Pump It Up: How to Use Suction for Sexual Pleasure on Breasts, Labia, and Clits

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Suction-operated penis pumps are easily recognized by most people, but using pumps on breasts, nipples, vulvas, and other sensitive body parts shouldn’t be neglected or ignored. A little suction in the right place can be an extremely pleasurable experience no matter what your anatomy or gender, and a lot of imagination has gone into creating the tech to provide a whole slew of options.

Most suction devices consist of a glass or plastic cylinder attached to a hand-operated pump. Pumping air out of the cylinder creates a vacuum, causing the area to become engorged with blood; this increases sensitivity and temporarily causes the tissue to expand. Reasons that people use pumps include sensual massage, for temporarily enlarging the breasts or genitals, or to create a pleasurable “sucking” sensation.

The Stockroom's 17-Piece Cupping set

The Stockroom’s 17-Piece Cupping set

While body suction pumps may have originated as medical devices, many people have discovered how useful they can be in sensual play. For many of the suggestions below, you can keep a single hand pump in your toy kit and purchase attachments as needed. Stockroom carries this Basic Brass Hand Pump and a Deluxe model which includes a PSI gauge so that you can monitor exactly how much pressure you’re applying. Both are sturdy and highly adaptable with an incredible range of attachments that will let you explore suction all over your body.

Some people also like to use traditional cupping sets, which have been used for centuries in both massage and BDSM, but remain highly effective.

Safety Guidelines:

Body suction devices are generally safe if used properly, but it is important to understand some basic safety guidelines before playing with them.

  • Suction devices should never be applied to irritated, broken, inflamed, or bruised skin. Cylinders should not be applied to or moved over bony areas such as the spine. Suction toys should not be applied to the stomach, vulva, or lower back of a pregnant woman. Individuals with blood disorders, or at high risk for blood clots should avoid suction toys. Never play with suction devices when drunk or intoxicated, as this may affect your ability to perceive pain.
  • Take the time to understand how your device works before using it. Different toys may offer different levels of vacuum intensity, and you may only need a few pumps to achieve intense suction. Test the device on yourself before trying it on others. Most pumps have a quick release button; make sure you know where it is and how to use it.
  • Use only clean, dry, cylinders that are free of cracks, chips, or seams. Cylinders can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water, or disinfected by soaking in 10% bleach solution. It is generally safe to share clean cylinders that have been on unbroken skin with your partner(s), but genital cylinders should generally only be used by one person.
  • Tissue, muscles, and blood vessels can be damaged if too much suction is applied. Never pump to the point of discomfort or pain. Immediately remove cylinders if you experience pain, numbness, or discoloration (with the exception of marks caused by cupping sets). Start out slowly, and increase pressure gradually.
  • Cupping cylinders can leave red or purple bruise-like marks on some people’s skin, especially when used on the back or buttocks. These marks last several days, so you may wish to avoid cupping if you do not want visible marks on your skin. This type of discoloration will generally not occur with breast or genital suction.
  • Suction cylinders should generally be left on for five to fifteen minutes for best results. Cylinders should not be left on for longer than fifteen minutes.
  • Always exercise common sense when using suction toys, and seek medical help if needed.

Types of Body Suction Devices

Breast suction and enlargement:

Breast suction cylinders fit over the entire natural breast, and use vacuum pressure to stimulate the breast as well as temporarily increasing cup size.

How to use breast suction devices:

Breast suction cylinders are sold in pairs, and are sized according to the user’s bra cup. The breast cylinder is placed over the natural breast or chest and pumped gently until the desired amount of suction is achieved. Take care not to “over pump” as that can result in bruising or tissue damage.

Nipple suction devices:

Nipple suction toys cover the nipple and areola, and are typically sold in pairs. Plastic nipple cylinders can be used with hand pumps, but there are many other inexpensive options as well. For example, the Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit is a creative nipple pump system powered with a simple squeeze bulb accompanied by a set of small rubber rings that can be slid onto engorged nipples to keep them erect, like miniature cock rings.

How to use nipple suction toys:

Nipple cylinders are placed over the nipple and areola and activated using a hand pump, causing the nipple to swell. Do not leave the cylinders on for longer than 15 minutes. For added stimulation, a small vibrator can be applied to the outside of the cylinder. Snakebite kits, PVC nipple cups, and squeeze bulb nipple suckers tend to offer milder suction than hand pump cylinders, but are easy to carry and use.

Anal suction devices

Anal suction pumps are unusual toys that can be used to relax anal muscles before ass play, or to temporarily create a swollen “rosebud” look that some people find very erotic. Anal cylinders are operated using a hand pump, and feature an insertable center plug, with an outer ring that fits around the perimeter of the anus. When suction is applied, the anal entrance will become relaxed and puffy looking.


How to use an anal cylinder and pump:

Lube should be applied to the anal cylinder’s center plug and outer ring for comfort, and to form a suction seal against the anus. The center plug is inserted into the body, with the outer ring pressed firmly against the anus. Gently pump the “lips” of the anus until the desired effect is acquired, taking care not to put too much strain on the delicate anal tissues. The cylinder can be left on for up to fifteen minutes after the desired amount of suction is achieved. The anus will remain temporarily engorged after the cylinder is removed, returning to its normal state within a few hours. Anal pumping should be avoided by people with anal fissures, hemorrhoids, or weak or prolapsed anal muscles.

Clitoral suction devices

Clitoral suction cylinders are small plastic suction cups that fit over the clitoris and clitoral hood. When used in combination with a suction pump, the clitoris will swell in size, creating a pleasurable sucking sensation and increased sensitivity.

Clitoral suction toys are generally marketed as pleasure devices for cisgendered women, but are also popular with trans men as a way to temporarily enlarge the clitoris. Occasional pumping should not permanently affect size, however.

How to use a clitoral pump:

Apply lube to the rim of the clitoral cylinder to create a firm seal, and fit the cylinder around the clitoris and clitoral hood. Pump until the desired level of suction is reached, without causing discomfort or pain. Once the clitoris is pumped, the cylinder can be left on for 5-15 minutes.

Vulva suction devices

Vulva suction cylinders fit over the entire outer vulva to plump not only the clitoris, but also the inner and outer labia. Vulva pumping can increase genital sensitivity and creates a sexy, swollen appearance that can last from 20 to 30 minutes after the cylinder is removed, depending on your physiology.

How to use a vulva pump:

As with other cylinders, vulva suction devices work best when you apply lube to the rim of the cup before pressing it around the edges of the outer labia. Removing pubic hair by shaving or waxing prior to using the pump will also improve the tightness of the seal.

Apply suction with the hand pump or bulb until you have reached the desired amount of pressure, and leave the cylinder on for approximately 5-15 minutes to encourage blood flow to the genitals and increase sensitivity. The genitals will remain swollen and extra-sensitive after the cylinder is removed, returning to normal within a few hours.

Cupping sets

Medical cupping sets typically come in sets of 10 or more cups that can be used on the back, buttocks, and other areas of the body, often in several sizes. Cups can be used as an aid during foreplay massage, creating sensations that are both erotic and relaxing. The smaller cups in the set can easily be used as nipple or clitoral suction cylinders.

How to use cupping sets:

Generally, multiple cups will be applied to the back or other area of the body in quick succession. Once applied, the cups can be left on the skin for 5-15 minutes. Please be aware that cupping can leave dark red or purple circular marks on the skin – in essence, a very intense hickey. As with any other hickey, they’re generally harmless, but may take several days to fade.

You can also try applying a layer of massage oil or lube to the body before lightly applying the cups — this will allow them to glide along the skin for a deep tissue “suction massage.”

 Scene Ideas

Equipment list:


Spread a thin layer of massage oil or lubricant such as Kama Sutra Massage Oil on your partner’s back, and apply the six largest cups from the 10-Piece Cupping Set along either side of their spine, using light suction with the hand pump. Glide the cups around your partner’s back for a relaxing “vacuum massage.”


The Kinklabs T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

The Kinklabs T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

Suction the Kinklab T-Cups onto your partner’s nipples, working up to the highest tolerable level of pressure, then apply the Clitoral Suction Cylinder using the Brass Hand Pump. Alternate using the Bullet Vibe on the outside of the clitoral cylinder or on the T-Cups, to tease and stimulate your partner until they squirm.


Apply the Rosebud Anal Suction Cylinder with the Brass Hand Pump and a generous amount of water-based lubricant, such as Pjur Aqua. Remove the cylinder no more than ten minutes after pumping, to enjoy an extra-sensitive and swollen “rosebud.”

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