rope play you might dream up!
KinkLab Safety Scissors $11.95
Perfect as a pair of emergency release rope bondage scissors, these are a must for anyone practicing safe and sane play.
Strictly Bondage $24.95
Tied up with expertly applied knots, these innocent young creatures are at the tantalizing mercy of their lascivious onlookers. At 128 pages, this elaborate hardcover book presents the most delectable babes in various states of bondage.
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